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Virtual Gladiators are a small Minecraft company with one thing in mind, delivering great Minecraft server hosting for both the PC and Minecraft pocket edition. The offer a total of 18 different Minecraft packages including both premium (Full support) and basic hosting starting from as little as $0.69 per month for 256 MB. Virtual Gladiators offer hosting in both North America and Europe with their data centers located in London, Dallas and Quebec. They offer a number of features including 24/7 support, Instant setup and Backups.


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Lordsiron529 Thumb


Published 16th November 2017

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Simple but sweet

When I looked at the videos they had for help I was a bit unsure so I asked the staff and in the same day I got a reply and once I was all set I had everything transfered I got my friends on and there we went had fun with plugins and commands soon I will get the premium server for forge mods but I will see after my first server runs out.

Thunder33345 Thumb


Published 18th July 2016

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Good support and reliability

They have excellent support and reliability as far as i know their server have 0 noticeable downtime for quite a long time and they have help full support if you have any error feel free to contact them

JustJakki Thumb


Published 11th July 2016

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Excellent Host!!

These guys are remarkable and the main reason: reliability. If you ever have questions or need help they are on top of it! I've been with VG for over a year now and I love the service they provide. I 100% recommend them!

brandonyarbrough703 Thumb


Published 5th July 2016

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Virtual Gladiators is the best for hosting a cheap, and satisfying server! They are completely lag free and always are on the move to have the latest updates!

yasmin2529 Thumb


Published 13th December 2015

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Best Hosting Company!!!

So I have had a server for just under a year and I can definitely say these guys are awesome. I purchased a server from virtual gladiators just wanting something small to mess around with friends on. I didn't know much at the beginning but their staff were more than happy to help me whenever I needed it and if I have had an issue and contacted them they are always very quick to reply . Their servers are cheap and are very reliable, I have had no lag so far and tech support is always there to help which is a plus. I would definitely recommend these guys, especially to people starting out as they make it so easy! 10/10


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