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    You can still find ROK server hosting from providers the world over. Although the game has died down in popularity companies still offer competitively price packages for the server.

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    reign of kings map - Reign Of KingsReign Of Kings is a sandbox game based in medieval times in which you must craft, survive and strive against other players and clans in order to rule the throne. The game peaked in 2015 but was sharply taken over by Ark: Survival Evolved with many players migrating to that title. The online community for the game is a tight knit one with servers offering role-playing. The role playing servers take Reign Of Kings to an extremely realistic level.

    With the addition of a switchable second map, Reign Of Kings has opened up new doors to keep the game fresh and new for its fanbase. Updates have slowed down for the game as the player base has depleted.

    Where to buy Reign of Kings:

    Reign of Kings Server Hosting History

    The once popular game Reign of Kings saw many game hosting companies jumping aboard to offer their services. The game hosting for ROK could command a high price and so their was money to be made. A lot of companies saw the game as a long term product that they could sell. The only problem with this was the release of Ark: Survival Evolved in 2015.

    When Ark was released a lot of the people who played ROK simply migrated over to that. The game is very much like the next step up from Reign of Kings with many new additions, improved graphics and a more complex game-play.

    Their are still plenty of game hosting companies with ROK server hosting packages available. Luckily, due to its stable dedicated server files, the price per slot for servers have come right down.

    Best & Cheapest

    Two of our favourite companies top the price list for ROK. With both being typically found in these slots across many games we feature on CompareGameHosting.

    Best Reign of Kings Server Hosting

    survival serversOur favourite game hosting company for the best position is Survival Servers. If Survival Servers provide a package for a game we suggest you go with them. The custom control panel that they offer is fantastic. The experience they gained developing plugins for the Arma range of games shows in their end product.

    They are usually very good value for money and not that much more expensive than the cheapest option on this site.

    Cheapest Reign of Kings Server Hosting

    host havocIf you are shopping purely based on price and want the cheapest ROK server hosting then Host Havoc tops the chart. These guys are the best at keeping costs low and then passing the savings onto their customers. They have maintained a high level of service year on year with many customers telling us that this is the case.

    Look through the reviews for Host Havoc yourself and see the general feeling towards them is warm.


    The developers behind ROK also worked on a similar title but with a science fiction theme. CodeHatch developed Starforge before Reign of Kings and have yet to announce their next project.

    Similar Games

    life is feudal server hostingThe next step up from ROK is the Ark series of games. The crafting, landscape and game mechanics all trump ROK.

    A more modern version of the medieval craft and survive style game is Life is Feudal. By using magic you can command over the server you are playing on and live in a fantasy realm. The game is fairly new and is still in Early Access but judging by reviews it is on the right track.

    Reign Of Kings DLC & Mods

    Reign Of Kings DLC & Updates

    No updates or DLC have been written by us for Reign Of Kings.

    Reign Of Kings Mods

    No mods have been written by us for Reign Of Kings. Why not let us know if you have a mod you would like featured in this section.


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