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Planet Nomads Description

Planet Nomads is another sandbox game that uses the Unity Engine. Much like all the other games that have used the Unity Engine this game follows the same foundations. Players must use all their skills to get raw materials, that they can then craft into equipment. This includes weapons, shelters, costumes and vehicles.

The developers said in a press release that they took inspiration from other sandboxes. This games include Minecraft, No Man’s Sky and Space Engineers. Unlike the other games though this one has a small story line. Your character is a lonely astronaut that crash lands on the planet’s surface. Which causes many problems, as you are under equip and low on supplies. This means that you will spend a majority of the game searching the planet and surviving. Whilst exploring you will come across a huge range of biomes and wildlife. Be careful though because the planet is full of many dangers. These Include creatures, extreme weather and plant radiation, which will all kill you.


The game’s developers “Craneballs Studio” had only created mobile games before. Their titles include Overkill and Fish Heroes, which was an angry birds inspired game. This meant that Planet Nomads was going to be their first game for PC release. This meant that the company had to create a Kickstarter to fund the project. The main goal was to raise £70,000 to help cover the extra development costs that they were unable to cover. But they actually managed to generate £96,046 which was £26,046 over the target amount. This meant that the developers were able to spend extra money on fine tuning the game. Once the funds came in, they started work on the game in January 2015. The game came out in Alpha state on the steam store and GOG in April 2017. There is still no word on a completion date, but the developers update the Steam community periodically. So if you are looking for further information on the game, visit the website or steam game page.

Due to the current Alpha state of the game there are very few options when it comes to server hosting. We have searched Google for active hosts that offer Planet Nomads server hosting, but there is still very little information available. This is due to the fact that the game still hasn’t created a section within the game files for hosting. The game currently works off single game hosting within the game. This means that for the moment players are unable to host games via a third party company. But we imagine that game hosting will become available once the game has exited early access.

Planet Nomads Updates

The team are always releasing weekly updates on their steam community page. Judging from the recent updates they have been releasing patches on a weekly basis. So the developers are very much active and continue to progress with the game.

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The game Astroneer scores highly in the reviews department according to Steam. The major complaint from players is that the game gets boring after a while once you have researched everything, maybe adding dedicated servers and support for larger games will aid that.

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Constant struggles and challenges keep this game interesting and the crafting aspect is the icing on the cake.



If you enjoy travelling through space in a craft built by yourself then Avorion is perfect. This game is all about exploring vast galaxy’s and collecting resources to craft bigger and better ships to control more of the space around you.

Contained within the game are small missions and events that occur to keep the game interesting so it isn’t too much of a sandbox. Games like Space Engineers can bore players who need random events to keep them interested and a maybe even a story mode.

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Many reviewers of the game are saying that the game has potential but is currently lacking.

Planet Nomads DLC & Mods

Planet Nomads DLC & Updates

No updates or DLC have been written by us for Planet Nomads.

Planet Nomads Mods

No mods have been written by us for Planet Nomads. Why not let us know if you have a mod you would like featured in this section.

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