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47 Don’t Starve Together server hosting prices [2024]

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    Don't Starve Together server hosting has not had a very stable life. The wild changes to its core files have caused the game to command a higher price compared to other similar titles. Our price comparison page for DST below is massively important due to this fact.

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    Don’t Starve Together Server Hosting

    Klei Entertainment are known for their gorgeous art style and unique games. Does that mean Don’t Starve Together is the exception to the rule? Not even in the slightest actually, as Don’t Starve Together is the multiplayer version of the original Don’t Starve from the same developer. Now, you can take to the harsh wilds with a friend and quite literally try to not starve. Playing as an isometric survival game, Don’t Starve Together gives you the chance to build your own world. You no longer have to go into the wilderness alone. Now a friend can tag along and hopefully you won’t both be running from those spiders this time!

    Don't Starve Together Server Hosting

    Looking at the visuals in the game, if you’ve ever played the original Don’t Starve, you’ll have come to appreciate the visuals for that game. With Don’t Starve Together that are no changes in the visuals and simply allows for a second player to join you. While your friend might start to steal some of your resources, you can always get them back by walking them into a death trap.

    Thanks to Don’t Starve Together, you can play Don’t Starve with a friend exactly as you desire; whether that’s malicious or not.

    Every single world you get the chance to play in will be completely different from the last. A friend can join yours or vice versa or you can simply join a random server and each of those worlds will be vastly different from one another. Some might have their own challenges to go along with them or you can simply set your own. At the end of the day you can play Don’t Starve Together however you please; just try to avoid starving, though.

    DST Server Hosting History

    This game has had a bumpy history for the companies that have provided hosting for it. With Don’t Starve Together being in Early Access for most of its life the game has been prone to wild changes. Although maybe not so noticeable to the average gamer, the hosting companies sure did notice. The dedicated server files went through phases of massive changes without warning from the developers. This led to the way that the game blended with game hosting company’s control panels no longer working. The worst aspect of this was that the game developers did not either warn of the changes or publish updated information to fix this issue.

    It was this added risk to the server providers that pushed the prices up for DST game hosting. The game should be enjoying a cheaper price per slot owing to its low resource usage and relaxed gameplay reducing the load on its host machine. Perhaps when the game is released from the EA program will the price finally come down as the GSP’s have their faith restored.

    Best & Cheapest

    Cheapest DST Server Hosting

    host havocThe difference in price among our Don’t Starve Together server providers is actually quite small. They have all set their prices relatively close to each other although they haven’t set them at a cheap price. The cheapest price per slot host that we have on our price list is Host Havoc. This Canadian company are a true rags to riches story. Through tireless hard work and constant optimisation and development within their network of servers they have brought down costs. That’s great for their customers who they have passed the savings onto and reduced prices.

    They have servers available in USA, Canada, Europe, UK and Australia. They do seem to have coverage of most of the English speaking world for Don’t Starve Together.

    Best DST Server Hosting

    gtxgamingOur cheapest provider, although only by 5% (as of early 2018) is GTXGaming. This UK based game server hosting company has a large catalogue of games and a massive technical team. They are known for developing their own software and systems in house and use this knowledge in their product. The large amount of customer reviews for the company with a positive sentiment is a great sign they can be trusted.

    GTXGaming have machines all over the world so you are bound to be able to find a server near you. They have servers available in Asia which Host Havoc do not.

    Important Server Features

    Mod Support

    It seems that everyone who plays the game Don’t Starve Together loves mods. So you need to make sure that you are able to easily install mods onto your DST server yourself. The process of doing it through FTP is as simple as adding a bunch of files to a folder. The problem with this manual method is that they may need updating as the developers change the code.

    A decent game hosting company will have a way of adding the mods into a control panel and then auto updating them. When you have 50+ mods that you need to maintain this can turn into a daily task and end up breaking your server.

    Other Important Server Features

    • Backups: you don’t want to lose all of the work you and your friends have done because of a server fault (it does happen, more often than you would expect)
    • Reign of Giants support: if you are a fan of the DLC for Don’t Starve Together and want to play it as the main game then be sure to check with your hosting company first
    • FTP access: if the game hosting provider you choose hasn’t built a custom control panel that allows mod management then FTP access is massive important for adding the files
    • 24/7 support: this is important as a lot of decent game hosting providers have this as standard with any package you buy from them

    Klei Entertainment

    klei entertainment - Don't Starve TogetherKlei Entertainment are a Canadian company who have developed several titles like DST. The new game that they are currently working on is Oxygen Not Included which does not have multiplayer as of yet.

    They were formed in 2005 and started off by working on several smaller titles before creating the hit survival game Don’t Starve.

    Feedback From Players

    dst reviews - Don't Starve TogetherThe game has always had its die hard fans from the start. The ambience of the game sucks you in with its outer-worldly Tim Burton theme. You can find yourself living through the game and completely forgetting about the real world. The reviews all say how amazing the game is in multiplayer and the team work that goes on really creates a sense of community.

    The game has enjoyed a constant stream of players and even now around 5,000 people are playing the multiplayer version at once.

    Similar Games

    If you love Don’t Starve Together then you are bound to be a fan of these following multiplayer craft and survive titles:


    Minecraft server hostingThe most popular craft and survive game of all time is Minecraft. If you haven’t heard of this game by now then you have probably been living under a rock. The constant success of Minecraft is put down to its simplicity and ability to evolve with user generated content.

    The game has many similarities to DST. You start out with nothing and then collect resources to establish a base to protect you from monsters. Their is also a strong theme around feeding yourself in both games but DST takes this aspect a bit further.


    Terraria server hostingTerraria is a side on 2D version of games like Minecraft and DST. This game has a very strong tie with Minecraft, it is effectively the same apart from the aspect. A side on view can add a more relaxing feel to a game and remind you of classic Mario games.

    If you like to collect resources and construct beautiful structures to stay safe then Terraria is great for you. The game also has a very social aspect with game servers containing a lot of players joining at once.


    pixark server hosting - Don't Starve TogetherA new contender in the craft and survive genre of games, PixArk is a Minecraft style Ark: Survival Evolved. The game looks like it is going to be great fun to play judging by the Steam store preview pictures here. The game is due to be released in 2018 and the game hosting companies are going to try and be the first to snap up the ability to host the servers.

    The game appears to be set in a jungle landscape and have dinosaurs wandering around. The gaming community are hoping that PixArk carries the taming aspect of Ark over with it as that made Ark: Survival Evolved trump the competition.

    Don’t Starve Together Server List

    Once you have rented your Don’t Starve Together server from a company on this page check out BestServers. Our other website has a lightning fast DST server list that you can submit your game to. You may want to do this to advertise your game to more potential players looking for servers just like yours.


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