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    Project Zomboid was the first successful release for indie developers “The Indie Stone.” After being in development for several years an early access was available on steam. The game came out in 2013 but had many problems and bugs that slowed up the progress of the game. Much of the original code was actually lost in early development. This was because the developer’s laptop got stolen from his home. This meant that he had to start a lot of the work again, which meant an official release date got put on halt. Even though the game had many early issues it was finally released in a stable state May 2016. It is still in development today though and a final version seems to be a long wait away.

    project zomboid screen - Project ZomboidDespite all the flaws and problems that are in Project Zomboid, it is a fantastic zombie survival game. Which features two game modes, Sandbox and survival mode. Survival mode challenges players to try and survive for as many days as they can. This may sound easy but the game is very difficult and many players say they only reach day 7 or 8. This is because there are many in game scenarios that will cause the game to end. These include, zombie bites, cold weather, disease and many other surprises in game. But these are the very reasons that make the game so good, because it’s very hard to predict what will happen. You can of course make your existence in game easier by collecting weapons, food and clothes. Which will all help your chance of survival.


    • A realistic zombie survival game with a laid back camera view
    • Both online and local multiplayer modes for the game
    • Shadows and other environment variables to add more challenge like line of sight
    • A huge map to keep the game feeling fresh for longer
    • Multiple vital life signs such as hunger to deal with
    • Multiple food production techniques like farming and fishing
    • Modding support
    • Controller support

    Sandbox Mode

    If survival mode sounds to difficult, you can choose to play sandbox mode. This will allow you to increase your chance of survival as you are able to change the configuration of the game. This includes changing the speed of the zombies, weather and the equipment you are able to find in game. This of course will either make the game harder or easier depending on the settings you decide to apply.

    Even though you can change the game settings you are not able to change the character settings. These remain the same across all the different modes so you will have to pick your character traits. But if you make some smart choices you will be able to create a pretty decent character with the 8 points you get. Which you have to place in different traits including, strength and other skills. But the con is that some skills give you both positive and negatives, so choose with these things in mind.

    Hosting Information

    The game is very easy to host on your own desktop, but in its current state it can often be unstable. Many forum users have many suggestions on how to improve hosting, but it can be very advanced. We would suggest renting Project Zomboid server hosting from one of the many hosts above. As they will be able to offer constant support and help with all the back-end code.

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    Unturned server hostingA survival game with zombies and servers filled with lots of players, Unturned is an amazing free to play game available on Steam. The one man development crew for the game have created an addictive title with very little funding or outside work. Its low quality graphics and simple game-play keeps the game from trying to hard or ageing like other games do over time.

    With the game scoring high levels of positive feedback paired with a free price tag you cant afford not to try it out.

    7 Days To Die

    7 days to die server hosting7DTD did contain zombies at one point but after feedback form the players the developers removed them. The game has come a long way during its time in Early Access and hasn’t died off like a lot of games in the program do. The reviews for the game are still incredibly good after all these years with people saying how much better the game is getting with time.

    7 Days To Die isn’t an expensive game and thanks to its replay-ability you are sure to get your moneys worth from it.

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