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NFO Servers are an established game host that have relatively mixed reviews across the web with a small collection of them NFO Reviews. They originally specialized in a game called Nuclear Fallout which is where they got there NFO Servers name from. They have been operating since 2001 and having been selling game servers from 2002. They offer a huge range of game servers, voice servers, VPS and also dedicated servers.


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Mutnaggewinu =GGC=ᴼ Thumb

Mutnaggewinu =GGC=ᴼ

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Published 22nd November 2016

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From ok to worse!

I was with these guys for a lil over 2 years. Nothing but problems and every time they tried to blame add-ons etc.. for our problems, so we just dealt with it. 2+ years of perfect payments, I arranged for them to take out a smaller amount, they agreed and the guy who did must've fallen asleep and forgot about it, when I looked at my bank account which only my car comes out of I was dinged 6x by them.... so I messaged them and they responded. I asked them what had happened and they said it wasn't their fault and didn't try to resolve anything. I contacted paypal and told them what happened. About 2 weeks later we got a refund from paypal and they said that what they did was considered fraud. I didn't accuse them of it, so I tried to rectify it cause we had over 2 years of data on our ftp for our servers & websites, etc... and because he said his reputation was tarnished and out 100$ they wouldn't even consider allowing us to use their services any more. I contacted Paypal again told them what he said and tried to get it undone because he said only way he'll even consider allowing us back on is we have the reversal undone. That's just wrong. I have all the messages and will report them both to BBB & Consumer affairs. They are happy to take your money for overpriced low end servers but as soon as one lil incident happens they won't want anything to do with you. They basically held everything we had with them as hostage and once they couldn't get their way they acted extremely childish and unprofessional. PLZ STAY AWAY! If you run into an issue they don't like they won't be there to help you out and then blame others and they called ppl at Paypal disrespectful words. I'm out 100$, I'm out of our data but we've happily moved away from them. We found another host GTXGaming, they got stellar reviews, they got faster speeds, better machines, more memory, better antiddos, better ssd's and the server is about 30$ cheaper a month! I only gave them 1 star because I couldn't give them less! There are much better hosts out the

Sanderson Thumb


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Published 27th January 2016

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Excellent service and competitive prices.

I bought a teamspeak server and a VDS, which was very good. Their support was superb, very quick to deal with problems or general questions. Would definitely use again. A+

SGR Prest0n Thumb

SGR Prest0n

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Published 18th January 2016

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OK Host

The server and support was ok at NFO. I have recently changed host as my clan wanted to move to a different provider due to some issues we were having with the location on the server. However when we were with NFO we were running a wide range of game including TF2, L4D, Minecraft and a couple more. (I would rate their servers: 8/10 Support 7/10 Network 6/10) Their an OK company but we are happier with are new provider.

unreal Matt Thumb

unreal Matt

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Published 22nd December 2015

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I have been using NFO for the past year and my server has been very reliable. I have run into a couple of issue but they have always been quick to get these sorted without any trouble. the VPS I have been renting has been top notch and I couldn't be happier. I can’t really compare them to any other host but they have been great. They also gave me a great discount on web hosting as I had been with them for a while now.


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