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    tech world 2 screen - Tech World 2Tech World 2 may sound like a really interesting world for budding scientists, similar to Disneyland, but it’s not quite the same. Instead, Tech World 2 is a sequel to the original Tech World, bringing with it plenty of new additions. As might be guessable thanks to the name, Tech World 2 is a modpack that has nothing but tech-based mods in it. Curated by the Feed The Beast team, Tech World 2 has nothing resembling magic and is designed for that technological feel. While there is a magic version of this modpack, Tech World 2 will give you all you need for the best tech-based mods out there.

    With just over 50 different mods, this modpack allows for you to do pretty much whatever you can imagine. All of these mods allow for completely unique changes to the Minecraft formula to make it a new game. With this giant selection of mods, if you’ve ever thought red-stone wasn’t complex enough, there is plenty to sink your teeth into with this one. Tech World 2 is designed to be a learning experience and that’s where half of the fun comes in; even more so if you bring along a friend.

    Setting up a server for Tech World 2 isn’t an issue with the Feed The Beast launcher support. Before too long you’ll be constructing vast factories with some of your closest friends. There are plenty of servers to enjoy this modpack and each one allows for full creativity. Just like any good Minecraft modpack, you’re given all the tools you could ever need, and Tech World 2 is no different. By the looks of things, that’s how it’s going to stay – at least until Tech World 3, that is.

    Popular Plugins Included In Tech World 2

    • Alternate Terrain Generation 0.9.3
    • bdlib
    • ChickenChunks
    • Compact Solar Arrays
    • ComputerCraft 1.58
    • DenPipes 2.1.18
    • Engineer’s Toolbox
    • Extra Trees 1.8.0
    • Factorization 0.8.29
    • GateCopy 3.1.4
    • Hopper Ducts 1.2.2
    • IndustrialCraft 2 2.0.354 Experimental
    • Iron Chests
    • MobiusCore 1.2.1
    • Modular Powersuits Addons 886
    • NEI Plugins
    • OpenPeripheral Core 0.3.1
    • Power Converters 2.4.0.pre3
    • Railcraft
    • ReactorCraft 23c
    • RemoteIO 3.4.01
    • RotaryCraft 23b
    • Simply Jetpacks
    • Thermal Expansion
    • Tinkers’ Construct Tooltips 1.1.6
    • WAILA 1.5.2a
    • XACT 0.4.3

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    The most notable difference with this version has to be the controls. Which many may struggle with at the start, but once you get up to speed you will be crafting in no time.


    Minecraft server hostingWhy not plug in Tech World to the Vanilla Minecraft? Or how about one of the other 100s of other mods that can be installed on the original game. Minecraft is not only one of the most modded games in history, but continues to be a game with a growing fan base now spreading across two generations.

    Who doesn’t love to dive deep in to the imagination vault sometimes and create in the Pixel world. Tech World 2 Is a great game to install but nothing can beat the default game in our option.

    This game is a mod for Minecraft and extends the functionality through added blocks and gameplay modes.


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