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Many PC gamers have never heard of a game called King Arthur’s Gold. If you are looking for a side scrolling, hardcore PvP game then this may be the game for you. The games primary goal is to collect resources by mining the different types of raw material. Once you have collected enough materials you can then start to construct buildings. But you will also need to build siege weapons as well to attack your opponent. Because as mentioned before this is an intense PvP game that requires skill and strategy.

In King Arthur’s Gold game there are a total of 3 playable classes that all have different roles within the game. Each are as important as the other classes and you will need to manage them with strategy. This will ensure that you play at the highest standard possible to beat your opponent. The classes include builder, archer and knight. Builders are one of the core foundation classes. They erect building and siege workshops, set trap for on coming knights. Used for defence, the builder is a great member of the team and will help ensure victory.

The Knight is your combat specialist and will focus on close combat. They are super useful at destroying buildings with powder kegs and bombs. So make sure you use a Knight if you have to infiltrate the opponents base. The final playable class in King Arthur’s Gold is the Archer. As you might expect they are masters of long range combat and are great for countering Knights. You will have to mix using each playing style to win, so keep this in mind.


  • Watch as the terrain around you explodes, everything is destroyable
  • Unleash your creativity with thousands of blocks to use to build your base
  • Control siege machines to take down enemy castles
  • Dig and fly anywhere you want to on the map
  • Take part in massive online games with up to 32 players on third party servers

Modding Community

With any great game, comes a great community and with a great community comes mods! King Arthur’s Gold has a large modding community and the Steam workshop is full of mods. This is because the entire game uses AngelScript which is easy to mod. Many people have applied their skills to this game and created tons of new content. Which includes new classes, items, maps and even a few new game modes.

The Vanilla game has been in development since April 2011. With the first playable beta version coming to life in late 2013. Although the developers only actually allowed a few players access to the beta. This was because they wanted more time to fix the bugs and issues that were present. The game continued development and was later released on steam in 2017 as the final product. The game has recently lost popularity, so the developers no longer offer much support. Even though they have lost interest in improving the game, the community continue to mod. This is also the case for King Arthur’s Gold server hosting, as many hosts can still offer support. Despite the game no longer receiving updates and support from Transhuman Design.

Similar Games


Terraria server hostingIf your looking for some more 2D crafting then check out Terraria. Players have to adventure through the unknown in Terraria starting with little equipment and very few instructions. If you manage to find out the secrets of the world around, you are soon to be rewarded. As the game comes to life as you progress through the open world.

Although the game is not a fixed PvP like King Arthur’s Gold. Both share the same beautiful pixel graphics that we have all come accustomed to over the last few years. Because of the huge number of releases that have been created using this old school pixel style.


Minecraft server hostingMinecraft was of course one of the inspirations for King Arthur’s Gold. With developers taking on a lot of the building aspects as the core foundations for their game. Although Minecraft is not a PvP game in a sense players take on a much more open approach to the game. Starting in a random spawn, players must journey through the world. With much of the focus being on gathering resources to further a players progress. Although players can choose to take on this journey on their own.

Minecraft also has a great community that host 1000s of servers. So be sure to check the server list if you are looking for players.

King Arthur’s Gold DLC & Mods

King Arthur’s Gold DLC & Updates

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King Arthur’s Gold Mods

No mods have been written by us for King Arthur’s Gold. Why not let us know if you have a mod you would like featured in this section.

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