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    Planet Centauri is an open world sandbox game like never seen before. Though the game takes inspiration from games like Minecraft and Terraria, yet it has its own twist. The game has many unique features that have captured the sandbox audience. These include its own unique spell creation, which allows players to customise magic. A monster taming system, in which players can capture creatures and use them in battle. And also a very in depth skill tree that includes skills like farming, crafting, cooking and more. These features are only scratch the surface of what the game offers.

    planet centauri screen - Planet CentauriThe best feature in our opinion is the custom villager and building management. With this feature you can manage each individual villager and assign them tasks. These tasks can include collecting resources or working in shops. If people are not your thing you can always create your own robots as well, which all come with custom behaviours and personalities. Digging in to the villager management side of the game also opens up mini games. Players will discover additional mini games with the more content they unlock.

    Character creation is also a huge part of this game. The developer’s boast that there are over 100,000 different combinations and styles. With 500 pieces of clothing to customise your character, you will be 100% unique. Which will help when you decide to embark on multiplayer with up to 4 friends.


    • Taming, much like in Ark: Survival Evolved you can capture and then use the local wildlife to your advantage
    • Magic, collect the needed materials to craft potions that give you awesome abilities as a character
    • Agriculture, if you enjoy farming and then crafting food like you would do in Minecraft then you will love this
    • Villagers, take control of the local community and give out jobs and tasks to your people

    Planet Centauri Multiplayer

    Multiplayer is not a huge feature in this game and as mention above you can only have 4 players join your game. This can be either local via a LAN connection or online. Either way you are sure to have plenty of fun playing this game with other players. This is because it will allow you to explore this vast world with your friends and other players. You can also combine your creativity with other players using the network system. The System itself has many perks and allows players to create host of gadgets. These include death lasers used for home security and simple automated lighting. The developers added loads of components to the game, which include generators, power wires, capacitors and many more. This comes with a 16 bit information signal that uses mathematical and binary coding. Making this game unique and challenging for any open world player that likes to get creative.

    Developers Permadeath have only released this game on the Steam store. With many people being sceptical at first buying a game from a new developer. The game has received a lot of positive feedback with over 700 + reviews on the Steam store. Although the game now only gets an average of 50 players it’s still worth buying. As it’s one of the more in depth open world games available on the store that is very overlooked. The game is currently on the store for £11.99, but is often on sale for a lot less.

    Similar Games


    Terraria server hostingAlmost 100% similar in the way the game appears on the screen to Planet Centauri is Terraria. The two games are incredibly similar in the way they play too, you must dig to find better resources and harder enemies to defeat. The one way that Planet Centauri trumps over Terraria is that it contains much more complicated systems that you can build.

    Terraria is dead cheap on Steam and the reviews tell a story of a game that fails at almost nothing. People love this game and its easy to get hooked to it. With so much to find and craft you will struggle to get bored any time soon.


    Starbound server hostingAnother very similar side on 2D multiplayer digging game is Starbound. In Starbound you find yourself stranded on a destroyed ship and must beam down to the landscape below to look for ways to craft and survive.

    The reviews for Starbound make the game seem very popular among its fans and a lot of people jump from this game to Terraria. The reviews reassure us that the game is a perfect fit for anybody who likes casual craft and survive games, as long as the game works on your machine. A few negative reviews do pop up that say that the game was not compatible with their machine so that is something to look out for.

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