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    The Don’t Starve Reign of Giants franchise has come along way since it’s initial release in early 2013. The first game in the series started as a solo game, in which players must survive the elements. If players were good enough to survive the first few days, they were able to progress the games story line. The game grew in popularity, which lead to the demand of the multiplayer version. Don’t Starve Together soon became a fan favourite among it’s community, which lead to the DLC.

    reign of giants dlc - Don't Starve Together: Reign of Giants

    The most popular DLC for the game is Don’t Starve Together: Reign of Giants. The game added a huge range of extra content, including seasons, bosses and a huge range of weapons and tools. This added a lot more variation to the game, which bought a lot of players back to the game. Once again strengthening the community that has grown over the years. Klei continues to impress players with their constant releases of DLC. This includes Shipwrecked and the recently announced A New Reign Part:2, that will expand on the game. Klei have promised that this new expansion will have fans hooked for hours, with the new content.

    New additions in Reign of Giants include:

    • The addition of seasons, something else to challenge the player as the heat burns you and the cold freezes you
    • 3 new monsters to give you grief
    • Loads more craftable items, structural pieces and food
    • Important tweaks to balance the existing game

    Don’t Starve Reign of Giants Server Hosting

    Don’t Starve Together: Reign of Giants server hosting was in short supply on release date. This was due to some early server problems that Klei were having. The problem was that many hosts were unable to figure out the changes that had taken place. Luckily Klei and a few companies were able to migrate the changes to 3rd party hosting. This mean’t that players were now able to rent DST server hosting with the new configurations of the DLC. Players are now able to rent servers from a huge range of hosts across the world.

    The DLC also added the ability to mod configurations, giving player’s more freedom. For example you could change certain in game options, seasons and bosses. Which allowed the game to fit your needs and specific play style. Changing settings would lead to a range of problems including overclocking. This was generally caused by players that were loading to much content to their games. In these cases players would have to rent larger spaces or upgraded servers. This helped to prevent server lag in game and often helped the game run smoother. Console and server commands all appear on the Klei website, for players who need further help.


    klei entertainment - Don't Starve Together: Reign of GiantsKlei are a group of talented game developers based in Vancouver, Canada. The team have been creating games since 2005 and have created a variation of popular indie games. Klei also offer a whole host of new games including Oxygen not Included, Grift Lands and Hot Lava. These are all new titles and we would suggest taking a look at these games, if you’re a fan of DST. Each game has it’s own pro’s and cons but is true to the developers style and game play making them worth checking out.

    For more tittles and news on these developers, check their website or the steam community.

    Similar Games

    The craft and survive genre is full of games with many titles being added every month. DST: ROG is quite unique in the dark atmosphere that it creates but we have found the following games that are similar to it:

    7 Days To Die

    7 days to die server hostingPossibly the closest game that we can think of to Don’t Starve Together: Reign of Giants is 7 Days To Die. This game is very dark and sets place mainly in a claustrophobic forest where you must build a base to defend yourself.

    The local wildlife include wolves and bears that are constantly attacking you from out of the darkness. Other players are also a danger you must watch out for. You must protect yourself and the items you have scavenged or created to avoid them being stolen by other people on the same server.

    7DTD is fairly priced and has earn’t itself some pretty respectable reviews. Players of the game stick around year after year thanks to its amazing replay-ability.


    Terraria server hostingIf you are a fan of craft and survive and are trying to avoid going to a 3D graphics style then check out Terraria. The is game is like a side on Minecraft with digging and battling while crafting to increase your characters chances of survival. Terraria and DST share a lot of similar game play aspects but the biggest difference is that you don’t really dig in Don’t Starve Together.

    The game hasn’t got a massive audience of players but as it is a niche game it does have the ability to keep a small group playing. The dark gothic atmosphere in the game is right up some peoples street. Don’t Starve Together and the DLC Reign of Giants retails for a relatively low price on Steam.

    Don’t Starve Together: Reign of Giants DLC & Mods

    Don’t Starve Together: Reign of Giants DLC & Updates

    No updates or DLC have been written by us for Don’t Starve Together: Reign of Giants.

    Don’t Starve Together: Reign of Giants Mods

    No mods have been written by us for Don’t Starve Together: Reign of Giants. Why not let us know if you have a mod you would like featured in this section.


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