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eServ Interview

eServ are an Israel based game hosting company with over 5 years experience serving the middle East. We asked them 10 simple questions to help show our visitors at CompareGameHosting to gain an understanding of them. Here are the answers the founder of the company provided us:

When did you form your game hosting company and why?

At September 2012, Because of high pricing and bad quality of servers in Israel.

What experience of game hosting did you have before you formed your GSP?

I was a Sales Agent and Technical Supported at (no longer active) 3 Years.

What have been the most important lessons you have learnt during your time as a GSP?

Taking care to new customers, Deal only with Trusted programmers with a signed contract and Have a Backup dedicated server.

Where do you see your GSP in 3 years time? What does the future hold for your company?

The future that hold to my company is expanding to the international market, expand the supported games, Open a esport tournament support department and more (Can not expand further following confidentiality).

What has been your main game?

My main games are CS1.6 (really popular in Israel) and CS:GO. Now we are focusing on CS:GO and we are carrying out a market strategy plan for CSGO.

How do you handle support in difficult situations?

Our dedicated server are Raid-1 so in situation like this we are switching the mirror. Handling of difficult situation is different depending on the situation and the business have a contingency plan for any possible problem.

What Early Access or young games do you see taking off in the near future?

Battalion 1947, Today the game on Early access status.

Has there been a situation where you have had to deal with a difficult request and how did you respond to it?

Serious hacking wave in 2013 that hurt many companies in Israel and destroyed our server every time we fixed it, then we found the security hole that was on the Game Panel code (today there are many companies with that security hole that allowing run scripts without knowing).

Do you sponsor any Twitch/YouTube channels and if so would you like to give them a shout out?

Soon 😉

Do you offer your customers any free additional services or go further than your competition in any way?

We offer MySQL database and FastDL hosting for free.


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