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    Although a new game you can still find Stationeers server hosting prices around. We have compiled a list of the providers and their prices on this page with other useful info and guides.

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    Stationeers is a brand-new game from the minds over at RocketWerkz and is currently available on Steam’s Early Access platform. The game kicks off with you taking control of an astronaut, either completely on your own or with a group of friends. You then set out to make the ultimate space station and to keep the lot of you breathing through collecting resources and using them to power up whatever you may need to survive in this deep space.

    Not exactly a game that could be described as casual, as it’s designed to make you work for that knowledge. You must understand complex systems, but as soon as you do, the satisfaction that comes from wiring different machines and components into one giant machine; only to flick the switch and watch it work perfectly is a feeling very few games manage.

    Stationeers Visuals

    stationeers led display - StationeersIn terms of visuals, the game has a rather simplistic voxel aesthetic to it, but that comes at the cost of having a completely destructible environment that makes building everything you could ever imagine that much easier with a terrain that you can mess around with at your discretion.

    Farm livestock and vegetation for not only food and sustainability, but also in the use of keeping your atmospherics at a level that’s necessary. Every part of this game is integral into your overall success and before too long that comes into play with Stationeers. While the game may be designed around creating integral systems, it doesn’t mean you’re safe at all times, however; after all, the deep recesses of space is never truly safe now, is it?

    Like a much more advanced version of the awesome Space EngineersStationeers expands on the space building genre.

    Stationeers Features

    Stationeers has brought the craft and survive niche up a peg in terms of complexity, these are some of the awesome features you can expect to see in the game:

    • Atmospheric attributes like gas, temperature and pressure all needing to be taken into consideration and built around
    • Plants and animals for food must be grown and looked after in order for the human characters to survive
    • Flyable mother-ships, you don’t need to stay strapped to the planet you started on and can go out into the unknown above
    • Electrical items and system can be put together that are incredibly complex bringing both headaches and celebrations when it does and doesn’t work

    Best & Cheapest

    Cheapest Stationeers Server Hosting

    streamline server - StationeersOur current cheapest provider for Stationeers server hosting is Streamline Servers. The company has been established for many years and has a lot of good feedback all over the web. They are quick to deal with issues that may arise with their servers and offer brilliant value for money.

    Currently as of early 2018, Streamline Servers prices are roughly half of the price per slot as the best provider.

    Best Stationeers Server Hosting

    survival serversFor a high quality and technologically advanced service see Survival Servers. They may not be on the cheaper side of the price list but they have a lot to offer their customers. They have a custom built control panel that they put a lot of work into and are very proud of.

    Before having a game server hosting company they worked on mods for the Arma series of games with many of them being very popular. They used a lot of this knowledge to create the ultimate Arma server hosting packages and tools.

    Similar Games

    Kerbal Space Program

    kerbal space program server hostingIf you love space and building games then Kerbal Space Program should be in your Steam library. The game sees you managing a company that designs and builds rockets for space missions. You get to design and build amazing rockets and other aircraft and then accomplish money and research points. You can use these research points to unlock more parts and equipment.

    The game can seem very hard at first but when you realise that it uses real physics you can then go learn about these processes. Using real world literature you can improve your knowledge both in game and out. The game is described by many in its Steam reviews as life changing, it can make you change your view on the world and give you new hobbies.

    Space Engineers

    space engineers server hostingAnother very similar game with a little less technicality is Space Engineers You are able to build spacecraft and craft that are more vehicular based and drive on planets and moons. The game has a strong multiplayer element to it also with an army of players online on a variety of servers.

    Space Engineers has great reviews and retains players very well for such a simple game.

    Stationeers DLC & Mods

    Stationeers DLC & Updates

    No updates or DLC have been written by us for Stationeers.

    Stationeers Mods

    No mods have been written by us for Stationeers. Why not let us know if you have a mod you would like featured in this section.


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