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    Currently private servers for Fortnite are only rumoured but we will keep a list together of the providers that offer this service right here when we find them.

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    Fortnite is a 3rd person shooter of the battle royale genre, which has players leaping out of a plane – or a bus in this case – in the hope of finding a decent weapon and surviving long enough to become the last player to remain alive. With different weapons and weapon tiers, every match in Fortnite has a little something new for the player every time they leap out of that flying bus. Similar in vain to PUBG, a game that popularised this style of genre, Fortnite takes a leap out of popular building games and has you choosing from a small contingency of walls and ceilings to build some fortifications to keep yourself alive. Being able to choose from 3 different materials means you can either take your time to build a perfect, metal fortified fortress or simply build a wooden wall behind you the very second you get shot; potentially mitigating any shots that come your way.

    Aesthetically speaking, Fortnite has some incredibly bright and vibrant colours for you to enjoy and doesn’t disappoint with its high-level of charm. Every area of the game has plenty of colour to enjoy, something you typically don’t see in modern games today and you’re bound to appreciate it in this one before too long, that’s for sure.

    Other than the battle royale game mode – currently the only F2P mode in the game – there is also a PvE mode that has you building fortifications with some of your friends and defending against it from some oncoming zombies that wish to taste your brains for themselves. Every great part of this original mode was placed into the PvP of battle royale and vice versa; meaning that there’s a little bit of something for everyone to enjoy, regardless on whether you prefer PvP or PvE.

    Fortnite Versions

    You are able to get the basic game for free from Epic Games but their are some other packages that do cost money to get:

    • PVP Battle Royale – this is the free to get version that allows you to play the normal game with other people online on a server
    • PVE Campaign – with this version of Fortnite you can play on your own and complete missions by going up against AI driven enemies. You also gain 7 Pinata power ups that you can open and get loot from which may include anything from skins to new items
    • Deluxe Edition – this pack is a bit more expensive than the previous one but contains a lot more, like 33 Pinata power ups instead of just 7. You also gain instant access to an arsenal of limited weapons and skins only available to those who have bought the Deluxe edition
    • Super Deluxe Edition – this package again adds a load more Pinatas and accessories to your in game collection. The best addition in this pack has got to be the 2 in-game defenders you can summon during game play that will help you out
    • Limited Edition – has a massive amount of additional content and access to the creators chat system. You can also pick 2 in game defenders to help you out when you are playing online

    Similar Games

    Player Unknown’s Battle Ground

    player unknowns battleground server hosting - FortniteThis game exploded like no other game before on Steam according to SteamCharts who collate stats on games. In PUBG you descend from an aeroplane onto a huge map below with 63 other players and must scavenge to find weapons and equipment. Their are plenty of vehicles and items to find as well as a wide mix of weapons to choose from all hidden in buildings. Every few minutes the map area that you can occupy shrinks until it is so small that you have very little hiding spaces. The game is almost a carbon copy of Fortnite and many suggest that the game stole its idea from PUBG.

    Player Unknown’s Battle Ground has become a huge success with millions of players all playing online at once. The game has sucked man players form other titles like Ark: Survival Evolved as the style of game play is attractive and fast paced.

    Team Fortress 2

    team fortress 2 server hostingNot exactly the same sort of game but Team Fortress 2 shares some similar traits like graphics and a wacky theme. In Team Fortress 2 you choose a class to specialise in each time you respawn and then must use your special abilities to dominate over other players. The game mixes up the style of play, so some matches may be team based and some not.

    The game is free to download on Steam and scores very well in terms of positive reviews. If you like fast paced FPS games like Fortnite then TF2 is worth a shot, especially as its free and wont cost anything to find out.

    Fortnite DLC & Mods

    Fortnite DLC & Updates

    No updates or DLC have been written by us for Fortnite.

    Fortnite Mods

    No mods have been written by us for Fortnite. Why not let us know if you have a mod you would like featured in this section.


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