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Starbound server hosting is priced similarly to Terraria and other side-on sandbox games which is due mostly to not just the resources needed but the rarity of the service. There is not a lot of providers that host Early Access games due to the difficulty involved and rapidly changing server configs making the hosting companies life a nightmare.

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Developed in the UK by the development team at Chucklefish Ltd. Starbound is a 2D side on blocky universe game similar to Terraria. Side on games have really started to make a come back in recent years, mainly due to there laid back gameplay and nostalgia inducing visuals. Much like Minecraft, in Starbound the worlds are created as you go along from random seeds although you will see themes develop.

In Starbound you get access to a huge amount of items, clothing and weapons to take on enemies and other players which keep hes game fresh for a long time. A dedicated server for the game allows you to keep your game accessible to players all around the world 24/7.

  • Build you own base from hundreds of place’able blocks
  • Explore vast maps with caves and ruins and towns
  • Craft all sorts of weapons and tools to help you survive

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Terraria server hostingIf your looking for more 2D Crafting action why not check out Terraria. The game follows the same side on creative game play with many of the same features as Starbound, which of course includes, town building, farming and boss fights. All which come in array of events that are bound to keep you entertained for hours.

One of the strongest features of Terraria is the online multiplayer. Which allows you to play with friends on your own dedicated server. So why not take on the world together and discover the hidden beauty of this world. But make sure you watch out, because anything can happen in the world of Terraria.

Space Engineers

space engineers server hostingWant to mix things up and play another great space survival game? Why not check out Space Engineers, one of the first games to take the creative genre to the skies. In the game you can travel from planet to planet, collecting resources. In which you can create just about anything. The only thing getting in your way is your mind in this game.

With a huge range of blocks, materials and resources you will be playing this game for hours. Although it does lack a story feature like Starbound. Don’t allow this to put you off,  there is plenty to keep you and your friends playing for hours.

Starbound DLC & Mods

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Starbound Mods

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Starbound Reviews

Starbound has to be in my top 5 sandbox games of all time alongside the likes of Minecraft and Terraria, so if that’s not enough to sell you on this game than let me explain why I rate this game so highly. Much like all sandbox-openworld games you are a character in which the whole world seems to revolve around. You can usually pretty much do whatever you like including crafting, building and meeting aliens! That’s right! As you might have guessed Starbound is set in space and there are a ton of aliens that you can meet along the way, with a huge range of alien weapons that will blow your mind! (No pun intended) Think of Minecraft and Terraria and then chuck them into space and add a load of cool weapons and planets and Starbound is born. A lot of people complain that there is very little story in Starbound… Well duh its openworld. One of the main things that sets this game apart, is how easy it is to set up your own Starbound Server Hosting. It literally took me a couple minutes and I was able to instantly move my save files across and invite all my friends and their friends to start an even bigger adventure on any planet we feel like. Starbound is an early access game but it has already entertained me for days so I can only imagine what’s in store with the full release.

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Top 5 Sandbox

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I love Starbound so much! The game is like a 2D Mass effect no joke! It’s so fun racing around the galaxy with a group of mates and just grinding it out against bosses and discovering everything the world has to offer. I have to admit the developers seem to be pretty lazy with a lot of the recent updates taking to long to release, however the game is already pretty epic so I think I can let them off as long as they promise to actually finish the game. It would be nice to have a full release in the next year even though I have already played the game to death. There is only so much I can say to explain how brilliant the game is, you will just need to pick up the game and grab some cheap starbound server hosting and you will be loving it in no time! Promise.

Now it's impossible not to compliment any company that manages to create a 2D game world in which it stands out in this modern day, and Starbound is the perfect example. Now if we're discussing a 2-D game it's obvious that the graphics are going to be the lowest quality we could pick out, but honestly I had no issue with the graphics, if anything for a 2-D game Starbound is exceptionally average in graphics. The biggest issue i could really pick out when playing Starbound was how slow it is progress past the first couple of levels, there is even some low level enemies that will send you into a rage of frustration for how quickly they will dispatch you. Apart from this period in the game I found myself loving every other moment, the vast choice of routes i was able to take obviously lead me into the career of space piracy which was such an enjoyable experience. Of course after doing this for so long I got tired and decide to look through the farming side of the game, as Starbound manages to generate each world randomly you can find a creation of so many diverse planets which makes farming that more appealing. With a wide range of planets you can find yourself hopping from rock to rock on a sea of magma to wondering the ice caps of some other distant planet. When discovering new people on these planets it's only human to take the responsibility of killing them and looting all their materials, surprisingly Starbound manages to keep its combat fresh with a range of weapons that go from melee to ballistic to explosive, this allows for you to either try and hack and slash your way through each planet or simply snipe anyone you see from a distance. Whatever you think of the game you may be on the search for cheap Starbound hosting, if this is the case then you will be able to find the details to locate such a thing on this page.

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Brad Malis

Be prepared to grind. This game focuses on a lot collecting resources and level grinding, which is great fun if your in to that :)

I'm surprised there isn't more reviews on here moaning about the developers. The game is good for an early access game, its in development so you can't expect more then you get! You bought in to an unfinished product so just wait until it's finished if you have such a problem with it. Now I got my usual blurb out the way I can move on to the positive: this game is out of this world and and a ****ing master piece in the making. Good review 5/5

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This game gets 90/100 from me. The main feature of the game is the ability to travel to different planets and harvest a vast amount of resources, the build 100s of weird and wonderful items. This is something that you will not find in terraria or minecraft. Stop comparing the games, they are all different. It lacks the other 10/100 because they have been a bit slow for content lately.

To much hate for this game currently flying around on the steam store, so I thought I would take this opportunity to write a good review in a site that has yet to have any negative reviews. The main problem a lot of people have with star bound is the fact that it's taking developers along time to get the game finished! Now I'm not a game developer and I can't say that I know a great deal about making games but I'm pretty sure that it takes more then a year or two to build a game of star bounds size and I would like to think that this is the case across all of the gaming industry. They are working hard and have already released a fair amount of content so I can't see why so many people are complaint about this. It's an early access and clearly labels on the steam site that you are buying in to an unfinished game. The game has so much potential and it will get there. As they say - Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was starbound!

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