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Planet Centauri is brand new game from new developers “Permadeath” who have been funding this project using Kick starter, which has received a lot of support from fans of the game, making this one to watch out for. The game is set to launch on the steam store in April 2016 as an Early Access Title, so why not help the developers by picking up a copy. Though Planet Centauri looks similar to many other sandbox games it has plenty of new features that have yet to be seen in this genre including riding dinosaurs! Planet Centauri server hosting has been talked about by developers, so we are expecting see server hosting in the near future.

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    1 Year Ago
  • Planet Centauri takes everything that is great about Terraria and ARK and combines them in too one super game! The BETA testing was insanely good and a lot of people are going to impressed by what this game has to offer! I have signed up to your email listing for notifications on your pricing however I have not received any confirmation? Please let me know when Planet Centauri Server Hosting is available! PLEASEEEEEE.
  • 1 Year Ago
  • I was lucky enough to try out the FREE Demo for Planet Centauri when they were letting people test out the BETA on the kick starter and I have been itching to play this again! A lot of people may think this is another Terraria rip off with a different setting much like Starbound was, however there is so much more depth to this game and plenty to do with friends I can ensure you now! The game was a bit laggy at time in testing so I would imagine Like Terraria and Starbound, Planet Centauri server hosting will be something that a lot of players will be demanding once the game comes out! Got to love playing a game with 10 other players jumping around and building a community. Not long now till I get to play again!