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Additional E.T Armies Information

E.T Armies is the latest action Sci-fi FPS Multiplayer to hit the steam store. With Fast paced action and a dynamic combat system this is defiantly a game for and FSP or CS:GO fans that are looking for a new challenge set in a Sci-fi environment. E.T Armies has both a story mode and a multiplayer mode in which you can challenge your friends and foes online with up to 16 players at once. This game features an in game lobby for those players that want to play on a dedicated server with the match making feature, however the developers have announced that you will be able to host you own instance of the game for you and your friends. E.T Armies server hosting will hold up to 16 players currently.

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Is there any early news of any of your hosts actually offering E.T Armies server hosting? I know they posted online a few hours ago about players being able to set up their own server on their computer, but does this mean that we will get the dedicated server files anytime soon? I know this is probably something to ask the developers but there seems to be so little about this on steam and the game is only 2 days away from release. Cant wait to play with my boys! Fingers crossed we can get our E.T Armies Server hosting on release day!

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