Based in Canada but available worldwide is GameHosting.co who provide high quality game hosting and specialize in sandbox and survival games available on Steam Early Access. Gamehosting. co offer a range of different servers in both the  EU and US  that cater for a number of players across the globe. With a focus on providing good quality support and good servers, gamehosting.co is a pretty good choice for anyone looking to host their own server. Check out all their reviews below for more.

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Very goood ! Recomend to everyone

I have a couple troubles as i was a novice user but the employers gave me a quick reply and spent their time fixing the server and everything works now !

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Tried a fivereborn server to se if it runs ok and the server works good but my pc did not work. fast refund to my bankaccount again, no problem

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I currently have a server with alot of mods on it (I am a mod junkie) and the performance of the server is amazing. Not only that they even helped me set up my caves server when I was stumped. Best customer service I have had with any server company. Special shout out to Vincent who I never would have got my server running without.

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Horrible support

The support is slow and Beware if you are running don't starve on a note book as server performance will be rubbish getting you a ping of around 280. The support in emails make many grammer and spelling mistakes. Although there interface is clean and sharp if you want to cancel it they put as much hassle as they can into doing that. Overall i think there servers perform decent but are very expensive for what you get as there support is mediocre.

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Really Great support!

Great support on their ROk servers. Allowed us to upload oxide to our server and even helped get it set up. My RP group are very impressed with this provider and have just paid up for a further 3 months at a discount. /| Very good host |

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When it comes to hosting a DST server the crew and gamehosting.co have really hit the nail on the head. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to configure my game world. However they have been great and have helped me add mods and change the world settings on a number of occasions. It really has been a great experience and is helping me stream.

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! They are amazing !

If your looking for a good server host and great customer service check out http://gamehosting.co/ ! they are amazing!

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Great Terraria Host.

Bought a Terraria server from gamhosting.co and it has been running really well. The staff have been fantastic and I have gotten a reply to tickets super quick. Which is very impressive compared to the last host I used that took a few days to get back to me. I haven't experience any lag or downtime yet so I'am very pleased to say that they are doing a great job. Glad I gave them a chance. Great host for Terraria.

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Really good service

Have been hosting with these guys for a little while now and I'm really surprised by what a great job they are doing. I have has problems with other hosts in the past and was hoping that I could find something better this time round. Immediately I did spend a bit more then last time as it would seem that the cheaper companies are cheap for a reason. These guys haven't disappointed. Really good service with a great staff.

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Was let down by my last host for DST hosting as they didn't even know what they were doing... I wanted to add a couple of mods and change the worldgenoveride.lua and they were stumped. I was told I had to pay extra for this service. However game hosting have been great. Everything was set up for me within 5 minutes and when I asked about all the bells and whistles they sorted everything for me and even gave me a load of guides to help me in the future. Only been with them a week but it's been amazing. streamers have commented on my great DST streaming :) thanks

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all good so far

dedicated server was set up quickly & the people at the company helped when needed admins added, all good so far

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Support team is great.

Bough a 20 person DST server for me and my friends and it works perfectly. Server usual has between 10- 20 people on it and we have yet to run in to any issues. Support team is great and they have even popped on to play a few times and help out with admin commands. I have recommenced them to my friends and other DST players :> 12/10

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DST set up and running well :)

Surprised with how fast the support issues were dealt with by the guys at GameHosting, DST set up and running well

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The customer service is fantastic.

The customer service is fantastic. I had an issue, sent them a message, and within an hour had a reply and was on steam, chatting away, working through the issue. The servers are very affordable, reliable, and the customer service is amazing. I have been able to keep in touch with a tech support agent the whole time I’ve had the server. They are always there to fix what I break! lol A great company. 10/10 Recommend!

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I was not disappointed!

I am always wary when choosing a dedicated server site. Gamehosting.co looked appealing and everything seemed so simple… I was not disappointed! The price per month is completely reasonable, and the guides help you in every way possible! I’ve created a Don’t Starve Together server, for my friends and I and it was so easy to set up (roughly 10 – 15mins of guide reading). The only downfall is that Gamehosting.co doesn’t have any Oceanic based servers, which mean my friends and I in New Zealand have latency issues. But it’s better than trying to host a game ourselves, and getting destroyed by latency. Props to Gamehosting.co for their awesome service! 10/10

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