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The Culling Description

The Culling was a latecomer to the world of open world Battle Royale games. With many suggesting that it came about in wake of the success of the ARK: Survival of the Fittest. Though many argue that the game has its own merits there are many similar traits to the game. You can argue that this is because The Culling follows the same idea as the cult film Battle Royale.

Like most Battle Royale games, the main goal is to be the only remaining player at the end of the playing time. Each server can host up to 16 players which all start off in unfixed generated spots. Once the timer starts a player is free to move around the map collecting resources and weapons. These will help a player survive and reach the end stages of the game. You will have many options during the game that will help you win. These include crafting weapons, finding loot and killing other players for their equipment. Each method has its own merits, but many have cons as well. For example if you choose to try and find weapons you may be left short in the final rounds. If you decide to hunt players you may end up being hunted yourself and having your equipment stolen. So keep all these things in mind when you’re playing the game.


Even though the game can sound a bit daunting at the start you can choose to invite a friend to play in team matches. This allows players to team up together and take on the arena together rather than alone. This can cause more problems than you were expecting as your opponents also work in teams. Which also means you now have to kill both players in a team to knock them out. While team games can be very fun, it’s often more beneficial and challenging to play on your own. As this causes less risk and you can move around the map faster and find more weapons for yourself. It will also mean that you are less likely to be double teamed by players as everyone is out for themselves.

The Rise and Fall of the game

After receiving positive feedback and reaching a high of over 12,000 players at its peak. Many believed that this would be a game that would only get better with age. But with many over-hyped games, this lost traction over time. Which led to a dramatic fall after it’s initial early release. This was because the community had lost interest due to the developers being unresponsive. The game saw it’s final release in late 2017 but the community had already disbanded by this time. Meaning The Culling which had once seen 12,000 players a day was now down to an average of 10. Which isn’t even enough fill up one server. This explains why hosts no longer offer The Culling server hosting and our list above is empty.

The Culling DLC & Mods

The Culling DLC & Updates

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The Culling Mods

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