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Not a huge amount of game hosting providers currently support the stand alone version of DayZ but many claim they will. As soon as we hear about more prices becoming available we will add them to this list.

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DayZ Standalone Description

DayZ Standalone doesn’t require ARMA II to be installed, since this is a standalone game this time. Still far from being finished, the mod manages to bring in some immense changes to the original mod, but at the same time it retains the action-packed, survival experience that you always wanted to obtain here. It’s a wonderful title to check out if you are a fan of survival games, as it brings in dangers from everywhere, both players and zombies as well. It’s one of the ultimate gameplay experiences that you just can’t find anywhere nowadays.

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DayZ Standalone Mods

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DayZ Standalone Reviews

I'm amused at "Chasel" even thinking that a console version would be anywhere near as good as the PC version! Seriously mate what are you on about? The PC and all the games that come with it are years ahead on an console release both in terms of graphics and power behind the games! Dayz server hosting much like other game hosting is going to be temperamental because of the nature of the game's state! It's in early access for crying out load and you knew that when you paid for it on steam, so you got what you paid for really! I admit the game seems to be taking for ever to come out, but it's totally awesome! You should be backing the developers not slagging them off if you ever want the game finished!

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Dayz server hosting companies seem to be really rubbish at the moment! I understand the game is really lacking in popularity at the moment but that is no excuse for so many hosts to offer such a poor quality service! I Honestly can't wait for console port of Dayz as at least the game will run a lot better with dedicated servers in place. Early Access PC games are just a trap as they are always buggy as hell!

A lot of people moan about the Dayz Standalone release mainly because they game is still in early access and yes I must admit this is rather annoying as it’s been around for just over 2 years now but that doesn't take away the fact that this game is an absolute gem and other survival games just don't even come close to how good Dayz is and how much better it will be in the future “If it does ever get finished in the end.” Because of the lack of work they have been doing on Dayz it is easy to see why the community is starting to dwindle a bit which is so sad for a game that started off with so much promise. However if you love this game as much as me you will always be able to find some decent people to play with if you come across the right DayZ server hosting community. There are still loads of great players and fans that still believe in this game so let's hope for the future of DayZ.

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I purchased DayZ server hosting after realising that I wasn't a fan of being grabbed at the spawn point by a group of TROLLS that enjoyed feeding me battery acid while trying to make me sing Justin Bieber songs…. Since setting up my own Dayz server I have had full control over my world and I able to Admin over the people that are annoying everyone in the server. We all love to have a bit of fun with unsuspecting noobs every now and then but making someone sing Justin Bieber in order to save yourself is just down right wrong! If you're a big fan of DayZ It is definitely worth having your own DayZ server hosting as it allows you to play your way, rather than having to deal with kids being *****.

After nearly 2 years of development you would have thought the Dayz developers would have done something by now? It seems that take 1 step forward and 10 steps back as nothing ever seems to be worked on any more and the full release is years off at this rate which seems rather disappointing for a game that is apart of the Bohemia Brand! I'm surprised to see that companies are still offering Dayz server hosting due to the decline in active users over the last year! I'm a loyal fan of DayZ and all the Arma games but it just seems to be a bit of a pipe dream now as I can’t honestly see the game ever getting finished so it seems daft to rent DayZ server hosting for a game that is buggy as hell! (Disappointed that’s my Review!)

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You can expect Dayz to build on that great mod from Arma 2, Dayz however will be solely focused on your survival in the zombie apocalypse! I can't really express how excited i am for this game, the endless fun the mod originally provided was not to be understated, i mean who didn't enjoy taking in the undead hordes with your group of friends? Dayz however hopes to bring more light into the experience and allow for a variation of different zombies you will encounter in the world, as long as these don't follow the cliché zombie roles then at least we will be going forward in some direction. There has also been rumors that there has been an increased interest in the interior design of the buildings placed around the map, this i'm really excited for because while it seems like a simple upgrade the very use of exploring the different houses around the map was a core element of Arma 2 Dayz. With more detail placed into the app design hopefully we can expect a visually striking map which we are able to hunt down the zombies of the night in, as with a lot of apocalypse games you can find the map to very desolate and dull. With more focus on the zombie element we also hope that they are able to put an increased focus on the importance of multiplayer to take on the hordes, while it was fun to explore by yourself nothing is more exhilarating than making a huge last stand with your collection of friends. Apparently we are also going to see a new weather system introduced, we are well aware that day and night affected the strength of the zombies so hopefully the weather will too, i mean if snow affected the speed of a zombie it would be one of the first game to tie into the weather system. Hopefully you’ll be able to find the cheap Dayz hosting your looking for when it's released on our website!

Only really worth playing if you got loads of friends or a community of players that you have built up via a forum or website as you can spend forever just trying to find a player to kill or be killed by and there is a lack of zombies around to shoot. Game is really good but you are going to struggle to enjoy it if you don't get the players on your Dayz server.

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If you are a hardcore survival fan like myself then you are bound to enjoy dayz, but be warned the game is not for the faint hearted with very little patience. The game is all about survival of the fittest and you will usually have to depend on yourself and watch out for so called "friends" as they will soon steal all your **** in the blink of an eye and leave you for dead.

Couple of mates and myself switch between Epoch and DayZ on a daily basis! Best game around. If you haven't played either these yet you should definitely pick at least 1 up, even if it's Arma2. Highly recommend DayZ.

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Dayz bring my 2 favorite elements together, zombies and guns mixed with an open world environment. I couldn't really ask for more to be fair, oh wait yes I could. ‘A FREE SERVER’ would be nice if any of the hosts want to give me one?

Want to experience dayz? Turn off your computer and sit there for a good 30 mins. What you experienced in that 30 minutes is much more exciting then playing dayz, the game itself consists of walking for miles and miles without finding a single player. Community servers are even worse because 9/10 all of the loot and equipment has already been robed. Don't get me wrong I loved this game when it first came our and even hosted my own server but the developers have done very little lately.

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Great game to play online with the friends, however the standalone is a much better experience than the Arma2 mod.

Negative review: the game had so much potential when I bought in to the built up hype nearly 2 years ago... After playing for hours on end I got bored of DayZ because of the lack of features and game play but I understood that it was in alpha so I thought I would check back agaiN in A couple of months to pick up again when things have been developed. After months of revisiting the game it's sad to see that very little has been changed. The game seems to have lost momentum now and sadly I don't ever think the true potential of the game will be reached.

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Negative Review

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My first DayZ playthrough consisted of walking for miles, while battering a couple of zombies here and there, with it usually ending in me having to run out of the town because I was getting too overwhelmed. After a few days I finally found a group of people which at the time I thought was great… Little did I know that they would then lead me to their base, offer me weapons and send me on my way… only to be sniped in the back for target practice. Oh DayZ how I love you so.

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