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    wurm unlimited army - Wurm UnlimitedWurm Unlimited is a brand new standalone version of the MMORPG, Wurm Online. The only limits in Wurm Unlimited is your own imagination. With a huge range of crafting, building and adventuring you and your friends will be busy for hours. As there are so many ways to get absorbed in this rich open world experience. The game was released on the 21st of October and already comes with a dedicated set up. This means Wurm Unlimited server hosting is already available from 3rd party hosts.

    With over 130 skills, 10 Player types, 3 religions and a huge range of enemies and creatures to fight. Wurm is already standing out as a game with a bright future ahead of it. With much of the community shifting over to the game from the original online version. Developers said that they wanted to make the game more open to all PC players and this is why they did a ported version. Although in our opinion it may have been more interesting if they had released a Wurm 2, with new content.

    Game Modes

    There are two modes including Adventure mode, which allows you to roam a prefixed kingdom. The main aim of the mode is to live among other players and AI, building up yours skills. Although the end goal is to become a moon deity, players will have lots of fun mid game to explore. Creative follows the same game direction although you start with a fresh map. So you will need to get creative with friends and start building together.

    Becoming the Game Master

    In the game you can also decide to grant yourself the role of Game Master which opens up plenty of options. This will allow you ultimate power as you can create items, summon monsters and buildings. Without having to go to the effort of earning the skills or grabbing the resources. You will also be able to tweak a lot of the game options including, settings and stats. Which can be useful if you would like players to advance quicker within your world. It’s also possible to connect other worlds to your world through server hosting. This allows you to bridge between different worlds. Giving your community access to other players and possibilities.


    As of the start of 2018 the game currently has an average of 350 players a day. If you would like to join the small community and play online with others, check out the Steam store for the current price of the game. Or try out the original game by searching for Wurm: Online.


    The game does seem to be getting a bashing recently on the Steam reviews section and here is a summary of why:

    • No updates, the game has went a long time without an update which could mean the game has been abandoned and never leave Early Access
    • Usability iussues, the game controls are hard and need improvement. This may never come if the game no longer gets updated though
    • Boring, as the game is it has been described by some as being boring and full of lots of repetitive tasks

    Similar Games

    Mount and Blade: Warband

    Mount and warband napoleonic wars server hostingLooking for another game like this? Another great game that follows the same medieval setting as Wurm is a game called Mount and Blade. Which actually has many games in the series including Mount and Blade: Warband. This is currently the most popular game in the series. With a community that is speculated to be around 10,000 players strong still. Due to the average monthly player count on the steam store sitting at 6,000 active users a month.

    The game, like Wurm drops players in to a medieval world in which players must build and conquer all. This is a recurring theme in both games, all though Mount and Blade focus more on war. Rather than building stats and bases.

    Reign of kings

    Reign of Kings Server HostingAlthough Reign of kings doesn’t focus on building a characters stats or class. The game follows the same medieval theme and has a heavy involvement in base building. The two games have communities that adore base building. These community similarities are very evident when you have had a chance to play both.

    One of the main differences with this game is the fact that ROK hasn’t got a skill tree. This indicates that the developers shifted focus on base building and fighting. So if you prefer to spend less time grinding away at building your skills. You should try out Reign of Kings as it’s a hidden gem in the survival genre.

    Life is Feudal

    life is feudal server hostingAnother medieval style craft and survive game like Wurm Unlimited is Life is Feudal. The game enjoyed some success in 2017 but has since died off a bit as we go on into 2018. Life is Feudal is available on the Steam store along with a bunch of reviews from real players.

    Life is Feudal has seen a downturn in the reviewer sentiment recently. According to the most recent reviews left on Steam the developers have apparently stopped working on the game and it seems to be an abandoned project.

    Ark: Survival Evolved

    ark survival evolved server hostingArk has probably got the largest audience of any craft and survive game after Minecraft is the strong winner. In Ark: Survival Evolved you start off on a secluded beach where you must scavenge for resources to craft your way to the top. The magical element that makes Ark so unique is the prehistoric wildlife around you. Not only are the dinosaurs great fun to watch but they are also there for you to hunt and tame. Quite often you will see a player ride past on the back of a Carbonemys much to your and there delight.

    If you are a fan of the craft and survive element in Wurm Unlimited then there is a strong chance you will love Ark: Survival Evolved.

    Wurm Unlimited DLC & Mods

    Wurm Unlimited DLC & Updates

    No updates or DLC have been written by us for Wurm Unlimited.

    Wurm Unlimited Mods

    No mods have been written by us for Wurm Unlimited. Why not let us know if you have a mod you would like featured in this section.


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