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    In early 2015 Killing Floors 2 first appeared on the Steam store as an early access title. With many fans warming to the game because of the previous success of the first game. After a long year of further development the game was finally released as the final version. Which dropped on the Steam store in late 2016 and on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2017. The game was also announced on Linux but nothing has appeared yet in regards of game or release date.

    killing floor 2 screen - Killing Floor 2Tripwire Interactive began work on this game after they released Red Orchestra 2. With the game being announced for 2014 by the company PC Gamer. Although the game took an extra year to release on early access due to some oversight from developers. The main reason the game took longer than expected was because they wanted to spend more time on it. Giving the product a better finish and play-ability was the number one focus for the company. As in previous years they were a much smaller company working on a shoestring budget. This larger budget also meant that for the first time they could add motion capture. Animations were used for monster design and the first and third person perspective. Adding a nice realness to the game that they couldn’t add in their previous titles due to budget.

    Awesome features in Killing Floor 2:

    • The progress tree – you have to select a specialisation which you can then progress further through by choosing certain upgrades
    • Wide range of weapons – from old to new you can find all sorts of weaponry to go crazy with
    • Variable speed – this is like something from the Matrix films, adjust speed up and down

    Unreal Engine 3 over 4

    Another interesting fact about this game was the use of the old Unreal Engine 3 modal over the latest 4. This was because much of their original programming was on the 3 engine. Although their other fear was that the game would not scale down on older computers. Which would mean that they would be removing a large part of their audience, reducing sales. But this isn’t to say that the game was worse for choosing an older engine. Because the developers had modified the engine 3 with their own influence.


    The game follows the original Killing Floor story line. In which clones called “Zeds” have spread across the UK killing the population. The Outbreak has now spread to Europe and this game actually takes place a month after the first game. With the collapse of the European union, its up to the rest of population to fight for itself. The game has players fighting off waves of enemies either with AI players or online. Players must fight constant waves of enemies until they get to the final boss wave. Upon beating the boss a new round starts and the process is repeated. At the start of the game players must choose between Commando, Support and field medic. Which all have different starting skills depending on the class. Including better healing, better weapon damage or fixing structural damage. All classes of course play an important part in the game, so it’s best to come prepared with a good squad.


    As you can see above, Killing Floor 2 server hosting is available from many game hosting companies. This is because the game is fantastic to play online with friends and other players.

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    left 4 dead 2 server hostingPure zombie carnage in a co-op multiplayer shell. Left 4 Dead 2 sees you and 3 other players (human controlled or AI) set out to tackle the zombie hordes with a bunch of ranged or hand to hand weapons. The game contains a lot of humour yet balances extremely well with serious horror aspects to create an amazing experience and varied game-play.

    The game is a great take on the zombie genre much like Killing Floor 2. This is evident in the steady player count the game boasts on SteamCharts, typically over 10,000 players are playing at any one time. Finding multiplayer games to join in L4D2 is easy with such a large online presence of players.

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    Project Zomboid does still have a well sized player base boasting over 500 players at a time according to SteamCharts.

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