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These guys appear relatively cheap for a lot of the games they provide and include the support in the price too which is great value for money. They offer around the clock support with highly trained support specialists with a passion for gaming with all game servers, so you can expect great 1 on 1 customer service from FPS Players. Not only do they offer game servers but they also offer Dedicated servers for larger communities and also voice servers. They also offer a 1 week (7 days) option to refund on any purchases if your not completely satisfied.

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FPS Players Reviews

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Deff check out FPS.

Joined the FPS community a while ago when I bought my 1st server. Very good up time, with a nice period of warning for updates to help keep us online without running in to any trouble. If your thinking about hosting a server for any games, deff check out FPS.

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“Does what its says on the tin”

“Does what its says on the tin” as the saying goes. I was introduced to FPSplayers a couple months ago by another arma player and was curious about using their service. I was aware that I could get a refund up to 7 days if I was not happy with the server so I thought that I would give it a go. After 7 days there was no need to ask for a refund as I was perfectly happy with the service I had received and could find a reason to go anywhere else. All round company that seem to know what they are doing.

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Great job FPS Players 5*

I’ve only got great things to say about FPS Players in regards to server support. I recently had a server moved from the US to the UK and the support team pulled out all the stops in getting it setup quickly and how it was when it was being hosted in the US. My hat goes off to the team for their support and quick response to any tickets I posted in regards to this move. FPS Players are also ahead of the crowd when it comes to server specs and pricing. The two servers I rent are super fast and lag free. My player base are always commenting on the lag free gaming experience on my server which can only be down to the hardware used. Great job FPS Players 5*

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Well worth it

I am a long time user of Gaming servers from all brands and suppliers, I have experience in most game server areas and from the reviews that I have read so far I can say that they are completely incorrect, FPS Players server are fast efficient and above all else extremely pro active when tickets get raised, I find the server admin interface easy to work with and very flexible and the server from my opinion are very reliable, price is very good for the product and I would and have recommended FPS Players to fellow gamers, well worth it

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Better than Best

I've been a customer of FPSplayers for about 7 months now and I've loved every minute of it. Great support and my server has only gone down once, and it was my fault. Planning on hosting with FPSplayers until one of us is dead :)

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Want Customer Service?

FPSPlayers.com is a great place to go for your game server needs. Have had a Rust Legacy and Experimental server with them for a long time. Staff is excellent and knowledgeable and their support times can hardly be rivaled with other companies. Also live TS support?! YES PLEASE!

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Great Customer Service, Great Servers!

I started with FPSplayers.com when I found them through Rust, and have been with them ever since! They were very helpful for me as a starting "admin". And that has continued through Starbound, Minecraft, ArmA3, Teamspeak, among others. Customer service is fast to respond and help me manage my teams appetite for games, mods and my need for servers on the fly! I would recommend them to anyone looking for a great deal with good service, a rarity these days!

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Great Arma 3 server hosting.

Great Arma 3 server hosting. A tiny bit more expensive than other providers on this site but we have never had any problems.

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Arma 3 server never worked

After reading the reviews on this site, I decided to go with FPS for a Arma 3 server. I placed the order, got my login information, logged in, and everything looked like it was already up. The server did not appear in the server list in game. I thought maybe I needed to update the files so I used the steam update button on their dashboard. Fairly easy except for the extreme lag of their control panel. After the update finished i decided to look at the web console that they have in there as well and noticed that the log was basically saying that the port was already in use. Support ticket went in immediately and now here I am almost 12 hours later waiting. If the issue was at least acknowledged I would be a little more patient and possibly give them a higher review, but as of right now I have been sitting in complete communications silence from the company. I cannot recommend this product based on how the situation has been handled.

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Our New Home!

After trying a handful of different host providers we ended up finding FPSPLAYERS. My only regret is that we did not find them a lot sooner. We had originally purchased a Minecraft server with them and they allowed us to switch game types and host locations whenever we wanted. Currently we rent a Dedicated server with them and have their custom Control Panel installed on it. Even though we have a dedicated server we can add and remove game servers with just a couple mouse clicks. It is the best experience that I have ever had when hosting servers with a multi-game community. They even provided me a free 50 slot TeamSpeak server with my dedicated server purchase. When they are on their TeamSpeak the live support is great! Even when we have to submit a support ticket it is a relatively quick response compared to other providers that make you wait up to a couple of days before they even reply. However, we really do not need to submit a ticket all too often because the servers themselves run really smooth. Most of our tickets are because we screw up our custom scripting or mods. They do not always provide in depth mod support but I cannot really blame them for that when we are running dozens of mods at a time. They are always good about doing that they can do to point us in the right direction. If we come across something that seems to be a little overpriced, we just throw a support ticket in and ask if they can price match and they are really good about doing it! Recently we started to twitch stream and they gave us a free game server and in return we have a simple banner on our Twitch page advertising them. They did not ask for anything more. Overall it has been an awesome experience and an awesome ride. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for an honest host provider.

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Great service

Great service, very friendly, never had any issues.

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//Recommend them\\

FPS have been great. Bought an Arma 3 exile mod server and everything had been running smooth since the launch. Have yet to run into any troubles with my game yet and my friends have been commenting on how decent the server is. Had Not used FPS before but would definitely recommend them to anyone in the future that is looking for a host.

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