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Starbound server hosting is priced similarly to Terraria and other side-on sandbox games which is due mostly to not just the resources needed but the rarity of the service. There is not a lot of providers that host Early Access games due to the difficulty involved and rapidly changing server configs making the hosting companies life a nightmare.

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$13.47 /mo
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By any chance, have you ever played Terraria? Well, if the answer is yes then you should know exactly what to expect from Starbound. Starbound is effectively Terraria (2D Minecraft as some would call it) but with an accent on sci-fi. As you explore and scavenge from different planets and take their resources, you can build up your own base and all the items you could ever need. Not everything is easy to acquire and that’s going to take some exploration, but that’s where the fun comes in.

Throughout your explorations, you can pick and choose many different randomly-generated worlds to explore. Each and every single one has something new and unique to enjoy/appreciate. Some worlds might have everything you need, whereas others might not have any at all. After long enough you won’t need to worry about finding new resources, and you’ll end up just enjoying the scenery. Each new planet you find will look different to the last, and that might be shown with its inhabitants. There are a number of different creatures in Starbound, some of which are friendly, others are not so. You’re just going to have to find out which are the nice ones and vice versa.

Take to the stars with a stranger or friend and build that perfect sci-fi base of yours. Don’t like the planet you first spawn on? Try out a different one until you’re pleased with the surroundings. When it comes to Starbound, the universe quite literally is your playground. Do what you want, when you want in this exceptional 2D survival/resource-gathering games.

  • Build you own base from hundreds of place’able blocks
  • Explore vast maps with caves and ruins and towns
  • Craft all sorts of weapons and tools to help you survive
  • Take on AI controlled monsters or other players

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Terraria server hostingIf your looking for more 2D Crafting action why not check out Terraria. The game follows the same side on creative game play with many of the same features as Starbound, which of course includes, town building, farming and boss fights. All which come in array of events that are bound to keep you entertained for hours.

One of the strongest features of Terraria is the online multiplayer. Which allows you to play with friends on your own dedicated server. So why not take on the world together and discover the hidden beauty of this world. But make sure you watch out, because anything can happen in the world of Terraria.

Space Engineers

space engineers server hostingWant to mix things up and play another great space survival game? Why not check out Space Engineers, one of the first games to take the creative genre to the skies. In the game you can travel from planet to planet, collecting resources. In which you can create just about anything. The only thing getting in your way is your mind in this game.

With a huge range of blocks, materials and resources you will be playing this game for hours. Although it does lack a story feature like Starbound. Don’t allow this to put you off,  there is plenty to keep you and your friends playing for hours.

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