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Additional Garry’s Mod Information

Garry’s Mod uses the Source engine in a very different way, it basically allows you to play around without any problem in a way that you will surely enjoy. It’s just an amazing game and one that manages to bring you an insane amount of value very fast. You just toy around with items, create virtual worlds or just have a lot of fun with the tools at your disposal. It’s one of those games that can be amazing with friends or just about any other persons, so you should totally give this game a try and you will not be disappointed.

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Garry’s Mod DLC & Updates

GMod November 2017 Update 11-16-2017

The guys at Facepunch studios have released an update for Garry’s Mod that fixes issues that have arisen from changes made to Team Fortress 2.

They have also made a note that if your anti virus software is flagging up that Garry’s Mod is a virus then to report it to your anti-virus provider as a false positive.

Garry’s Mod Mods

GMod Keep On Truckin'

A simple but popular mod for Garry’s Mod is the Keep On Truckin’ set of files that bring with it a bunch of skins for the player to show off your love of truckers. This mod requires Team Fortress 2.

GMod Extinguishing Water

A vital mod available on the Steam Workshop for Garry’s Mod is Extinguishing Water which adds the mechanics needed to extinguish fires. If you or something you have built catches fire and you feel the need to it out then you can use water to douse those flames.

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Garry’s Mod Reviews

It had been such a long time since I last played Gmod! I had forgotten what a great game this was. I used to spend countless hours playing with my friends and brother and we would always have such a laugh in to the early hours of the morning. It's such a great game to pick up when ever you are bored or if you are just looking for a game that you can mess about in. In my opinion it really is the best game on the steam store and it doesn't surprise me that so many people are still playing it. Anyway I just wanted to swing by and let you guys know that you are doing a great job and you helped me find a good price for my Garry's Mod Server Hosting so I'am very thankful.

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If you and your friends love to play garry's mod then it is well worth buying some garry's mod server hosting as this really does give you ultimate control over your world. I had played on a couple community servers but we were constantly falling out with the server admins, because we were not playing the way that they wanted to.. So in the end we decided that we would stop being so tight and go 4 ways on a server so we can mess round and have as much fun as we want with out being told off by a 12 year old! Great game that just doesn't get old.

Yo Keith! Hopefully I can shine some light on the situation for you. This is in relation to the post about "Garry's mod server hosting." With any host you really want to take a good look at the website and ask if they will offer you a free trial or at least some sort of money back guarantee, just in case you are not happy with the service. When I first started asking around, I was surprised how many hosts would actually give me a free 24 hour trail before buying anything. As for hosting with a company it really does change from person to person, as all our opinions are so varied. I can't point you in one direction as I have used several hosts in the past and there have been some good ones and there has been some bad ones. Just try your luck asking for a free trail or money back guarantee before you commit to anything. Hope this has answered your initial question, "What host should I choose for Garry's mod server hosting."

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I'm looking for some Gmod server hosting, but I'm not sure what host to chose from this list? All the reviews for a lot of the hosts are very mixed so I'm pretty unsure who to choose. Me and my friends are looking for a server that will support up to 8 people with the cheapest price available really. If some one could just point out what Gmod server hosting company is the best that would be a lot better. :) And explanation why as well!

For such a long time I had put off playing Gmod as I had always thought “Sandbox games were pretty lame.” It was always one those games that all my friends had shoved under my nose and I had always refused to get it. After years of turning it down, a friend finally bought the game for me and I decided to give it a go. After an hour I was hooked, hours turned into days, days in to months! I now have my own gmod server hosting, create mods on a regular basis and actively get involved in the community. My only regret is that i didn't pick up the game many moons ago..

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Gmod FTW

Been awhile since I played to be fair. Once I heard that their was a new update I gave it a go again. It’s just one of those games that you can pick up with ease and not have to worry about taking too seriously. To many games these days are trying to over complicate things which is a real shame. Gmod FTW.

Loving the new update for Gmod, Great to see that the devs are still working on optimizing the game. Was unable to sort the update out on my computer so switched back you using gmod server hosting with a GSP. Got a good deal on a small package :)

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Major Underpants

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Is there anything as simple yet creative as Garry's mod? A game that simply requires you to create, and create messed up stuff you will! With such simplicity you can't argue that Garry's mod is by far one of the funniest games you can play today, as long as you have the css installed that is. To describe the features of Garry's mod can be quite a hard to task to complete but to have it summarized its the sims mixed with you twisted ideas, what other game allows you to push the heavy from TF2 against the infamous Gordon Freeman? Garry's mod gives you the chance to create some of the funniest moments in your game history, what makes it even more special is that each of these moments have been crafted for you. This is the game that allows you to use your own creativity as an inspiration for motivation, and while this is a very hard thing to do we feel that Garry's mod manages to capture this, however as with all self driven games as soon as you find the repetitiveness it can start to become more tedious than enjoyable. While Garry's mod can be very unexpected and provide some hilarious bugs and glitches , these errors then to become more of problem than a joke as time goes on. This is further shown when the serves fail to hold the system, and nothing is more frustrating than losing a couple hours of progress. Some may say this is nit picking as well but I've found that there is a large population of loud younger players, maybe i am just old or maybe they're just having a great time. We just hope that you can identify the cheap Garry's mod hosting that you are currently looking for.

I wasted a fair bit of money on steam summer sale but I still find myself playing garry's mod every night while my new games sit in the corner and cry. Damn you steam, damn you and your good offers. (fist shakes)

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Losing so much of my life to Garrys Mod, its easy to lose days if not weeks at a time to this game. I used to have a family and career, now I have an online clan im part of :D this is the life

Smashed over 400 hours on the game! Need I say more.

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How do you review such a great game in such a small space? I don't even think its possible top be fair. I'd like to meet the people who have got a bad word to say about it to be totally honest!!

I have been hosting my own Garrys Mod server for years now, Tried both running it on my own box and a dedicated server and have never got bored of the community and players. Even started making my own mods and skins. Go me.

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Almost 9 years old Garrys Mod is and its still going strong with the community and updates

Lost my job and my wife to Garrys mod. And i now live in a cardboard box running a server out of old newspapers and cat running on an old bin lid for power!

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i always play as the warden and kick the other people about for fun 11/10