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    PixARK Server Hosting

    Best PixARK Server Hosting

    Are you looking for one of the best PixARK server hosting companies? See the top game servers here.

    The PixArk game is a pixel version of the game Ark: Survival Evolved. The game is currently being spearheaded by Snail Games and is currently working on recreating the Ark: Survival Evolved experience in a pixel art aesthetic with the same mechanics of both Minecraft and Ark all rolled into one, without creating too much confusion. As of right now, the game is available on Steam’s Early Access platform and is currently being updated on a regular basis to keep the game from being just barely one step behind the original Ark.

    Before choosing PixARK server hosting, read about the game Visuals

    From a visual standpoint, PixArk takes the Minecraft blocky aesthetic that we all know and love and manages to throw on an incredibly bright and colourful colour pallet for all to enjoy, whilst dinosaurs roam the land in the hopes of eating you. Even more colourful than the original game, PixArk blends both a casual and a hardcore art style that not many games manage to balance out all that well.

    Filled to the brim with different dinosaurs and creatures, weapons and items to create, places to explore, and things to build, PixArk is a near endless stream of gameplay that fans of Ark are already bound to fall in love with, as it is simply more of the same, but with brighter and blockier colours. The game is not only easy to pick up and play, there’s plenty to see and do from the offset; you just need to be wary about that t-rex across the way, as it’s bound to take a sizeable chunk out of that health bar of yours!

    Getting yourself one one of the best pixark server hosting companies is going to be a great experience for you and your friends to enjoy. When you’re ready to pick the best pixark server hosting company just use the suggestions above and filter for your best high performance hosting provider! You’ll want to pick a provider that gives you access to instant setups and you may even want full ftp access to your server too.

    Join In With The Discussion

    Looking to get involved with the community? Let us and them know about your experience with the PixArk server hosting company you went with on our Steam Group. If you go to this link here then you will be taken to the discussion we have set up just for PixArk server hosting experiences. You can also find people talking about their own experiences with hosting providers that you may find useful.

    Similar Games


    Minecraft server hostingWe cant ignore the blocky nature of the PixARK game and not give Minecraft an honorable mention. Minecraft pretty much made the whole block based game genre what it is today and with a constant stream of mods being made available the game continues to evolve. Everybody is bound to have heard of and probably played Minecraft at some point in their life. The game is available across many devices both mobile and fixed like PC and game consoles.

    If you haven’t yet played Minecraft we massively recommend it, its possibly the most played game right now.

    Ark: Survival Evolved

    ark survival evolved server hostingPixARK is a more basic block’y version of the game Ark: Survival Evolved so that definitely needs a mention down here in the similar games. Ark took the gaming and server hosting world by storm, no one expected it to be as popular as it was after its release in 2016. The game stole players from most of the craft and survive titles and kept them playing Ark for a long time. With the addition of DLC expansion packs like Abberation the game has continued to flourish and just get better.

    The game has a lot of good feedback with people claiming how it changed their life. It also changed the expectations of people when it comes to the craft and survive genre, now developers have to make an awesome title just to come close to Ark.

    We hope that the resources above were helpful in helping you to find the best pixark server hosting service on the market.

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