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    The game ECO has open world players in shock with their new take on this gaming genre. The developers Strange Loop Games have created a brand new genre, which they have called Global Survival. The idea is that the actual game world is alive, much like our planet Earth. The players on the server are responsible for keeping the world alive, this means that the world itself can actually end up being destroyed. This would result in perma-death for both players and the server and a new game would have to be set up to play again.

    eco global survival screen - Eco Global SurvivalThe game works in stages starting with the creation phase. Players start by entering the new untouched world and must advance their own race. This is because the game has early stage disasters like floods or meteor strikes. But players start with a few weeks to prepare for the the disasters, allowing enough time to get ready. Once the civilisation has built up enough technology, they can avert the crisis. Allowing them to continue on to the next problem that may be looming.

    Eco System

    One of the most interesting features of this game apart from the real-time world is the live ECO system. You are not alone on the world and you are sharing the planet with animals and plants. Which continue to live throughout the day on a 24 hour cycle, feeding, reproducing and living their lives. These NPCs and automated processes all come together to form a rich and fruitful planet. Which you will need to use to advance in the game. Players will have to watch what resources they use because they will not replenish if you use them all. For example if you kill every last animal on the planet, they will be extinct. Chop every tree down in the game and you will no longer have access to any wood. That’s providing you haven’t bothered to plant any more.

    The game world is globally played with hundreds of other players joining the server on a daily basis. This means that a lot of players will be having an impact on the ECO world. Because of this mechanic players can vote on in game laws that will apply to the server. For example if the world is lacking in rabbits, they can put a ban on killing them. This will help improve the numbers of the species once again. The game plays out in real-time so it can take a long time for damages to the world to repair. So keep this in mind when joining the ECO world.

    What Makes This Game Unique?

    The developers have really made an amazing game in Eco, they have taken the best bits of the craft and survive genre and added more. A lot of players have found themselves being pushed to the limit of their creativity and having to solve new problems in this game. In previous titles in this genre players would get bored fairly quickly after running out of things to do, with Eco there is so much to keep track of you cant take your eye of the ball. The main features that separate Eco from other games are:

    • Ecology, never before has a game went so far in depth into its own ecological system as Eco. Much like how time travellers must be careful where they tread you also have to be careful how you affect the environment. By destroying a certain plant to the point of extinction you could then kill of all of the animals that eat that plant and cause a unstoppable tidal wave of destruction that spells doom for the planet.
    • Governments, a rare feature in games are a player run governments. This is especially evident in Eco where over time you can elect people to put in charge in the game and then establish new laws that require voting in. Laws can be brought in that help the environment and limit the damage to the world the players do.
    • Specialisation, although not unique to this game, players choose there own paths to take along the research tree. This process then leads to the increased need of working as a community leading to a help-me-help-you style of game play.
    • Building, you can build in lots of games now with Minecraft setting the trend originally. Eco has an amazing ability to make your buildings look amazing and they also provide a great function as a lot of machinery requires buildings with certain attributes.
    • Claiming, a lot of craft and survive games now incorporate claiming into there game play. As seen with earlier games like Minecraft, the experience within building games can be ruined by a small amount of players bent on destroying others work. With claiming built into Eco players feel safer and put more time into creating amazing content for servers.
    • Currencies, something we have only really seen in Minecraft mods is currencies. Eco allows you to establish a sort of currency system with any items being able to be used much like in real life (gold, tulips etc.)

    Similar Games

    Eco has seemed to have carved its on genre with its focus being on maintaining the planet that the server is focusing on rather than the player. We have tried to find some games that come close to what it does:


    Minecraft server hostingIn a way, Minecraft has a lot in common with Eco. With the right mods attached to your server you can alter the game to be more community driven and even find extinct animals. Its not quite the same but when they made Eco they definitely created something new and awesome. Minecraft does have the similar craft and survive dynamic but it just doesn’t cut it when you think of how well Eco does it.

    Minecraft is still massively popular to this day and has held onto a huge audience of players coming back again and again. It may be the most popular game of the last 10 years, taking over from the Sims franchise of games from Maxis.


    rust server hostingIf you enjoy the craft and survive side of Eco then check out Rust. Rust is a lot less peaceful in comparison and its more about player vs. player than trying to work together to keep the world alive. In Rust you join a tribe and set out to disrupt other players and their tribes. By stealing the resources and the crafted items of enemy players you can quickly climb the ranks on the server you are playing on.

    Even to this day Rust is rated highly and continues to bring tens of thousands of players together all at once.

    Eco Global Survival DLC & Mods

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    Eco Global Survival Mods

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