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Additional Day of Infamy Information

Day of Infamy throws players in to the heat of the battle during many of the World War 2 events. you and your allies will have to over come your enemies in order to gain victory in this multiplayer war. The game combines both action and strategy in order to keep things very fresh. The game will be released as an early access game so there may be a few bugs or problems early on. Day of Infamy server hosting has yet to be announced however it is likely that they will be offering server hosting in the near future.

Day of Infamy Reviews

Does anyone else remember that glorious first mission of medal of honor frontline where you stormed onto the Omaha beach to recreate saving private Ryan? If you as a gamer experience that moment then its no doubt since you had a love for those intense war games, if this is the case then Day of infamy will allow you to create these moments for yourself. As a huge history buff i'm pleased to see a game that has promoted so much learning alongside warfare, by this i mean some of the maps that have been moddel after battles by the community are historically gorgeous. Before i start sounding like a sociopath again i had better clarify that Day of infamy is a first person shooter set during world war two, in which you can battle in a variety of different game modes with a variety of different members from the community. The combat featured in the game wasn't the most dynamic i have ever experienced, but with such aesthetically pleasing environments i wont pick out anything on that subject. I really enjoyed the officer feature they've placed in the game allowing for one player to give commands and use addition features, this tied in with the talking system allows for teamwork to be a core element. I never realised till writing this review that in Day of infamy whilst barking orders your voice can actually carry over to the enemies, which explains why i suck so hard at this game. At times it can feel like Day of infamy is becoming repetitive, thankfully with a wide community there is always plenty of original mods for you to download so that you can keep this experience going as long as possible. If you liked our review then you will love our cheap Day of infamy hosting that we offer on this page.

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