Sporting many locations worldwide with a great coverage, Black Box Servers set themselves apart from the crowd. They do not charge for extras like a lot of other companies do and offer a great range of well priced game servers.

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Blackbox Servers Reviews

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Amazing Customer Support

I have been renting a 7DaysToDie and Minecraft server from Blackbox Servers for a few months now. As I am using special mods on both servers, I had a few non-standard support requests. All were answered within a few minutes to my complete satisfaction. I have never seen so responsive and helpful support by any company I have worked with. I can wholeheartedly recommend using there services. Thumbs up!

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So Far So Good

I joined Blackbox in January 2016, and so far, I'm pretty impressed with the customer support. I've had a few issues and sent support tickets to them and they responded in minutes, fixing the issues in minutes. Really good imo when someone responds that quick to resolve an issue. I've read some bad reviews about Blackbox, but I haven't had any problems with the customer support, or the game server. It sounds like they have tried providing a better service to people, and I think they are succeeding at doing that. Keep up the good work, Blackbox.

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Our server has changed status to unknown. We contacted Blackbox and the problem was solved in a matter of minutes. Very fast and helpful support has been provided. However, I do not know if this is a Funpimps issue and therefore I do not wish to directly blame the hosts, but every time there is 0 players on our server after a few hours it resets to day 1, which makes it impossible to reloot something or have plants grow in the right way since they are all day-number-dependent. So this is really frustrating and hinders gameplay. But as mentioned before I do not know if this is an issue of the game itself. However, this is still an issue that made several players leave our server.

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8.5/10 and Consistently Improving

I have a 10-slot 7 Days to Die server (started Dec 2014) and a 30-slot ARK server (started June 2015) from BBS. Creating the servers was almost instant and pretty painless. Help tickets get answered in <24 hours (now often < 1 hour, response times have improved a lot over the last 1.5 years), and staff is courteous and helpful. Server quality/uptime has been solid. Server management features are usually implemented quickly when newly released from the game developers. The billing system works fine if you set up automatic payments, but otherwise seems pretty barebones. I've been pleased to see how much effort BBS has put into improving their existing services and support while also expanding their offerings - something a lot of companies mess up. One thing that tends to bother me about server hoster reviews: A lot of things can cause server/performance problems, particularly in early-access games, and only a few of them are related to the hoster. In my experience, the problem is much more commonly with either the game itself or one of the clients connecting to it, but I guess it's just easier to blame the hoster.

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Reliable Alpha Game Hosting

I have used BB off and on and big updates come out for 7daystodie and have overall been satisfied with the level of support and server performance. I occasionally run in to problems, but for the most part that has been an effect of hosting an Alpha game that is constantly updating, and with the steam updater tool, it has been a lot easier to keep things running smooth. When I couldn't figure out what was up, customer service responded reasonably quick and got me squared away.

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Long time customer

Server admin panel is easy to use and regularly updated to fit the game you are renting the server for. I happen to be renting a server for 7 Days to Die and I have had little issue. 7 Days to Die is in early access alpha and updates regularly. Blackbox does a good job at keeping up with them and keeping you in your game. The server has full FTP access and this gives you the ability to back up your game map and player information if something happens or if you're running a public server and a hacker ruins your day; No issue for you, easy re-install and update it from your backup and you're good to go. I have never had a problem from support. they have always responded to me within minutes and we have always resolved the issue. $15 for twelve slots is a good deal, Server locations all over the globe. I have been a customer for 10 months now and I'm glad i chose blackbox. 10/10

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i got a server from them and when i login to cp there was no server contacted support and had no rply i will not use these ever again so dont use them.

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Overall I'm relatively happy with my ARK Evolved server. The learning curve for running it has been easy for a first time server owner, getting in touch with support has been excellent. There are times that the server has been laggy, but the game is still in Alpha so its hard to blame Blackbox. There are some changes I'd like to see implemented such as billing notification when its time to pay my bill. Its a bit tricky trying to navigate to get the thing paid, just send me the bill please so I can my stuff handled. And I've noticed the prices have dropped since I first purchased my server. It would also be nice to be able to have something comparable. Other than that, I'm happy thus far.

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Overall Pretty Good

I have been a customer for over a month now and overall I am quite satisfied with the service. Much more so than with another hoster I tried before, that's for sure. Unfortunately, there were two incidents I am aware of which could have been handled a little bit better and the occasional performance imperfection. So yes, I would definitely recommend blackbox, but for a perfect score some polishing would have to be done.

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Go somewhere else

I had a Life is Feudal server though these guys and it was a bad experience. The first server they gave me wasn't even powerful enough to run the game. Then they upgraded me (for free) to a server that barely ran the game. After about 2 weeks that server crashed AND ALL THE DATA WAS LOST INCLUDING THE BACKUPS. Sorry they said. Have a free month. I said no thanks.

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Get what you Pay For

Started off fine, server ran like it should. Opened a ticket to ask for some troubleshooting help and was given generic steps to follow which either didn't help or were (Most of the time) common sense. Support here is HORRIBLE. I have ticket times from 16-24 hours in response time. The rates are great but man the support just makes you want to switch providers. No refund which sucks even if you don't like the performance. The actual performance of the servers varies. Sometimes it would be great, but at times you hit a period of 10 minutes were the server is so bad you want to restart the server. On top of that my server fails to even appear in the browser for most so finding my server tends to be an issue which essentially causes a loss of players. Overall very displeased with this provider.

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Great Customer Service

I have had Blackbox 8 weeks now and not had any service problems at all. And also I wanted a Mod installed David Sandling handled that request with ease and very quickly I put all my trust in Blackbox for all my game hosting needs. Thank you Blackbox and all the customer Reps there 5 stars out of 5 .

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Mixed Experiences

About a year ago I setup a Life is Feudal with zero effort and everything worked as expected. About a month or so ago I tried to setup a Rust server that was labeled as "Instant Setup" after about an hour I still had nothing. I canceled the order and started researching other hosting sites.

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Excellent service

I really don't recognize some of the more negative reviews here regarding the support offered by Blackbox. The tickets i made in the past were responded to very fast. At the moment i host 7Days to Die and Empyrion servers, both of which perform fine. I actually doubted between getting an Empyrion or Planet Explorers server and chose the first just because Blackbox hosts that.

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Overpriced and Poor performance

My only two issues with this host is the price and the performance of thier servers. The price of their servers are extremely overpriced compared to other hosts. My experience of yet (1 week so far) is that myself and others that play on my server each find ourselves getting kicked at random times at the same time from the server do to the server's connection timing out.

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great customer service

I've read all these reviews and I didn't have the same experience. I had a few bumps in the road over 1 day and when I submitted a ticket they were on it within 15 min. You won't find that with any corporate company's within 1 hour they had me up and running and I would recommend this server provider to all my friends. Thanks goes to Pedro Ronaldo, Brian Johnson and Robert Pearson great customer service.

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Fairly average

I've rented a 7 days to die server from blackbox gaming on and off for 3 month periods over a year and I find their support to be quick to respond though they don't always have a solution for you, server ran alright. Price is alright, all in all pretty average.

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Pretty good

I have been using blackbox servers for my private 7 days to die server which I use to play with friends on an off for a bit more than a year now. The setup is usually pretty fast, and tech support responds in a short amount of time to solve the problems i have had. The few problems i had were solved in less than a day. Overall I don't notice any lag when playing the game.

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Black Box gets 10 out of 10 from me

Ive been with black box for over two years now multiple servers and have had a really good experience with them so far, good prices, excellent customer support to be honest and a cool user friendly control panel that actually feels like I have control over my server unlike other server hosts I've used prior to black box. They custommer support though is uber good mates the response time is really good and the person helping you seems genuinely keen to help you out and keep you happy. So all in all I rate them 10 out of 10

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Really good for a first time server owner!

Im a first time ARK server admin, so I have a lot of trouble with it and have to ask a lot, but it works really well and I catch on pretty quickly! I just wish it were easier to add mods and the server DOES get the occaisional lag spike, hence the 4 stars on performance.

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Blackbox showing good signs of improvement

I've had my Ark Server though these guys since the release, and a 7DTD server from them prior to Ark. Server performance got a 3 star from me, but I would like to point out that isn't a slur on Blackbox, Ark is alpha software and though the server system should be pretty much stock Unreal engine its been messed with and it tries to do its best and sometimes just fails. heaps on people all building and that must load up the server with read/writes to the disc. its still damn playable but it has its moments. Server Support: That got a five from me, because that's where their support has really fronted up. early days if your server crashed, it was re-install time and sort it from there. lately the support people have really upped their knowledge as they got more familiar with the game. they respond quick. they keep me informed as to what they are doing and if its ok for them to do stuff to the server. might not sound like a big deal but if I could lose data to a rollback I appreciate them asking if its ok or do I want to FTP and save my data beforehand. Good work support team :) Host performance: Yeah not sure what your asking for here, I'll go with how Blackbox is to deal with and use as a whole. Bill comes I pay it, its simple to do couple of clicks no real effort to run the server. Control panel is TCA and easy to work with. server works good. my players get good pings. And their support is responsive and does everything they can before advising re-install within reason of course. I'm playing and running the server from NZ and their Aussie servers are pretty damn good for us. Summing up server does its best to handle Ark which is a pretty random beast at the best of times, Supports come a long way, and all around simple and painless to deal with billing wise.

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I play on a server hosted by this company. The first few days were fine, however now not only is the server down because mods arent updating properly, but their website is so buggy it takes an hour to get to even try and put a ticket in. Not too mention the server has the 5-6 second rubber banding people were talking about when I was playing on it!

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Less than impressed

To be fair I've been underwhelmed by most hosting companies. I always feel like my customer experience is just a side project for the host company. It's the lack of communication. They performed maintenance with no prior notification. In some cases the server was down for 8 hours. Their forum was blowing up with customers saying their server was down. It took 8 hours for them to respond to it on the forums. Another issue I had was their automated billing. I started getting warning emails my server was going to be shutdown because I hadn't paid. I verified it was on auto pay and had no option to force the payment. I had to take it off auto pay, make the payment, then switch it back. The only response I received up to this point was "Are you sure you have money in your account". Valid question I suppose, but yes, I have money in my account. This situation is still being worked on. Last gripe I have is this scenario. I run an Ark server, I pay for 50 slots, I have up to 18 players currently. We started getting lag spikes. The forum has a post about this, stating write a ticket and if you have more than 20 players, we'll move you to better hardware. Ok, I am paying for 50 players, who cares if I have that many people on or not. I pay for it, so shouldn't I be on better hardware? The logic doesn't work for me. Cons are their customer service. It lacks heavily, slow responses, poor communication. Pros are they have really good pings, fast setup and a decent interface. Summary: If customer service isn't important to you, then you are golden with these guys. I'm honestly going to be looking elsewhere most likely.

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Avoid them at all costs.

Email after email goes unanswered. I'm trying to access my account as my password or account details have changed for some reason. but I still haven't heard anything from them in over a week. It just gets worse with this company. Save yourself a lot of time and effort, avoid them at all costs.

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Don’t use them.

I made the mistake of signing up for a 3 month server subscription on the basis that I thought I could save a few extra dollars by paying in advance. The took a grand total of 5% off which at the time seemed worth it as I was looking for something long term anyway so I thought I may as well get it all paid for. However a week in I decided that I was unhappy with the the service and the support seemed slow and often the servers were laggy during busy times. Anyway.. needless to say I didn't receive any sort of refund from them which is an absolute joke! I tried constantly to get in contact but was ignored! I have given up now! Don’t use them.

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Totally clueless.

Their support staff seem totally clueless. All i continued to receive was emailes saying “We are currently doing maintenance.” or “We are in the middle of patching your service.” You can never get a straight answer from blackbox, they are always trying to avoid you. There are plenty of other game server providers out there, choose one of them.

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