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Hellion is a game that currently resides in Steam’s Early Access platform and has yet to be fully released, but despite this the game has received a constant slew of updates and sneak peaks at what’s to come out next for the game. In a survival game such as this one, a constant supply of content update is key to keep the game up and running, so it’s a good thing the developer has managed to keep on top of this release with constant bits of news and updates, which you can read on below to find out any new changes to the game that’s been implemented as of late.

Huge Hellion Update

Currently, the game has received one of its biggest updates in such a long time and that goes by the name of the Kessler Update. This new update brings plenty of new pieces of content for the player, general bug fixes, as well as quality of life changes to improve the overall experience; of which I’ll kick things off with to begin with.

Some of the bug fixes that have been added to the game are scans not working after warping to another planet; entering the wrong password can lock up the game menu; adding crew not working for online players on the same server; the server crashing when modules are docked in a circle; suck on the loading screen when on a doomed outpost. There are a few more, but these are some of the key ones that have been added; alas the elevator bug in the game has yet to be fixed and does not currently have a date for when it will be either, unfortunately.

Hellion Debris Fields

Moving onto the latest features of the game, we kick things off with the Debris Fields, which is a large orbital zone in spaced that’s filled with shrapnel and other strong, torn-up objects that can deal significant damage to both your ship and your character if you’re not careful when around. Even though ships can be moved out of the way to avoid being hit, you have to be one hell of a pilot to pull that one off on the regular.

On top of that, we’ve got ship emblems that can be chosen from the security interface, alongside the brand-new self-destruct sequence that can be set now. Solar power modules have been implemented into Hellion with four solar panels able to power your stations. Less of a content updated, however, this new update brings plenty of localisation to make the game a lot more accessible for players that don’t speak exclusively English.

Hellion Discord

To keep things community driven, the end of the update reported integration with the Discord app, allowing players to be integrated into the community of the game that much easier; thus ending the latest report for Hellion and its Kessler Update.

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