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    No More Room in Hell is a great mod that actually won “Mod of the Year 2011.” The award came from PC Gamer after the game was also named “Multiplayer Mod of the Year.” It was also nominated again in 2012 for the same awards. Which is no surprise as the game focuses on bringing you an astounding zombie experience. With a one of a kind game play experience that will leave you in awe and terror. It’s a game about power and responsibility, but at the same time it brings you face to face with many monsters. Which have all come from hell and you are the only one that can stop them. Set in a world that is overrun by zombies, you must choose one of 8 characters and hack your way to survival.

    Game Modes

    no more room in hell screen - No More Room in HellThere are 2 game modes in NMRIH which include “Survival” and “Objective.” In Survival players are allocated an area in which they must protect from zombies. The Zombies come in waves each round with the zombie waves increasing in size each time. Although in some rounds a military helicopter will pass over and drop supplies. Including guns, ammo and medical packs to assist players in their survival. The game ends when a set amount of rounds has been completed and the rescue vehicle arrives. But help will not come if you have allowed the protected areas to become over run. So make sure you are always protecting zombie infested areas.

    The Objective mode is more goal oriented and players will have to complete goals along the way. Although the main goal is usually to escape the map. Developers have actually added a randomness to this, to give the game extra life. This was achieved by adding loads of different routes and goals to each level.

    During both game modes players can use a variety of items and weapons that can are in the game. But the developers wanted to focus players on using melee weapons to make the game more intense. So you will struggle to find guns and ammunition in this game as they are very rare. Instead players will have to use baseball bats, fire axes and almost any other weapon they can find. Keep your eyes open in No More Room in Hell because if you are lucky you may find a few grenades or TNT as you work through the level. Which can cause mass zombie carnage in a time of need.

    No More Room in Hell Server Hosting can hold up to 8 players during a single session. Players can also choose to play offline with the AI if they don’t feel like playing online. Although the game is played best online with friends as it’s a great cooperative experience.

    No More Room In Hell 2

    In 2016 the developers gave fans a sneaky trailer that suggested that there would be a sequel to this game. Although there hasn’t been much news since the trailer. They have recently posted that they will be releasing the game in 2018.


    You can find Nor More Room In Hell mods on the following sites:

    Similar Games

    Left 4 Dead 2

    left 4 dead 2 screen - No More Room in HellMany say that No More Room in Hell took a lot of its inspiration from the Left 4 Dead games. As it follows many of the same principles. Including the fact that survivors have to come together to fight off zombie hordes.

    Although one thing that Left 4 Dead 2 is unique for is both the campaign mode and the versus campaign. Both modes will have you fighting zombies as you make your way through vast scenery. Plus if you jump in to the versus mode you can take in turns switching between the zombies and the survivors. Which adds a nice layer of depth to the game which isn’t in No More Room In Hell.

    Project Zomboid.

    project zomboid server hostingLove zombie games but want to try something a little different to the standard hack and slash? Why not try out Project Zomboid? This classic indie game is a diamond in the rough that many zombie fans miss out.

    While the game is like No More Room In Hell in terms of zombie survival. The game gives you a top down 3rd person view so you can see the world around you. Guide your character through malls, schools and abandoned houses. To find supplies that will help you survive the zombie apocalypse. The only question remaining is how long can you last?

    No More Room in Hell DLC & Mods

    No More Room in Hell DLC & Updates

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    No More Room in Hell Mods

    No mods have been written by us for No More Room in Hell. Why not let us know if you have a mod you would like featured in this section.


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