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    Although a newer game we have some Squad server hosting providers available. Luckily the prices are relatively tight for this game so you can choose a feature rich host for a good price. Be sure to check out buying guide below the games description.

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    squad screenshot - Squad

    Squad is a tactical-FPS game that’s currently available on Steam’s Early Access platform. In development from Offworld Industries, Squad is a unique take on the online shooter. Instead of your typical 6 vs 6 gameplay that’s become a staple of online shooters nowadays; Squad takes the 50 vs 50 route instead. The game manages to avoid being a typical team deathmatch affair. This is done by choosing to install a more tactical feel and gameplay loop to the online multiplayer. You’re required to work as a team in Squad to get the winning result each game, but that’s half the fun of the game, after all.

    Squad Visuals

    When looking at the visuals, you wouldn’t be amiss to compare them to both Call of Duty and Arma. They end up looking similar to both in some areas, that’s for sure. For the most part, though, Squad manages to keep a realistic approach to the visuals that quickly pays off with the more time you spend in the game.

    Don’t expect everything to be boots on the ground gameplay, since there is plenty more implemented into the game to keep it fresh. Some of biggest features for this title are base building, large-scale environments, and a radio system. That system is affected by your proximity and makes things a touch more strategic. Everything the developers have brought into the game is to get the player engaged. Every play you and the squad make is to bring the lot of you to victory. A poor strategy is bound to lead to a loss before too long if you’re not playing smart.

    There are times where you might want to hop in a jeep and ram head-first towards the enemy! But the end result is bound to leave you respawning in less than a few seconds!

    Squad Server Hosting History

    The game is fairly new at the time of writing this (early 2018) and not a huge amount of companies cater for it. Luckily though, the major game hosting companies have jumped on-board. The companies that we have spoken to are excited about the future of Squad. A lot of them feel that this is a big game in the making and set to change the landscape of the gaming world.

    The games dedicated server files are fairly stable which is rare for such a new game. Especially for a game that is in the Early Access genre of Steam games. EA games usually perform poorly for game hosting companies for multiple reasons. Companies tend to price themselves out of the market for these unstable EA games.

    Where To Buy Squad

    Squad isn’t just limited to being on Steam, there are other choices if you are looking at buying a copy:

    • G2A have a page listing the best prices they can find the game for here
    • AllKeyShop also have a price comparison list of the places you can find the game
    • If you are lucky you can also get the game on HumbleBundle for a greatly reduced price or in a bundle with other games

    Best & Cheapest

    While shopping for Squad server hosting you are going to be focused on either the price or the features. You may be considering both and in that case you are able to use our tools to help make your decision.

    Cheapest Squad Server Hosting

    host havocA lot of the providers that we compare prices for are all bunched together in terms of price. The market is fairly competitive even though it lacks many participants. This is great news for you as a shopper as it means you can get a feature rich package for a great price.

    The cheapest Squad server hosting package that we have on our price list is with Host Havoc. Havoc is a company based in Canada with around the clock support staff. They have an awesome knowledge of their own systems and have managed to knock their prices down with clever bulk buying.

    Best Squad Server Hosting

    gameserversOur choice company for Squad has to be They continue to draw in the masses and keep them happy. They usually don’t appear as a cheap price in our lists. They do however have the backing of one of the worlds largest web hosting data-centre companies.

    If you take a look at their reviews you should feel relatively assured that they know game servers. The company has been around for over 15 years and in that time added well over 100 games to their offering. The amount of locations they have to offer are also mind boggling.

    Important Server Features

    When you are shopping for Squad server hosting you will want to prioritise these features. Be sure to check that the company you want to go with supports the following:

    Instant Updates

    With Squad being such a young game their are bound to be updates around every corner. Having a button on the games control panel that allows you to get the latest version from Steam is paramount.

    If you do not have this built into your control panel you and potentially thousands of other clients are going to clash. If all of the companies clients have to ask for manual updates at once it could take hours to get done. Make sure that the provider you choose has Instant Updates functionality.

    Offworld Industries

    The newly formed game development company Offworld Industries currently have Squad listed as their only project. The company sees its history in developing mods for the Battlefield series of games. The company is based in Canada and was formed in 2015.

    offworld studios - Squad


    Squad on Consoles

    Judging from the reception the idea is getting on forums like these, Squad doesn’t seem like a contender for a console port. This doesn’t mean it wont as its up to the developers to make that decision.

    Feedback On The Game

    squad reviews - SquadThe best place to find reviews on Squad is to go straight to the Steam page. Steam request reviews from people who have actually bought the game, its a great way to get honest feedback. Currently with the game being young it has scored a Very Positive on the reviews.

    A lot of the positive feedback is from players enjoying the communication in the game. It seems that the very real aspect of talking to other players during the game is making it life like. Many games have lacked a sense of reality in the past so maybe Squad is shifting how we look at multiplayer gaming.

    With the game priced so well during Steam sales and the brilliant feedback it gets the game looks worth a try.

    Similar Games

    Arma 3

    Arma 3 server hostingFor a hardcore military simulator that isn’t so squad based check out Arma 3. The franchise is a lot more mature than the game Squad and the polished game definitely shows that off. Their is a huge community around the Arma games with plenty of mods to keep the game going. The player counts on the servers are large like Squad too, in the hundreds even.

    If you are a fan of the FPS genre of games then Arma 3 is a big contender for your Steam library. The reviews on Steam really speak for the game, once you are in you have a new favourite game for life it seems.


    counter strike global offensive - SquadAnother classic FPS game with 2 teams attacking the same goal is CS:GO. The latest in the Counter Strike series of games is Global Offensive, where you play as terrorist or non-terrorist. You are set a task at the start of each map and a budget to spend on guns and equipment.

    The game has enjoyed a die hard set of fans throughout its life who go from each title in the franchise to the next. The concept of Counter Strike is simple and the game is easy to pick up and play in timed rounds.

    Battalion 1944

    battalion 1944 - SquadAnother new hardcore FPS action game to hit the markets is Battalion 1944. This game is set in the second world war and pits you in a team of 5 against another team of 5. This game is a lot more surgical than Squad, its all about precision and quick thinking tactics.

    The majority of negative reviews for the game right now on Steam are due to its instability. This is a bit of a shame as its an Early Access title thats only just become available. The developers need time to work on the stability of the game and im sure that will come with time.

    Squad DLC & Mods

    Squad DLC & Updates

    No updates or DLC have been written by us for Squad.

    Squad Mods

    No mods have been written by us for Squad. Why not let us know if you have a mod you would like featured in this section.


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