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You can find Yland server hosting even though its a fairly new game. Ylands took the gaming world by storm with its cute low-poly graphics and simple gameplay. Many hosting companies are offering packages but they are smaller slot sizes.

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Ylands is a brand-new game that’s barely a month old at this point and was released back at the start of December, 2017 and was/still is being developed by the same studio that is behind the Arma franchise, Bohemia Interactive. The game was released onto Steam’s Early Access platform and is constantly being updated to get the full experience from this title. Ylands is a unique, sandbox adventure game that gives the player the chance to create and build around the very world they live in with next-to-no restrictions whatsoever, in some regards similar to Minecraft.

Ylands Visuals

Visually, the game pulls off some simple, yet enjoyable polygonal visuals throughout that gives the game a rather minimalist look, but gives it plenty of colour to improve the overall visuals. It’s a visual setting that’s quite rarely played with and it’s something Bohemia Interactive have managed to use to great effect for their new game Ylands.

Instead of exploring and creating your world all of the time, enjoy the adventurous nature of the entire game with a friend or solo and discover everything the world has to offer. As of right now the game only has so much to do, but as time moves on there is an ever-increasing amount of content for the game and is going to result in even more adventures and expeditions. No matter the genre you prefer when it comes to this title, Ylands has a little bit of everything for everyone and alongside these great, vibrant visuals, the game is perfectly befitting for both younger and older audiences; as well as both the casual and hardcore gamer that wants something fun to play, without being too taxing at the same time.

Main Issues With Ylands

Not all games are perfect but right now many people are having these issues with Ylands that ruin the experience:

  • The save file breaks and you end up losing all of the hard work you and your friends put into building up a server
  • The multiplayer mode is terribly optimised, meaning that playing with friends is near impossible and not fun at all
  • The tease that is the potential this game can be is ruined by the delivery of it being so shocking and buggy

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Ylands DLC & Mods

Ylands DLC & Updates

Ylands Jan 2018 Update 1-3-2018

Bringing in a host of game changing features to the game, this latest Ylands update is sure to balance the field within your game and server. A major feature added is the protection barrier generator, similar to an important feature found on Minecraft servers, this addition means players can protect their own creations.

Ylands Mods

No mods have been written by us for Ylands. Why not let us know if you have a mod you would like featured in this section.

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