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Mount and Blade is a franchise that is beloved on the PC platform, no more than Warband, which is considered the best of the bunch from all angles of gaming. Released back on the 31st March, 2010, the game is slowly coming up towards its 10th birthday and yet it’s a title that only manages to grow better with age.

What you’d be expecting from Warband is a 3rd/1st person sandbox, army-management, action hack-and-slash that is unlike so many others. In Warband you are free to explore the world around you as a lone wolf, building upon your arsenal. If you’re not up for that, take to the world, building up your army and creating an unstoppable force. Once you’ve marched into battle, you can truly appreciate a myriad of different friendly and enemy NPC’s fighting it out, until there is one true victor!

While it may not be the most graphically impressive title, it certainly manages to do the job. What you sacrifice in visuals you get back in epic, hundred-person battles that can be experienced the deeper you delve into the game.

Warband isn’t necessarily a game that has to be played alone, however. Instead, you can bring along one of your best friends and command your army together. Why just be the two of you, though, when you can have a myriad of different players on your side? At the end of the day, Mount and Blade: Warband allows for the opportunity to play exactly how you like it. In Warband there are no rules, there are no expectations; it’s all down to the player’s ideal gameplay.

Improvements In This Version

  • Improved graphics over previous Mount & Blade editions with new and improved 3D models
  • Loads of game modes with the ability to host up to 64 players on a server
  • Incredible single player mode that allows you to rise through ranks and become traders and soldiers or barons
  • New game mechanics to allow for relationships and marrying
  • An economy with gold and items available for purchase

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Mount And Blade: Warband DLC & Mods

Mount And Blade: Warband DLC & Updates

No updates or DLC have been written by us for Mount And Blade: Warband.

Mount And Blade: Warband Mods

No mods have been written by us for Mount And Blade: Warband. Why not let us know if you have a mod you would like featured in this section.

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Mount And Blade: Warband Reviews

This game has literally consumed my life for the last year as i have clocked up a staggering 2000 hours that I am not ashamed off! Nothing better then running your own kingdom with your friends on your very own Mount & Blade: warband server hosting package. Not only am I the king but I am the admin! so my word is law peasants! FEAR ME!!!!

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If you have wanted to be the general of your own army so that you can take over and rule your own kingdom then Mount and blade warband is the perfect game for you, hopefully you're already familiar with the base game as this review is going to focus on the multiplayer element introduced in the extension. Firstly who doesn't want to have their own army? Any game that allows you send other people in to do your work, that actually do it as well, is one that ranks high on my list. The basic objective of the game is to take over the land with your army by leading your regiment, you have a choice of how to organise your regiment in terms of soldiers. This allows you to create some pretty cool armies, meeting other online players can allow for some real testing of your creation however. While the combat graphics are not exactly amazing they still manage to stand out for such a wide spanned game. Mount and blade warband does not solely let you focus on using your army to take over the land, some added features i found pretty nice were the ability to marry of POI to create alliances or just for cash, assigning land to your followers so that they receive specialised perks and of course the addition of interaction with other online players. These features allowed for me to create a motive for my character whilst playing which made the gameplay twice as engaging, and after having my first battle with hundreds of soldiers i found i was hooked to Mount and blade warband. The only fault i could really find was it was common to come against high powered enemies at a low level, leading to you attempting to take on a whole nations with the four friends you recently recruited. While that can become very frustrating after numerous encounters, it still manages to capture the element of fun you get during the battle sequences featured in Mount and blade warband. If you are looking for cheap Mount and blade warband hosting then we hope you can find the ones you seek on this page!

The Best thing about this game is the huge in depth character creation. To many new games on the PC market have very limited options when it comes to creating your character, including classes, appearance and clothing. For an older a game it really hits the nail on the head if you are looking for a game that you want to personalise and make your own. Take on the role of a knight or live amongst the people as a humble peasant the choice is yours.

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Warrior Zez

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It’s an old game but it still hasn't lost its magic in my opinion. Live as a peasant, Become a noble, own your own land, become a vassal to the king or even become the king! The game is massively overlooked by a lot of people who are playing open world or sandbox games, but this is one of the greatest games that I ever picked up. Considering I bought it on sale because I thought i would give it a try!

Here are just a few pros to the game: Excellent Gameplay Mechanics, Very Active Community “Still”, A huge range of mods that continues to grow, Brilliant single/multiplayer, Loads of replay value and in my opinion one of the places for competition. Only con: Needs a load of fresh new people to join in.

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Mount & Blade: warband is what I would consider to be the perfect sandbox medieval game! This is the game that all the other early access games look up to, it perfectly combines the open world genre with loads of action and epic medieval gear. I would even mark it as being a medieval simulation it’s that realistic.

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