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    Insurgency was published and developed by New World Interactive. Which dropped on the Steam store in 2014 following the success of the previous title. Which was a community based mod called Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat. Although inspired by a mod, this game is actually a standalone title. Which follows the same first person shooter modal that the original used.

    • Access to over 40 weapons
    • 16 maps in both day and night setting
    • 7 different game modes with online servers holding up to 32 players each
    • A single player mode for practising with bots
    • An emphasis on squad based tactics, you need to work as a team

    Multiplayer Game Modes

    insurgency screen - InsurgencyThe general aim and game play various between the 9 different online game modes and 5 co-op modes. The first of the 9 online modes in Insurgency is named Push. It has players split in to two teams, one attacking team and one that defends. Attacking players must capture 3 objectives, while the opposing team must defend. The game is won or lost when the attackers capture all locations or the defenders run down the clock. Firefight and Skirmish are like Push although both teams must attack and defend to win the game. The only difference is that players only get one life. Which means teams can also win by eliminating all players on the opposite team. Ambush is a VIP based game in which one team has a VIP that they must guard and escort to the safe zone. The game is won when the VIP team reach the end or the VIP dies. In Elimination , the defending team must protect caches that the attackers must destroy. The attacking team wins by destroying 1 of the 2 caches. There are also another 4 modes called Flashpoint, Occupy, infiltrate and strike. For more information on these modes take a look at the official website.

    Co-operative Game Modes

    Co-op games are very different to the multiplayer, as players come together to fight the AI. There are 5 different game modes including Checkpoint. In which Insurgency players must join forces and complete a series of missions to complete the round. Hunt, which has players take on a group of AI Insurgents. Once all Insurgents are killed and the team destroys their cache, they win. In Conquer players must capture a series of enemy locations and defend them. The more spots they capture the less the enemy spawns. Which means the game ends when all locations have been captures. Outpost is a location defense mode, in which the players defend and the AI attack in waves. The more waves the Players defeat the more reinforcement they get. The game is over when the clock runs out and at least one player is still alive. The final game mode survival, is more or less the same as Outpost.

    Server Hosting

    Insurgency server hosting is still currently available. With all the current prices being displayed above from some the best hosts around. We understand that the game is popular in America and Europe. So we have made sure that we have included a wide range of hosts across these locations to meet your ping needs. Although please keep in mind that some hosts will charge more for better machines. But this is essential if you want to connect with your friends and other players with minimal lag.

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    Counter Strike: Global Offensive, is one of the best games when it comes to the FPS genre. With many players suggesting that this game has inspired games like Insurgency. Which players can see because the games follow a similar story line. In both games players must choose to play as the counter terrorists or terrorists. Then you will play many rounds in which the victor is decided on a point based system.

    There are also many similar game types in CS:GO, including team objectives and team matches. This game is also great for anyone wanting to join the E-gaming community, which is lacking a presence in insurgency.

    Insurgency DLC & Mods

    Insurgency DLC & Updates

    No updates or DLC have been written by us for Insurgency.

    Insurgency Mods

    No mods have been written by us for Insurgency. Why not let us know if you have a mod you would like featured in this section.


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