Serenity Servers is small company based in Denmark but is constantly growing with the  additions of new games, servers and extra hosting locations popping up around the globe including Europe and the USA.  Serenity Servers has been a big name in the Minecraft server hosting scene, offering the extra plugins and mods with a 1 click install. The company is already well established and has been around for a couple of years now, offering a wide range of games including Unturned, Garry’s Mod, Space Engineers and Ark.

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Global Coverage 8.0

Positive Reviews 9.3

Games Selection 10.0

Value For Money 5.0

Extras Included 8.0

Site Experience 6.0

Coupons 10.0

Serenity Servers Reviews

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My opinion about SerenityServers

SerenityServers is a good company and I never actually saw any problems in support, in my case the support was always fast and helpful. There are little things that could be improved but in a whole I really rate this hosting provider a solid 9.5 out of 10 as it always runned smooth with a great performance, fast support, great knowledgebase and ddos protection.

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Server no laggy Support is good but not best host performance missing a lot of things

Server no laggy Support is good but not best host performance missing a lot of things

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SerenityServers is the best and every one should think so! (In my opinion)

I don't know why people say the support here is terrible for the last 2 years I used SerenityServers I haven't had any problem with support! I personally I think the people who say that don't know what they are doing and blame it on the host! Iv'e had both web and servers hosted by them and they were great! Web hosting is Super cheap with great quality and fast! Servers are great, fast, and reliable! Plus they notifie you when their is any problem with your server! In my book they get a 10/10 #NumberOne! If I wasn't in school "And 16 :'(" I would of applied for the Job opening! Thanks Mikkel for making a amazing company love Serenity and hope your company grows even more!

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Garry's Mod

Garbage support, server performance is excellent.

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The best of the best game server out there!

The suppor is friendly and VERY helpful, I had a lot of issues but the staff helped me in a flash, the support can be slow if your in the uk because of times zones but, if you lived in denmark or somewhere I can imagine the support will be really fast, Really good prices and selection of server you can host!

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Great service. Great price.

The customer support is outstanding. They have great servers with ultra fast connection speeds. I think this is the best server host I have ever used and this is the only host I am sticking to for any future servers. Amazing

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Great hosting company

I have been a customer since 31st of March 2015. I have had many services Serenity Servers (Teamspeak, Garry's Mod, Web hosting) and it has been great. Whenever I required assistance with any of my services they helped me and responded to my tickets very quickly. Overall a great hosting company and I would 100% recommend this company to anyone looking for any sort of server.

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This is what hosting is meant to be.

I dont know where to start. The easiest, the cheapest and the best way to host a server is at Serenity! The give support almost 24/4(i got help on a ticket 1:30 in the night?!) - Without their support, the server simply woulden't near run as good. THANKS SERENITY!

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Good hosting, Bad support

The hosting is good, server runs without lag. My problem with Serenity Servers is the customer support, IT SUCKS! They answer ticket's with 2 words, They don't read the tickets, i've asked them with support my gameserver is not connecting to my website's mysql for an addon, i contacted them saying i've added it to remote hosts for the mysql server, then they ask me to send my configs with my mysql information (Like wtf!) So i sent it to them, hesitating, then they tell me to add the ip to remote mysql, you know, the one that was ALREADY ADDED! They would know that if they actually took time to read the ticket!

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100% Worth The Money

Serenity Servers is easy to use for creating any kind of gamemode, I wanted starwarsrp they helped me get starwarsrp, I wanted to get my Content Pack for the server, they helped me get it on the server, the Gamepanel is so easy to use too!

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100% Value For Money

I love this server host, i recently moved from Nitrous Networks as their support was really slow and their ddos protection wasnt as they claimed it was, I recently bough a 32 slot darkrp gmod server for cheaper with darkrp configuration which no other hosts have! I am recommending all my clients to use this host instead of nitrous networks.

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The hosting is fine, the prices are great, the customer service has to be the worst I've ever come across. Unprofessional, slow, and just distasteful.

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Best host!

I have had over 10 servers with serenityservers from multiple games. Some of those servers had 50+ players on all the time, no lagg. Easy setup and very good support! Most of the times you get a response within 10 minutes with the answer you need. They help you with everything. I really suggest you get your server here.

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Awesome Host

We Moved Our Hosting form Nitrous To Serenity Servers November last year Customer Support is awesome!

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ARK server

The host is good, But is VERY hard to configure it...

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Great Hosting Service!

Serenity has good support, good server performance and good host performance. But there knowledge page could have some more helpful things on it.

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Great service!

Serenity have not let me down so far, apart from the CPU usage which seemed quite limited. I have a 20 slot server and a few players on seem to make it struggle. I had a problem with collections but that was Steam's fault, not my own or Serenity's, But with the support ticket I made I got a response in five minutes, and the person was incredibly helpful.

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Amazing host

Been running with them for a month, they're so good! Their prices are amazing, their support is amazing. I don't like the control panel personally, but they've made it even easier to navigate on it! 5/5, 10/10, 200/100

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The best server host I have had!

So I have been with serenity with about a year now. Can I say that this is by far the best server hosting site I have ever used. I have been through countless hosts (NFO, Xenon, Elpis) and not one of them have even come close to serenity. I started what is now a very large community called Reckless Gaming, and I kept with serenity through it all. I must have opened up 100 tickets and each time my man Mikkel answered within 5 minutes of opening it. (sorry for all the tickets Mikkel <3) I would highly recommend these guys for your gmod server host. Especially first time server owners. I make sure all my friends use serenity as well and they love it too. This is by far the best game hosting site! Rate 10/10!

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Great Hosting

I have been a server owner for a little over 5 months now and scene I started I have started I have bought 5 servers all with this host. When I play on them the players go not complain of lag or down time. They are 24/7 and super fast. I also am hosting my website off of them. There hosting is great and very cheep. I only pay around $60 a month for 6 servers with 24 players. The have great support and they can answer you question in less than 20 minutes. Some times it does take longer because they are answering so many questions at one.

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The company is brilliant, they have very fast support, even at times you would expect no one to answer tickets, I have had very few problems, in which have been resolved very fast by the excellent support. I have been with them for a while now, and I sure will be staying with them, I never write reviews for companies, but I felt I had to with the company being so great!

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Such awesome host!

I have to give this host 5/5 stars! The price isn't bad at all! Also this host has very good support team, they always answer pretty fast and they always get all your problems solved! I'm very happy about this host! :)

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Not bad host.

Not bad host. Found them on this site and thought I would test the service out. After hosting for a few days I can report that they are OK. Average server support as they seem to be busy with ARK support.

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Great, simple and great.

Used Serenity for 3 months now in their LA location. Very nice, low ping, instant support.

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Amazing service

The customer support are amazing, helpful and friendly. The host performance is second to none. and the server performance is outstanding.

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Overall Great.

I have not been with this company for a while but so far this company has shown great potential, and should be used by many people that are new looking into buying a game server you will love the support and server performance you get for such a price, so overall I for sure most definitely recommend this host 10/10 IPiX

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I Love This Host

I was searching all over for simple to use hosts to host a garrys mod server and i didnt see any. So I went on different servers and i asked the owner what they use to run the server and they said lots of other hosts. I never heard the word SerenityServer.net. They all said there host is a lot of money so I did some research to see a good host and i saw a bunch so i looked threw them and when I saw SerenityServers.net I was amazed because I never ever saw anything like it. It was fast easy to use and it had tutorial guides on hoe to edit your server. Its really cheap to. Other hosts where like $60 and $25 a month and SerenityServers is way more cheaper. I Really like it and told all my friends and now they have there own server. So thank You SerenityServers Thank you O0o... Lol Dramatic Ending

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Serenity Server Gmod Host Review

this is my second host for a gmod server that i have tried i like it a lot especially compared to my last host which was horrible btw i plan on using this host until i don't want to run a server anymore i would recommend that everyone else at least tries to use it as well i have been using this for about 2 months i have only had 1 problem the entire time using the host which they fixed as soon as they could but it wasn't their fault either so i recommend you try it

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Just amazing!

SerenityServers is simply just amazing! They have extremely fast response time to support tickets and have awesome staff. They have never let me down. Every time I have submitted a support ticket I usually get a response within minutes!

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I am more then pleased with Serenity Servers.

I have been running the same Dark Rp server for almost 2 years and although I've tried big names like NFO and Xenon, Serenity is the first host that has not only met but surpassed my expectations both in performance and cost effectiveness. The lack of a live chatbox is the only drawback but is nearly insignificant due to the response time of the support staff. 9.5/10 I would recommend this host to anyone starting or maintaining a server.

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Best host yet

Hands down, they are the best host I've been with. Have used them for a while and the server quality is amazing. The support is great, and always fixes any issues I have. I couldn't ask for a better host.

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Good Hosts

Their support is excellent! The 1 guy running it will come on your server and help with anything. The servers have got 0 lag and 0 issues.

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Quality Service

Very easy to find everything. Free website host?? Free DDoS protection? And also provide a voice server? I take that any day. I recommend Serenity Servers to any beginners or anyone for that matter. 10 out of 10.

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Probably the best

I decided to rent off serenity servers as daemon servers weren't very helpful and the server I owned by Daemon servers crashed, and sometimes and even had the unknown error. About Serenity servers: Serenity servers I have had Almost a problem free hosting with serenity servers there was only a mild problem was I had to upload a gmod map through an ftp filezilla but other then that, this server provider is really good, its good value for money , low ping servers that have a high amount of ram , Customer service is also fantastic , they are quick off the mark and are always calm when you have a problem. they also have an extensive Faq help which are also there too to assist you, I will stay with serenity servers for as long as I can it seems easy enough.Good enough and it meets my standards.

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Excellent Service!

I've been using Serenity for several months now to host my ARK server. Everything is basically self-explanatory, but if there is anything you need help with, there is a comprehensive list of FAQs that will cover your questions. I love my server and wouldn't go anywhere else to host it! Thanks Serenity!

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*Server took minutes*

I can safely say this is the best of the best, purchasing took seconds and the server was available minutes after. Support is quick, to the point and always friendly. Prices are very good, they are not the cheapest around but the quality makes up for this. I prefer to pay a little more and get über quality, compared to paying less and barely able to use my service. The best support, service, DDoS protection etc.

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Great support, cheap, and 24/7 uptime can't get any better than that.

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I have hosted 3 servers on serenityservers before. I had absolutely no issues. Its a great host especially when its only 1 guy hosting it. I would pick this host out of the rest.

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Best host I've seen

I have used multiple hosts over a couple of years, and the other ones have all had massive problems, being DDoSed, going down for days and days, and SerenityServers has been the only one where is have had no noticed downtime.

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Great service and performance for the best price.

SerenityServers gives you great customer service while keeping the server performance high and the price low. I've been with them for 1 and a half year and everything have been working perfectly since start. I've messed up a few times myself (not the hosts fault) and they have fixed it for me within 30 min every time.

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Best Hosting Company Around!

I have now been using SerenityServers for over a year now, and I have never had such a good quality service. Mikkel, the owner of SerenityServers has supported me through everything that has been an issue, and has also lent a hand setting up files, which falls outside what a host is expected to do. Out of my entire time using a computer, Mikkel is the ONLY person who sends human responses, reads what you have written and replies within the hour! No other company, let alone host does that. The server performance has been impeccable and any slight issues SerenityServers has resolved to my full satisfaction! I would recommend this host to anyone, and am going to continue using them as a host for many years to come!

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Great Support. Best Services. Simplistic Overall.

I have been using SerenityServers now for a long time and for many different things. Mostly I have been using them for garrysmod and webhosting. Since I was new to hosting a server I would use the ticket system and literally within 10-25 minutes I would get a detailed reply. So yes the customer service is amazing! But, what about the gamepanel and features? All I have to say is, it is f****ing amazing. For a game server it is very simple and tutorials are supplied for all your needs. It is very easy to use the gamepanel and understand how to use the most important features. I have been through, NitrousNetworks, NFO Servers, XenonServers, and JetFusion(RIP). All of these are good, but seriously the features just do not add up to Serenity's. From the bottom of my heart, I can trust Serenity with anything seriously. Whether it's using different gameservers or making money from the affiliates program, the support, service, and features they have is absolutley amazing and seriously i recommend them 1000% percent. The CEO is Mikkel and I am sure he is glad if you have any questions, or you can ask me!

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Great Services 100% Uptime Instant Support Low ping

We love using serenity we have used them for a few months now and have 7 servers trough them Including a website and TS We love them! And there very cheap really great

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Very nice staff

this is a good server host i had one problem but that was fixed very fast and i am very happy for that so far on my server i have had no problems except for a few but im pretty sure they are game related not server related

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Come to the right place ;)

Serenity Servers is on of the best sites I have ever met, I was looking for a good host, I had had many experiences with other host that the network were not really good or were really expensive and then I met this host from this page where I'm posting this review and after a few checks I finally decided to choose this one, Is a good one, Cheap one, also has a package of 32 slots for less than 20 usd, The support is amazing, they have more locations than the other host that I used to be, and the ping is really better, so I really recommend this site, as you may read other people think like me and this host its really amazing

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I've been a customer for a year now, and I have not found any other host better than this one! The support is great, fast and helpful. The control panel is easy to use and provides many features and has a very fast navigation. The monthly price is very low compared to other hosts, which makes this perfect. I highly recommend Serenity Servers for people looking to host their games!

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Server review lol

Rather than write a paragraph, some simple words to sum up my experience, excellent customer server, the tech guys were always helping me with my queries to the best of their ability, affordable so it doesn't break the bank, and good location so the ping or latency isnt hurt

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Perfect! No lag, quite cheap

At first I was going to get another server from another host for £10 but then my friend told me about Serenity servers, which had no lag and was cheaper, so I bought from serenity servers instead, it was well worth the change, helped loads, I now have an amazing server called VenomRP

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Two servers, both running perfectly

I have been using Serenity for months now for my servers. The prices are the best I have seen for Garry's Mod servers. The support is excellent, and the servers run without lag.

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Future of Hosting

Serenity Servers has a variety of Game Servers to pick from; While they have fair price hosting (Ex. 30slot Gmod Server = $17.95/m) Active Support, Serenity Servers provides quick support, after submitting your support ticket; You will get a response shorty after submitting it.

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Best Server host Ever!

I have never really wanted to host a server, since I had always thought it would be a MAJOR hassle, but once I finally was convinced into doing it, I found this to be the easiest website to host from! This made me want to keep on hosting my Gmod Server! Serenity Servers has also made my Gmod community big! I have already had to upgrade! And it was super easy! I plan to start up another server from serenity!

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Amazing Performance, Incredible Support and overall good quality.

I've been purchasing from SerenityServers for almost a month now. In the start, I really needed help fixing various bugs and exploits in Rust, so I asked them for help. They responded within' 10 minutes, and they even fixed it for me. I also split servers, so I would have more servers for my community. I couldn't really decide, whether I wanted a single Garry's Mod Server, or split it into a single server, and a Rust server. They responded within' 10 minutes again, and they split my service. Really nice work SerenityServers and Mikkel Tastesen.

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First of all, the server support is awesome! I have 2 servers and they are running perfectly! I highly recommend using this host!

https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/steamcommunity/public/images/avatars/32/3265a59a89a8c9c4ced711c7454e95efbf19f88a_full.jpgs Avatar

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Great host, great performance, good pricing!

I've had a server hosted with serenity servers for almost a year now, 11 months to be exact. Rarely ever had any problems and if I did, it was resolved quickly!

https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/steamcommunity/public/images/avatars/4a/4ac46ceda0e2c567b3e46d259e5b58975d9fffdd_full.jpgs Avatar

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Amazing the staff are just amazing!!!

The staff are amazing and are very very helpful if I ever need help the staff will reply quick and fast and they have fixed all my problems! 11/10!

https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/steamcommunity/public/images/avatars/90/90a2208ce508d10afdc5163927c095b7d00bf6d8_full.jpgs Avatar

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Excellent Game Servers

Serenity Servers have a great ability to stay online through the biggest of lag spikes. It is incredibly reliable and I think that is great value for money. Going mad with explosives is not a problem! I contact support a lot because I seem to have a habit of breaking things, they have great support without the robotic feeling of "You have contacted support" but still with professionalism towards the problem. Normally there is a fast response time, depending on the level of priority. Overall, I would definitely recommend this host to anyone looking for a game server (I have not tried their voice servers so I cannot comment on them).

https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/steamcommunity/public/images/avatars/b3/b3e5d1d82e79b81723a61781da54e9f956100b34_full.jpgs Avatar

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Best host 10/10

Best host ever, Best support, Best prices what else would you want if they will respond in 10-30 minutes? They help with setting up anything for my gmod server, I rate this to be the best hosting company.

https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/steamcommunity/public/images/avatars/ee/ee34e8f47ba33c9d6608ef384294776c0931d0c0_full.jpgs Avatar

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review on serenity server host

there support is 100% best server performance is 100% best host performance is 100% best fast support simple to use. since i had them not broken down support help a lot.

https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/steamcommunity/public/images/avatars/81/814d4a40523976285f1f812de90b28ba85a2cf46_full.jpgs Avatar

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Best Host I've used!

After using a number of other hosts I have to say.. I use serenityservers to host three websites and two game servers, and I have had very little issues and the ones I have had has been solved within the day, the support is extremely quick and very friendly, the servers are high quality with Free DDoS protection and comes are a very reasonable price! I'm going to be staying with them for a long time. Recommend this host to anyone looking to start any sort of hosting plan.

https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/steamcommunity/public/images/avatars/7b/7b23d478ef33dea8043806973955e9b3f7a69ac0_full.jpgs Avatar

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Next Level in Service and Hosting

I have been hosting servers for a few years and after bouncing around a few different hosts I tried out Serenity Servers. Within 10 minutes of paying my server was up and ready to use. Browsing through the available addons already included I found that a lot of the base addons such as ULX, TDM or LW cars, SQL databases, game mode files and more where already there with a one click install. Support is excellent, with replies to tickets posted at 2am usually replied to within 30 minutes, and upgrading is easy and simple with a great interface for the billing area. Being able to have my web hosting and server hosting in one place, with one bill makes it very easy to keep track of the expenses and upgrade/downgrade as needed. The uptime is excellent, with outages announced clearly via email and when you log into the game panel. Also did I mention that the support is excellent, even willing to help with issues that are not directly related to their services. The staff genuinely care about the services the provide, and reply at absurd times when you might be up late working on your server. Overall I couldn't be happier and have religiously recommended Serenity Servers to friends for there servers and have hosted all of my projects on them for over a year now. These guys get a 10/10 for me and I will continue to recommend and use Serenity Servers until I stop hosting servers! And even then, the web hosting is great in performance and pricing so I will be keeping that! - Tom

https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/steamcommunity/public/images/avatars/36/3694534fccc6f30c69242b9b154e5e7bd68c9351_full.jpgs Avatar

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Serenity Servers, Cheap & Reliable host.

I've been using serenity servers since july 2014 so I have had quite alot of experience with this host and can write a non biased review on both their web hosting and game hosting services. I had used their game server services for a total of 3/4 months, throughout these 3/4 months i had made a few mistakes with my server and had quite a few questions on how to do certain things. The serenity servers team had no issue responding to my questions and helping me fix my mistakes near enough 24/7. I had been given help through tickets and through livechat. This does not speak directly about the server node i was on, the server node i was on was hosted local to me and gave me great connection all across europe and even eastern united states (this was obviously due to the 1/10gbps uplink their servers have). I was able to receive 10ms to their old test server which was amazing. The node i was on for my gmod game server had around 99% uptime throughout them 3 months, the only downtime was due to a DDoS attack on my node which serenityservers now fully protect against! The Serenity Servers team gave me direct help in-game sometimes if i also required it. As for the webhosting, i've been using it since july 2014 and have only had a total of 3 minutes downtime, when contacting the Serenity servers team i was told quickly that this was due to a data center issue. Overall i would like to say that serenity servers is both the best webhost and gamehost i have ever used, their support is immense and extremely friendly. I would like to directly thank Serenity servers for the amazing time i've had using them over the past year and a half and i wish we can continue this relationship.

https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/steamcommunity/public/images/avatars/de/dea1a8e5eb1812dd8bf6f1889705710a183d30a8_full.jpgs Avatar

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Best Service

I have been with Serenity Servers for just under a year! If I ever have a problem it is sorted within the same day, even if it is the stupidest of problems! :D Overall 10/10 service 10/10 support :D

https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/steamcommunity/public/images/avatars/38/38fe23b42ef05e51c6f476eee23c2d3823763866_full.jpgs Avatar

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Best Server hosting I've seen in my Life

Serenity Servers is extremely simple to set up and it really has an amazing service. The immediate responce from their team is amazing. I had a problem once, so i left a ticket an it was answered immediately. I couldnt be happier. The server itself is also amazing, as the server can deal uner heavy load and is extremely easy to set up and alter if you wish to add addons or even delete addons. I really think Serenity Server is the best.

https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/steamcommunity/public/images/avatars/31/31bae55d657789da270e52e8cb02bac25308db49_full.jpgs Avatar

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All You Need For Server Hosting!!

I've used Serenity Servers for a good few months now and I could be anymore happier with there service. I first used them for a Garry's Mod server and it was just perfect and I am now using them to Host a Rust server and I can't complain one bit.

https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/steamcommunity/public/images/avatars/28/283e3081c3b52c1235ba9bb231bfbfab3cd6ba87_full.jpgs Avatar

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Great Service and Host!

When I started using SerenityServers back in February, I didn't know a thing about making and administrating a server. Now however, I know more than enough to get a basic server all because of the support and services of this host. When submitting a ticket, I got an instant response from their tech team with easy to follow steps to fix my problems. 10/10 !

https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/steamcommunity/public/images/avatars/cf/cf1ce2dcf7ad62319cc36ca6bbc802576c9737b1_full.jpgs Avatar

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Best In The Business

I have been with serenity servers for around 12 months overall, everything they do is amazing. They rarely have lag, great support (mikkel is the most helpfull person you will come across), they have great mods, great maps, great guides (in the knowledgebase) and much much more. I have been with a range of other hosts and had VPNs but nothing compares to Serenity Servers. They Are The Best. No Question About It.

https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/steamcommunity/public/images/avatars/fe/fef49e7fa7e1997310d705b2a6158ff8dc1cdfeb_full.jpgs Avatar

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The Hosting of The Future!

This Hosting Has Many Beneficial things and Next to Nothing Disadvantages. Serenity Servers Offers a Godly Amount of Packages for a Cheap amount. Don't Be fooled by the price! The Server Performance is Wonderful! No Other Hosting Company has met my needs like serenity servers has. They ALWAYS HAVE SUPPORT ONLINE! Unless it is really busy i always get support within 5-10 Minutes and even then it is only within a few hours at the most! They Help you with anything at all , and consider no question stupid! This High Standard Server Performance Company Gives the best support and the Best Percentage of Uptime I have ever seen on a hosting company! If you want to get a Hosting package , I suggest Serenity Servers! The Best part about having the best hosting in the world is that , They ALWAYS Have Cupon Codes and Discounts to make customers happy! GO WITH SERENITY!

https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/steamcommunity/public/images/avatars/27/27554da5284d2f11dc031b1baba162100b06ac3a_full.jpgs Avatar

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Best Service I've seen

The servers run as well as you could possibly expect, at a very fair price, especially their "High Performance" servers. But where they really excel is the service. I have only ever seen Mikkel - The Owner of the company answer, but my god its quick. Sometimes within the same minute! I don't know how he manages to deal with so many people so comprehensively is pretty amazing. All in all, you pay a very fair price for servers that you will do you perfectly fine for more players usage, and with excellent support. Definitely one of the best ones to go for unless you have very specific needs.

//comparegamehosting.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/cat-rainbow.jpgs Avatar

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Serenity Servers

I have been impressed with Serenity Servers. Not only do they have servers based in the US, but their pricing is reasonable. I had some issues with my server, sent in a ticket, and it was solved within the hour! My server was up and running within a few minutes of purchase, as well.

https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/steamcommunity/public/images/avatars/c5/c58625ee4406df2175b0d40db52ca9d360d13dce_full.jpgs Avatar

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How do they do it?

I've been with Serenity Servers for a long time now, quite a few months, maybe even a year. They have not ceased to amaze me with their active updates and incredible support. The support they deliver is within minutes and they will always stay kind and friendly. They can help you with almost any problem. The quality they supply is great. Servers give great connection to the client and have fast restart and update times. DDOS is extremely rare and will almost never happen from what I've found unless they are doing something on their side. Their prices are great compared to other providers with the same quality. If only all server hosts were like this.

https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/steamcommunity/public/images/avatars/f1/f1f19e880226d97521a24d7552b6c2bff36e0139_full.jpgs Avatar

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Great Tech Support Great Service!

I have hosted a ts3 and a garry's mod server and the support and reliability has been great. I was able to contact support and receive support in less than 24 hrs all round and they have never been to disappoint!

https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/steamcommunity/public/images/avatars/58/5857abebc38f3ee9f91a7ddbc1430faca383fbd2_full.jpgs Avatar

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One word - outstanding.

I switched to SerenityServers from Avalanche Hosting as I wasn't happy over there with the pricing aspect and there was a couple of issues with the server itself which weren't being addressed. When I came across to Serenity looking for information about test IP's - the ticket was answered EXTREMELY fast! (within 5 minutes) and it was detailed as well. SerenityServers will go beyond the call of duty to deliver exceptional customer satisfaction, not to mention they have the best price point I've seen on the market for some time, even offering more perks in some cases compared to what other hosts offer.

https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/steamcommunity/public/images/avatars/65/6503a2d4e065af743d65c92fb6dda8477468e016_full.jpgs Avatar

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Great host, Great support, Great everything

Hello. I am reviewing this hosting company because, in my opinion, they've helped me as much as they possibly can with every issue I have had. As much as I used to complain, they never gave up, and I am proud to be one of their customers. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a good hosting provider because it's unique from the rest. Any tickets sent are replied to in a matter of minutes (possibly depending on timezone). Also, they have a variety of mods to choose from using their Mod Manger system. They do not have ALL of the addons, but the essential ones, which come real handy. I knew this company for nearly a year, since I started a server with my brother last year, which still exists, however, I left to start up my own server. I thought that another host (won't mention name) would be better, but they were slow at replying to tickets, and have also had very bad customer service. So I decided to switch to Serenity Servers, and I have no regrets. Hope you all read my review and start a server with Serenity Servers today, you'll regret not to.

https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/steamcommunity/public/images/avatars/25/25e40c3c05c0f56928f0b29fa5b91d8775c85990_full.jpgs Avatar

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SerenityServers c'est de la bomb!

FRENCH REVIEW Honnêtement j'ai la flème de rédiger un texte en anglais. Mais pour moi, comparé à d'autre hébergeurs, Serenity, tien largement le coup et passe devant plein d'host FR! Le prix, le support, les services vsont super rapide. On peut s'arranger facilement avec "le support" il est très à l'écoute. En gros, je vous le dit, c'est votre prochain choix pour un nouveau hébergeur.

https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/steamcommunity/public/images/avatars/a0/a0493edcc4f44db0721bfa58bfd2c6e88d76fdc7_full.jpgs Avatar

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The Real host, the best host.

I have been using serenity for a little short of a year. I tried other hosting companies other than this but the customer support on Serenity is the best. Do you like fast customer support? Do you like a no lag server? Do you like addons that you can download from your admin panel? Do you like saving money? If you answered yes to all those questions then SerenityServers is for you! If they found the solution to global warming SerenityServers would still be the greatest thing to happen to earth.

https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/steamcommunity/public/images/avatars/7a/7aff6006397a5e245ba39f535aebe41ba9880a4d_full.jpgs Avatar

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Best Service I've Had

I've used a lot of hosts, due to minecraft and Gmod ownership. SS was the best by far thanks to high uptime and low costs.

https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/steamcommunity/public/images/avatars/ea/ead51cec9d176b04446c34c8bb95989427d90e6d_full.jpgs Avatar

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Absolutely Magnificent

I have used this server for just short of a week, and jeez is it amazing! Need a website? GOTCHA COVERED! TeamSpeak Server needed? Also covered! What about those pesky DDoSers?! Also covered!!! So glad I purchased this!

/wp-content/themes/cgh/img/review-no-image.jpgs Avatar

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Great 11/10

There Support is amazing, within 5mins sometimes!! Also we haven't had any lag that was caused by Serrenity and all out servers have been running smooth and popular all thanks to Serrenity!!

https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/steamcommunity/public/images/avatars/23/23758a88e19de8e382c8fc8c17d6e3fe847d5633_full.jpgs Avatar

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The Site that All Server Hosts Need

Serenity Servers Is the best Site I have ever used to host servers, I've used other sources and they are not very good or they are too hard to manage, Serenity Server has Things set up so that you can manage your servers easily and it will still be a quality servers, instead of spending hours and hours on end trying to code jobs or categories for gamemodes like darkrp on Garry's mod you can do it in next to no time, they have a Variety of packages that offer amazing hosting and for a cheap price. If I was to suggest any type of server hosting site to anyone, I would suggest Serenity Servers.

https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/steamcommunity/public/images/avatars/e3/e35b436b2ad9ddf56deff6c7235bccc74ce96b6c_full.jpgs Avatar

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Okay.. just the best

So.. In the past I used one of those expensive hosts that say they have good quality... Meh. It's bad and they aren't as connected like Serenity is. The CEO of Serenity Mikkel is just amazing. He's helped me with every problem I've encountered (That I some how caused my self). He even joined one of my servers to fix a problem! This host is not only 100% quality but they're there for you like a friend :). Anyone who doesn't pick them is for sure missing out. I've ran a round 9 GMod servers in total with them and have not had a problem with the perfection stated. I say pick Serenity Servers!!!

https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/steamcommunity/public/images/avatars/24/24aa3f2ee894c931d02e254c60246291acc2141f_full.jpgs Avatar

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Very, very good.

I've tried several other hosts in the past, and thanks to NFOServers, I used to believe that quality only came with a relatively high pricetag. However, after giving Serenity's absurdly low prices a chance, I came to realize that I was seriously mistaken. The initial server I ordered from Serenity was so much more lag-free and consistent than I was used to that I soon after ordered a second, private test server for addon development. Switching to Serenity Servers was probably one of the best decisions I made for my community.

https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/steamcommunity/public/images/avatars/48/48d9cbd2b1cf78330b901e97dc54182b5da3b48d_full.jpgs Avatar

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Excellent hosting site

Cheap server and web hosting with great performance and quality. There is Active Support, and serenityserver provides quick support. when submitting a support ticket you will get a response back shortly after you've sent a ticket. This site offers you a fantastic amount of server hosting offers from a tons of different games! Absolutely a fantastic server performance, due from this you are available to save the graphic history, including logs. There is no poor performance such as high latency or lag. The server support couldn't have been better. This site gives you a ton of options such as plugins that is mostly used when hosting a server. They even have a huge categories of games with help/support in case if you get issues by editing lua files and adding custom things to the server! ;) The host performance is not hard to use at all. This site has made it easiest as possible for you to host a server or a website. You get good quality at hosting from Serenityservers.net. Not just you get all these great features, but hosting through here is cheap, and you get more than the expensive hosting sites. Fair offers, good way to save money and making money on. Therefore i recommend this site for hosting servers and website hosting. 10/10

https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/steamcommunity/public/images/avatars/81/81b219ca238658eaee168577249c35c0f8bd4618_full.jpgs Avatar

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Bedrock solid Serenity Servers ,

Serenity Servers strives to provide quality and cheap services, running since i mind found Them. They have built and sustained a large infrastructure to host each server and make sure you get the service you paid for. Has friendly support will help you along the way and get your server how you want it. They deploy all nodes with server grade hardware so each server runs the way I want it to, fast! Bedrock solid Minecraft servers – nothing less than amazing services! Serenity Servers They are The Best For a Small Price .

https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/steamcommunity/public/images/avatars/02/02e5cb56dd0241acf7f2efc70b4814e60de2cc8d_full.jpgs Avatar

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Excellent host!

Just. Awesome! I've been hosting my servers here in along time! I won't regrett it a second! The support is helpfull and they answer really after 10min after posting the ticket! Just awesome.

https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/steamcommunity/public/images/avatars/6f/6f0a7e9bba731d074dc24778a59f27f89d5fa5e9_full.jpgs Avatar

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Serenity Servers

I've been with SerenityServers for around a year or so, running into issues and learning along the way. With SerenityServers, you do not wait longer than around 30 minutes to get a ticket response, and there is always someone able to help you out! The server performance is 'ace', and is extremely well built on servers. People wanting to set-up a new server / think about starting a community should start here! I currently have been running a community with SerenityServers since April 18th 2015 and am glad I stayed with them. Everyday they are thinking of ways to improve, and work on something new for us! (YOU!). There is no questions asked if you do want to leave, and no sneaky micro-transactions! They offer; Teamspeak Servers, Web Hosting and Game servers. Personally, I enjoy being with them! So should you! WhiteWolf. Thank you for reading.

https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/steamcommunity/public/images/avatars/d9/d9db1ae7a7075b4f55af3029ebbd4089e675c240_full.jpgs Avatar

Steam Verified

Excellent host with 100% uptime in my experience with them.

Serenity offers game servers at a great rate which may lead you to think the service isn't that great. This isn't the case at all the service is excellent and they offer very great support with their services. Everything about this host is awesome they provide excellent servers that are up without any downtime at all. It's great to have a host with such high up time.

https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/steamcommunity/public/images/avatars/b3/b3e052c983faae1ae8abcbd626f1ea1cded5efb0_full.jpgs Avatar

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Best host

I have not had a better experience anywhere else. The server performance is amazing. The support staff is (yes, I said is, because there is 1 person who works his back side off) amazing. He will do absolutely anything to ensure his customers are happy!

https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/steamcommunity/public/images/avatars/4d/4d20fa16b63e3c3ad889a06c936825b77e049970_full.jpgs Avatar

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I bought 2 server from Serenity, and both were a GREAT experience. I felt like I was treated as I should be, all my questions and problems were answered/fixed extremely fast, no matter how stupid they were. Excellent lag free, no downtime on both of my servers. They really pulled through and i'll definitely be coming back for another!

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