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Osiris: New Dawn Description

Osiris: New Dawn puts you in the control of a worldly astronaut, a very unfortunate matter as you will soon find yourself stranded on this unknown planet. On this deadly and terrifying planet, you’re tasked with building a colony – alone or with friends – and build it up just enough to defend against outside threats and survive the trials that this planet brings. On this mysterious Mars like planet, there’s plenty to explore and experience in this one title, just don’t expect it to be the easiest mystery to solve, since any sand dune you walk past, there might just be a giant sandworm ready to swallow you whole.

Aesthetically, Osiris: New Dawn has plenty of vibrancy in its colours, despite just how much the very planet you sit atop on looks similar to Mars; a planet known for its rather bright and rather orange surface. Throughout the planet are different biomes, caves, and man-made structures to explore, with each one being even more interesting than the last. Some of those necessary resources are bound to be housed inside at least one of those and while some might be safe, no doubt many of them are going to be dangerous.

Building up your colony should be your first and foremost issue in Osiris: New Dawn. You’re not going to have any oxygen to breathe if you don’t construct a base, that could definitely be seen as a problem. Exploring and building are a major part of the game, but that doesn’t mean it’s always going to be safe for the player. When it comes to Osiris: New Dawn, there’s always going to be something a little dangerous waiting around that corner; potentially about to take a bite from you.

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In Stationeers you find yourself stranded on a planet with some basic building parts and the equipment to put them together. Through mining and refinement you are able to produce more base building parts which become a necessity as you realise that your life support will run out shortly.

The game is incredibly detailed and the process for building a moon base with life support can be incredibly tough and challenging. This game is perfect for anybody who plays games like Minecraft and thinks of it as being too easy.


Another base building on other planets like Osiris: New Dawn is ROKH. In ROKH you start off with limited supplies and have to set out to find more and then build a safe base using them. This is all while you are getting attacked by the dangerous alien wildlife setting out to make your life as difficult as possible.

The game has suffered terribly recently with bad reviews but that could all change very quickly with a few improvements to the game. The game seems to die off once you have built everything you need and lacks any proper replay-ability.

Osiris: New Dawn DLC & Mods

Osiris: New Dawn DLC & Updates

Osiris: New Dawn December 2017 Update 12-22-2017

A load of awesome new additions to the game that range from guns all the way to enemy creatures to battle against. You are also now able to play around with attachments to your weapons to allow for some customisation based on your own playing preference.

Osiris: New Dawn Mods

No mods have been written by us for Osiris: New Dawn. Why not let us know if you have a mod you would like featured in this section.

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