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    Praised for being both hardcore and realistic, Life is Feudal takes the survival formula and turns it into a more realistic affair. In development by Bitbox Ltd, Life is Feudal is set in a medieval period. With this period, you’re given the chance to build the ultimate medieval dream that you’ve always wished for. This is all while alongside a realistic aesthetic that suits the game perfectly well.

    Life is Feudal is designed to allow for the player to do whatever they wish and have it become successful. For instance, if you would rather hack and slash your way to fortune and fame, you absolutely can. On the flip-side, if you would rather just farm and casually build up your fortune as time goes on without a care in the world, Life is Feudal gives you that. To keep people coming back more and more, every single stat in the game can be levelled up. This means you can pick and choice exactly what you’re looking to become a master in.

    Taking on the small task of building yourself a home is easy, but constructing a whole town is not. But, just because it isn’t easy doesn’t mean it’s impossible and Life is Feudal allows for you to do exactly what you want, when you want to. All that is required of you are the prerequisite resources and then you can get to building.

    Considering the game is an MMO, however, you had best be careful around other players, because even the strongest king can be felled. In Life is Feudal, not everything is exactly fair, but neither was the period that it was set in. With that in mind, though, it makes your ever-encroaching success all the more sweet!

    • The game features diggable terrain and an awesome system that simulates real dirt, if you take it away the above ground level drops
    • An advanced battle formation system that keeps your troops in the pattern you have designed for them to best operate from
    • Experiment with alchemy to create up to 40 million different combinations of elements

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    life is feudal server hostingDark & Light started out with the usual hype of a craft and survive game that was going to change the online gaming world but has since fallen flat. Looking over the charts on SteamCharts for D&L you can see that the game had a huge push of players towards the start but has since dropped off. The regular daily count for players is around the 1,000 average mark which is small in comparison to most Steam games, especially this new.

    The most common complaints for Dark & Light centre around the developers and the fact that they seem to have abandoned the project. The game needs finishing off and is still very buggy on certain machines. Another common complaint is the multiplayer mode containing unfair advantages to existing players with newbies failing to level up and progress. Perhaps sticking with Life is Feudal is a good idea.

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    Reign of Kings Server HostingThe awesome although slightly aged medieval craft and survive game Reign of Kings still brings in the punters. The game does tend to have bursts of players coming back after feeling disappointed by new titles like Dark & Light from the looks of SteamCharts.

    In Reign of Kings you must scavenge for resources and then forge using different crafting techniques tools and weapons. The amount of items available to the player is extremely vast. Their is even musical instruments and the equipment to throw banquets built into the game, before any modding is taken into consideration.

    The game doesn’t try to hard to be something its not and the developers (although a little slower nowadays) keep attempting to bring the game back to the top. In comparison to games like Life is Feudal, ROK is appearing to age and get rough round the corners but is still a great game.

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