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Team Fortress 2 Description

A free to play multiplayer mod for the massively popular game Half Life 2. Team Fortress 2 brings cartoon graphics and a less than serious gameplay style into a modern package. The game has a varied set of game modes to keep players interested.

The game is developed by Valve and sees its roots way back in the 1990’s. The game was originally a mod for the popular FPS Quake. It became a stand alone game in April 2008 and then distributed on the gaming network Steam.

The game is all about choosing a class to specialise in and battling in teams. By selecting a class in TF2 you can then play as an engineer or even a medic. Its this specialisation that gives the game a constantly different nature. You essentially have 9 different games to conquer and switch between.

The popular styles of game include king of the hill and capture the flag. So as you go from server to server you will find the game varying. Team Fortress 2 is still played by a lot of people. The game rarely leaves the top 5 currently played games chart mainly thanks to its ease of play. The game isn’t hard to get in and with the varied experience it rarely gets boring.

Server Hosting History

Much like Garry’s Mod and other classic Source engine games server hosting for TF2 is readily available. The files and setup are readily available to game hosting companies with the TCAdmin hosting platform. The game is well into its maturity now also, so the stability of the dedicated server is great.

The lack of issues arising from the Team Fortress 2 server hosting files plus its ease to add to the catalogue mean the prices are at rock bottom. Our price list above of TF2 hosting providers is full of the best companies in the industry. We try our best to weed out the companies that have popped up recently and fail to provide a decent stable service.

Best & Cheapest

Our two contenders for best and cheapest have a large gap in the price between them.

Best Team Fortress 2 Server Hosting

gameserversOur choice for the best Team Fortress server hosting position goes to GameServers.com. This company are backed by one of the worlds largest web hosting companies.

They have been around since the turn of the millennium and have a huge selection of games. The support staff and features available to their customers is great too, they have the knowledge to back up their product.

Cheapest Team Fortress 2 Server Hosting

pingperfectOn the other side of things we have the cheapest Team Fortress 2 server hosting provider, currently Ping Perfect. They offer lots of different features for your server and have a large catalogue of games.

You would expect that a company that has added lots of games to its offering that they know what they are doing. Studying the 50+ reviews we have gotten for them from customers they really go the extra mile.


The gaming development studio behind Team Fortress 2 are the same people behind Steam and several other games. They are currently working on their own games console called the Steam Box. This is said to work much like how Apple products do, an enclosed system rather than open like a PC.

Valve was created by 2 ex-Microsoft employees who wanted to shift their focus onto gaming software. They first title Half Life saw them gain massive success. When they eventually released Half Life 2 they also released the Steam platform.


The Steam platform is like a game shop right on your desktop. You can access games to buy and keep your currently owned games all in one place. Steam also allows customers to exchange reviews of games and keep in contact within the community pages.

The Steam Workshop is another section within the platform that makes it easy for modders and other creators to share their work. You can share creations you have made in games like Garry’s Mod without messing around with files.

Team Fortress 2 on Consoles

The hit game Team Fortress 2 has already been released on several games consoles. You will find the game available on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 but word about whether it is coming to newer consoles is sparse. The game is also available on Linux and Mac operating systems also.

Orange Box is title that was released for the consoles contains this game, Portal and Half Life 2. These games all run on the same engine and were created by Valve.

Feedback From Players

Team Fortress 2 is getting old yet still has a large constant player count trumping above most other titles on Steam. If you check out the reviews on the official Steam page for TF2 you will struggle to find negative feedback. The negative feedback which exists for the game right now tends to be about a new character class added. The overpowered “pyro” class has turned a few against the title.

Other than the occasional negative review a lot of people have good things to say. With the fact that the game is free and has been in development since the 1990’s you would expect this.

Similar Games

If you like games that are first person shooters and laid back, check these out:

Arma 3

Arma 3 server hostingOK maybe not so laid back as Team Fortress 2, but an awesome FPS game. Arma 3 is the ultimate military simulator and carries on the idea of classes in a way. Thanks to the varied style of play available, you could focus on being a tank driver, a pilot or ground based unit.

In Arma 3 you join servers filled with potentially hundreds of other real human players. These huge matches can lead to epic warfare on a grand scale and some awesome visuals. This is probably the closest you will ever get to war without actually going to war.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

counter strike global offense server hostingAnother game based on the same engine and developed jointly between Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment. CS:GO is the latest instalment in the Counter Strike series of games. You play as either terrorists or anti-terrorists trying to plant a bomb or diffuse it.

Close combat matches dominate the scene in this game with players budgeting to purchase weaponry. Bottlenecks regularly develop in this game seeing grenades and flash bangs flying around before areas being stormed.

Team Fortress 2 Server List

Another project of ours that we are proud of is BestServers. Using this site you can easily find Team Fortress 2 servers to play. You can even submit your own server with banner to the site. By submitting you can increase the chances that people will find your server.

Team Fortress 2 DLC & Mods

Team Fortress 2 DLC & Updates

TF2 December 2017 Update 1-9-2018

A bunch more taunts along with a load of much needed bug fixes are included in this TF2 update for Christmas 2018.

Team Fortress 2 Mods

No mods have been written by us for Team Fortress 2. Why not let us know if you have a mod you would like featured in this section.

Team Fortress 2 Reviews

If you enjoy first person games that are community driven then Team fortress 2 is highly rated! My first experience of Team fortress 2 was on the consoles so i had a glimpse of the potential of such an outstandingly joyful game! Giving the players a selection of different fighter classes ranging from the different skill sets you'd find on a battlefield such a sniper, spy, demolish expert etc you are able to enter one of the most comedic games there is. The fun and light textures mixed with graphic gore creates a humorous gameplay experience, some of the player created maps i have found to be strictly beautiful. Much credit for Team fortress 2 goes into the receptiveness of the company to adapt the game to the players wishes, with constant updates and downloads you'll find that playing Team fortress 2 is like playing a new game on the daily. Team fortress 2’s gameplay can also be praised for is diversity of choice in player character as well as simple functions of fighting, the vast choice of different outfits and weapons available for each class allows you to create a class truly to your own. Small criticism can be drawn such as the lack of game mode diversity, but with player driven content this is no longer an issue. Online play can become quite tedious if relying on a team of nobody, i recommend playing with friends as it will optimize the experience you can have while playing. After simply trying Team fortress 2 for the first time you will have found the class that suits you, and i no time at all you will be planning how your class can succeed in each game. If you was looking for some cheap Team fortress 2 hosting then you have come to the right place, in no time at all you will be creating those detailed maps for the red vs blue showdown.

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Reviewer Thumb


New update for TF2 is great, Gun mettle did not ruin it for me despite my early worries about it. Valve may often be criticized for being money hungry but you can not fault them with great titles like portal, L4D, Counter Strike and Half Life 2. Team fortress is absolute beast of a game and will be as good as its is today in 10 years time I can guarantee it!! I highly recommend this game.

It really doesn't matter how many hours I have played or how many random hats I have collected and the tens of thousand kills I have had over the 1000+ hours I have played TF2 religious... and I still end up getting killed by a noob that doesn't have a clue whats hes doing.. one of the many joys of this game is the unexpected aspect despite knowing all the maps inside and out! Best Free to Play game ever!

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Reviewer Thumb


Absolute carnage from the get go, if you love a full out mental game then Team Fortress 2 is gonna be right up your street

TF2 is literally the craziest FPS game in the world! If your looking for a serious game with quick scopes and over the top physics then Team fortress 2 is not for you. But if your looking to have a great time with your friends, dance in the middle of a bat, beat someone with a frying pan and generally run riot then download this game!! It's FREE so there is so excuse not to give it a go!

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Not a massive fan of the latest version and still prefer to play team fortress source tbh

Seems like everybody hosts TF2 dedicated servers nowadays. All I find is bad reviews for the hosts though so dunno who to choose

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i play minecraft to relax <3 <3 <3 and team fortress when im in the killing mood ;-)

Well I have pretty much always played TF2 and have had server hosting from a few different suppliers for a range of games but I cant really say who is best, they all have their merits and none really stick out as a clear winner for the best dedicated server

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Team fortress 2 is one of the few games on the steam store that has stood the test of time and is still stronger then ever to this day. Its a free 2 play game and they still grind out updates on a regular basis and the community is one of the biggest around, just behind DOTA 2 and CSGO. The only down side to the other 2 games is they don't get hats ;P

A great mix of cartoon graphics and bloodthirsty gameplay. The game has really come along since the early Half Life days when it was simple but as addictive

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