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    In a world that seems to be outback Australia crossed with Antarctica, Hurtworld is an FPS survival game from Bankroll Studios. As with any good survival game, the player is expected to make gather resources and make defences. In terms of combat, the only thing that you need to worry about with Hurtworld are other players. While it is all well and good collecting your own resources, killing other to get something is easier. The first couple of days in Hurtworld is bound to teach you that in this brutal FPS game.

    hurtworld screenshot - HurtworldWhen looking at the game aesthetically, it’s got plenty of bright and vibrant colours. There aren’t many FPS games that have these kinds of colours, and Hurtworld has made that change to keep things invigorating. Thanks to those visuals, it gives the player an excuse to spend a greater amount of time in-game. Similar to how it is in Ark, you’re going to want to spend time in-game to keep you and your stuff safe.

    Resource collecting isn’t all that can be done in Hurtworld, not when base-building is a key part. Keep your base upto snuff to ensure ultimate safety in a world where it’s near-impossible to come by. Hurtworld is a game that’s is available for all sorts of players, but for those that have a penchant for the hardcore, Hurtworld is where it’s at.

    Other players await around every corner, and yet there’s no reason that can’t be you. Before too long, Hurtworld will give you the opportunity to become the most feared player on your server, shotgun in hand and vehicle to your side. With enough time invested into the game, you’ll be able to take down other, bigger players to get what you need every time – just be wary with how gutsy you get!

    What Sets Hurtworld Apart?

    Many craft and survive games have come and go (which is evident if you scroll through our list of games that offer hosting) but Hurtworld does seem to be sticking well. The main reasons for this could be because:

    1. Large number of craftable items, their are hundreds of in game tools and weapons to build
    2. Land claiming protects players creations from griefers, something that is common in other similar games
    3. The customisable vehicles that dominate the games transportation add individuality to the game and make it easy for players to specialise
    4. Farming element of the game appeals to many players looking to take things easy
    5. Animal hunting for those who want to experience a bit of excitement while getting their dinner
    6. Explorable town ruins with loot hidden among them gives players something to do other than craft and base build
    7. Varied terrain to spice things up and keep the game looking different as you explore around

    Similar Games


    rust server hostingA hugely popular craft and survive game with a huge emphasis on team based combat. In Rust you need to join a tribe in order to increase your chances of survival. Rust and Hurtworld share a lot in common but Hurtworld does seem a bit more lonelier, with less team based aspects. Rust is known for its simple base building and enjoys a huge audience of players filling up servers day after day.

    The game has left Early Access after dealing with the bugs and issues that kept it in the program for so long.  Many gamer’s have Rust in their Steam library as it gets chucked into a lot of bundles on sites like


    Unturned server hostingWith its simplistic graphics and easy to learn game mechanics, Unturned still scores large audiences of players. In Unturned you start out in the wilderness with nothing but a simple weapon, you must scavenge the surroundings and the buildings to find useful items. While you are tying to further improve your character you will be bogged down by zombies that patrol around the area looking for human players to wreak havoc on. You are also able to find vehicles that can also pair up as weapons to help you mow down the zombie hordes.

    Not much negative press is found for Unturned, which isn’t a surprise as it is a free game created by one school boy.

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