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Wurm Unlimited Description

Wurm Unlimited is a brand new standalone version of the successful online MMORPG sandbox, Wurm Online. The only limits in Wurm Unlimited truly is your own imagination with a huge range of crafting, farming, building, fighting and adventuring you and your friends will be absorbed by this rich open world experience with so much to do and see. The game was released on the 21st of October and already comes with a dedicated set up which means Wurm Unlimited server hosting is already readily available from 3rd party hosts. With over 130 skills, 10 Player types and 3 religions and a huge range of enemies and creatures to fight, Wurm is already standing out as a game with a bright future ahead of it.

Wurm Unlimited DLC & Mods

Wurm Unlimited DLC & Updates

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Wurm Unlimited Mods

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Wurm Unlimited Reviews

It's not been out very long and I was only introduced to it a couple of weeks ago but I have to say that Wurm is so addictive I just cant stop playing it with my friends both new and old. I keep saying to my friends that this is like a much better Runescape due to the amount of levelling up and different skills you have within game meaning there is just so much to do and never enough time to do it. Me and a few friends decided to all chip in for Wurm Unlimited server hosting in order to run a much better community in which we could have more control over when wars were going to happen and also what rules people had to follow. Wurm Unlimited server hosting seemed a little bit daunting when were looking in to it however the game configs and control panel is pretty simply to use thanks to a few guides and Youtube videos. Wurm Unlimited as a game deserve 10/10.

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Chris Kendall

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Wurm Unlimited is one of the few sandbox games that I actually enjoy. For years I have been avoiding the sandbox game hype as I knew that a lot of the games were just pointless. You build for hours and hours on end... for what? What sort of satisfaction does someone get from building a house out of resources they have had to spend hours finding. This sounded like a nightmare to me and I avoided the open world scheme completely. However my pal kept on going on about how great Wurm was and how I should get it and join his Wurm Unlimited server, because I was missing out. Well initially I thought the urge to try it out until he bought it for me. I didn't want to be a jerk and not play it so I tired it out. 5 hours later I went to bed and had the urge to keep playing! I was hooked!

The crafting system alone will take you several days to learn! That's just how complex this game really is. wurm unlimited as such a steep learning curve and doesn't hold you hand in anyway. You will be dropped on to a server full of other people and expected to just get on and learn how to make a life for yourself. This sort of freedom gives the game a superior edge over other sandbox games as you will play over 50 hours and still not even scratch the surface on what is still to do. The systems are so realistic it will take you forever just to build a house, but once you get it up you will feel that you really have achieved something as it's so rewarding. This game isn't for the short of patience be prepared to kill a lot of time learning the ropes.

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It's one of the most in-depth games I have ever played! I have been playing WURM on and off for a long time now and I believe that it has to be one of the best sandbox games around with so much to see and do it's so incredible. It may not have the most stunning graphics in the world that can put a lot of people off but if you are looking for something with so much character then it is really worth trying. If your up for a challenge then jump on a server and see what the WURM UNLIMITED has to offer! Oh and the community is one of the best around!

Wurm Unlimited is one of those games that proves that you don't need to have the best graphics in the world to make an amazing game that is just so addictive! So many other sandbox games are just over doing it on the graphics sides of things leaving a lot of buggy early access games that you just get bored with after a good 20 hours or so as there is such a limited amount of features. Luckily the developers on Wurm have a great online game behind them have ported a lot of the great bits across to the stand alone making this game stay true to its roots which is fantastic to see. It's also great that they have released Wurm Unlimted server hosting as I'm sure the community will start building a lot of custom content add to our servers and I just can't wait. Wurm is truly a game that you just wont get bored of.

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Great to see that you finally added Wurm online server hosting to comparegamehosting. Me and my friends have been waiting for this to come out for quiet sometime now and have been playing the online version for years now. Let's hope that these hosts are up to the task of hosting my server. I spent 1000s of hours playing the online version and now its time to pour another 1000 in to Ultimate, let the games being.

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