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Factorio can be played either as a single player or online with friends with Factorio server hosting via a third party hosting company. This game has now been fully released on the steam store after coming out of early release.

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Factorio Description

Factorio is a sandbox game in which you must create a number of factory’s and buildings that you will have to constantly maintain and upgrade. You will need to apply your management skills and use your imagination in Factorio to create the ultimate base on an alien planet using all the resources that you have mined and collect around the world.

Factorio DLC & Mods

Factorio DLC & Updates

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Factorio Mods

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Factorio Reviews

If you're a fan of outer space terraforming and civilization building then Factorio is the game for you, allowing you to create your own habitable planets with its own factories and civilizations. Taking the role of Matt Damon when he got stuck on a planet you are placed in a 2 bit game environment where you are able to explore the planet (Sadly not as simple as mars) in search of materials you will need to craft structures, during your exploration you will come across a variety of different aliens you able able to fight. After playing this game i found the exercise of searching the planet to become monotonous, however with the expanse of materials and items you are able to create i was quickly satisfied by this result. My experience with fighting the aliens is a mixed one, on occasion i found myself easily wiped out by a cluster of aliens, or the vise versa. This lead to be quite a frustrating experience at times. After spending some time and working hard on my planet i was able to achieve four times as much as Matt Damon ever did, i had managed to build super structures and create robots to help collect resources for me. When playing with friends i found the game to be a better experience overall, allowing for the cooperation of mates to create a truly beautiful planet that works complexly. Most of my criticism of Factorio are a results of the repetitive and monotonous gameplay, however with different servers being hosted you are able to find a break from the gameplay and enter new worlds that will refresh your experience. If you decide that you yourself wanted to find your own cheap Factorio hosting then you've come to the right place, here you will be able to find all it is that you seek.

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Royal or Not

I'm surprised that there are not more Factorio server hosting companies around. This game is awesome! Need a better a few more well known hosts to host this game, haven't even heard of any of these companies apart from Multiplay... who were pretty bad when I used them for CSGO. May have to take a gamble if this is seriously the only people offering Factorio Server Hosting :(

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