Wombat Servers operates the largest national gaming networks in Australia and New Zealand, with wholly owned points-of-presence located in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Auckland. With a 24/7 support team based in Sydney, Wombat Servers is a leading innovator in the Australian gaming industry. Unlike providers which resell equipment, Wombat Servers operates its own network which has been designed from the ground up by gamers, for gamers. We strive to balance affordability with quality, while ensuring that every customer’s needs are met. In 2014, Wombat Servers became the first Australian-owned GSP to partner with EA Games and DICE to support the Battlefield series across the Asia-Pacific.

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Global Coverage 6.0

Positive Reviews 8.6

Games Selection 10.0

Value For Money 8.0

Extras Included 8.0

Site Experience 8.0

Coupons 10.0

Wombat Servers Reviews

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Awesome Services!!

Been with these guys for a year and renewed for another. Have found the servers to be stable and reliable, support is quick and friendly (Thanks Javed!!) and being an Aussie based company is even better! Highly recommended!

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I've seen a hamster do better...

A real review. I have no idea how some of these review are made... I feel as they have asked or payed for them. Out of all Arma 3 communities i have in counted they would say this service is the worst. Tho we were determined for a cheaper dedicated server. After 2 weeks we found out the hard way their DDOS protect is like a Santa Clause... you tell everyone its real... but it's not. After that we were forced to abandoned ship. My advise: If you want to try out there server, Rent it and cancel the same time as they will charge another month for a useless server. There happy to take your money and offer you a sinking ship... Love Straya Gaming

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Absolutely atrocious service in every way

We were with them from February this year to August and during that time we had multiple and frequent issues with disconnects, robot voice, and sometimes the server just not being available to anyone. We made a ticket about it in March, they said they'd investigate, we never heard back. Reopened the ticket in April, they said they'd chase the issue up, again we never heard back. We put up with the issues for another few months before swapping to discord. I cancelled the account this month, which is a request system. I received an email saying the request had been received and that an account manage would be in touch shortly, but again I never heard from them. I have also found out today that they have been double charging me the entire time we've been with them. I used paypal automated service and didn't realise until just now since it was only $10. So instead of paying them $10 a month they were taking $10 a fortnight instead. They were sending me monthly invoices and taking one payment then, and then two weeks later taking another payment. It could be a billing error, it could be deliberate. Either way don't trust your money with such an incompetent company.

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Awesome service and support.

I wont use any other host! I rent dedicated boxes from Wombat, and they are nothing short of awesome. The Back up and support is faster than any of the other GSP's, and the network is superb! Javed is awesome to deal with, and would not hesitate to recommend Wombat to anyone. I would imagine the any bad reviews on this page are from people who have NFI what they are doing! The perils of renting servers to n00bs ;) If you want something out of the ordinary, they will attempt to accommodate you as well, though naturally this requires a bit more setup time, but to date they have gone above and beyond the expected level of service! Many thanks to Wombat and Javed!

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SOOOOOO SLOOOOOOOOWWWWW and dont have RCON which makes me scratch my head as to why not. OK Service but requested a refund after 2 hours of constant time outs and multiple errors. Servers shouldn't be this hard to set up. You might save money but if you want smooth sailing look else where.

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They are cheap but there's a reason for it. Servers are slow, ftp times out all the time while trying to connect. Save your money and go else where

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Pretty Good Overall - but...

Servers are fast, response from host for support is fast, easy to use and setup and has all the features you'd expect. The price is pretty good too. Overall our community has no complaints, and we are sticking with Wombat as long as the service remains the same. HOWEVER, they claim they have mod support, this is LIMITED and they do NOT support the Tanoa expansion, so if you want to run that on your Wombat Arma 3 servers, you won't be able to. You will also not receive support for Arma2Sync if you are planning on having a community file repository. Shame Wombat, you are 99% of the way to being the perfect server host!!

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Wombat Servers.

This review is about TeamSpeak servers only - I do not lease any game servers: Currently I lease multiple teamspeak servers from Wombat. Overall the service has been very good - very little to complain about. The staff are friendly and quick to respond to internal problems. External problems do take a while to resolve, but that is really outside their control. While it is true there has been issues, what is important is that they have addressed those issues as quickly as possible in a professional manner.

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Great server's and great support

I have had my arma 3 server hosted with wombat for almost 2 years now. In that time I have had my share of issues, but the support has been outstanding, 24/7. The server is running fantastic, is cheap and for the most part reliable. Thanks to everyone at wombat, and I look forward to another 2 years

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Good Overall Quallity

great fast and friendly service and support. Good price and quality servers.

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Worst Mc server hosting ever

Emailed them about getting a server hosted with a mod they said that it could be done. As soon as I brought it, nothing worked none of the mods i wanted worked no replys from support staff.

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One of the best hosting services

Wombat servers has been nothing but great to me. Everything works just fine, the website itself is pretty and easy to use. The support is AMAZING! I sent en email when I had a problem with the server.cfg file (it was empty) and I was thinking that I'd get a response in about a day, but actually got one in just a few minutes! Not to mention how much they care and help. The only "issue" I have with the server which it's not really a problem to me but I still want to mention it, is I don't have the ping I was hoping to have, I was hoping to have under 30, close to 10, but instead I get 50 to 100. Which is fine for me because I don't actually notice a difference but had to mention it. Overall a great service. I recommend it :)

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Good Price, Good Servers, Good Support

This server has very helpful support normal answering under 30 mins and can help with most things to do with csgo servers.

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Unbelievable Service! Solid 10/10

Wombat Servers' support team are fast, easy to understand and knowledgeable, I had a problem with my server config files, sent a ticket and took a walk, before I even got back to the PC, there was a reply from one of the staff, he had replied, solved the problem in an instant, it took less than 5 minutes for them to sort out the problem. Impeccable work, I fully back this company. A+ Wombat Tech Team

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Good price for AUD - was Laggy at first - fixed so far

at $1 per slot for BF4 in Aussie dollar - its a great price! First issued server had a problem showing serverside lag constantly! Tech support promptly sorted the issue as i type to a new machine - heres hoping it fixed the issue!

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Fast connection and reliable support

On the Perth servers, I received a ping of 11 and managed to fully saturate my 100Mbit link when backing up files and configuring mods. Excellent speed. I have used Wombat for hosting a game server currently still in development (ARK) and as such there were a couple of hiccups to begin with. As soon as I lodged a support ticket, the support team sprung to life and had my problems all resolved in a very quick fashion. As someone that has hosted many servers before, I would recommend and use again for future hosting.

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Ok, so at the start.. Was good, cheap etc.. Little did I know they don't let you have access to RCon (#1 Needed thing for Arma Franchise) second, their support is the most lowest support team on earth. I used their webhosting for mucking around.. Then I moved along to streamline-servers.com! Greatest in australia so far, cheap and most fastest support reply's ever.

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Good Prices/Service/Support

Attention to all those who have yet or are still trying to figure out which server hosting provider is best for you.... MY ANSWER IS: WOMBAT SERVERS.... They Have the best pricing / Services and most of all THE BEST SUPPORT OFFICERS ..... They reply to u in almost an instant and provide you with the necessary information on how to run your server if u need any help their support is 27/7 and they are willing to help you no matter what..... KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK WOMBAT

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I had a small issue with my server, and when I contacted customer service, I knew I had to wait at least 6 hours. Next thing I knew, there was a Network Engineer responding to the email within 4 minutes from the point when I emailed them.

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Excellent service from Wombat

i have been dealing with wombat for quite a few months now and i rent 2 servers from them, they are very swift with their support and are always happy to help. i would rate higher if i could.

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Extremely Good Support

I've had multiple question and need of help when I first set up my website. They reply to my support tickets without minutes and guided me patiently. Would highly recommend this service.

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Very Good Hosts

I've had a few problems with their servers but they're always eager to help, and often do so quite well. They also have a really good range of coupons that make servers affordable for people like me.

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Never agen

I have been continually email then trying to resolve this problem as my server after there updater crashed and it has been a has been hell, all I am getting but are the same 2 emails telling me that have restarted the server or reinstalled my server, however it never works and I have to ask them to fix it again and again. I have beg them to look in to this properly however the same 2 emails is all I get except the few times they tell me the account manager in looking in to this how ever this never happens. at this point I am trying to cancel paying for this service how ever they are still charged me, they will not refund me for the time the server has not been working or the new changes. some I am now tacking it up with fair trading. It is really sad because they where really good at the start but when the 2 second fix does not work you will have no hope, I would recommend never to use these guys.

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One of the best server hosts.

I bought a TF2 server from them a year ago and that has had no issues what so ever. It could handle a lot of things going on at once! With the server support when I put in a ticket it was almost solved instantly!

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Great Servers with Lightning Fast Support

I had a small problem with my server so I placed a support ticket - before that minute could end I had a Network Engineer talking with me and fixing my problem - everything solved within 5 minutes and we could get back to gaming! Would I recommend Wombat Servers? 100% yes.

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The servers hosted via Wombat are amazing, there is a downside to it that I have already have to reinstall in twice but overall I love the server, + the staff are great, they reply to you quickly and help out in any possible way they can.

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TS3 Servers & Customer Support

I am very happy with wombat servers there affordable and there servers have worked great so far about 98% of the time every now and then a issue arises but normally can fix pretty fast customer support is great however in times of high demand can take awhile for them to get back to you.

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Started on one machine which worked ok for a little while until we started getting server crashes twice an hour, after a week of that with no explanation provided as to why, we changed machines. The crashes stopped but the lag was unplayable for everyone on the server. cancelled my service and set up a server through amazon which works amazingly. Good price and Fast response from support just a shame about the server performance.

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Great service, great support, great prices

I found Wombat Servers by Google search while trying to find a new hosting company that would give me a good price on a CS:GO server. I was blown away with the service as well as price. The support was amazingly helpful and quick. I have not checked recently at their location availability but when I first found them they did not offer the most locations but I believe they had it in mind to expand and even were expanding when I first found them. I'd suggest Wombat Servers to anyone looking for a great host with great prices and support.

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Best host 2K16

I received a corrupt server, so that was annoying, but wombat server fixed it straight away! it took around 5 MINUTES for them to fix the problem! now thats what i call fast service!

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Pretty Good.

went with australian host cus im in australia and the service was ok, never had problems and support was less than 24 hours

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Absolutely amazing, hands down the best Australian hosting company. 10/10 Support. Javed, you are a legend

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Good Servers Bad Support

Servers work great when their up but good luck getting server support on a weekend or after 5:30 pm AEST

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Top Server Host

I have ran several Minecraft, Garry's Mod, Teamspeak and web servers with Wombat Servers and I can tell you that their servers and support are amazing. If I run into a technical issue they are quick to be on it and won't give up until my problem is solved. Amazing server host, wouldn't go with anyone else.

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Outstanding and Affordable

So far the experience I've had with Battlefield 3 and 4 are top notch and the support are there to help. Also I'd like to mention Wombat is now cheapest affordable Battlefield slots on the market.

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Great GSP

Was having difficulties when I first signed up as I was pretty unsure on what I had to after getting set up for the first time. Im happy to report that the staff were friendly and helpful throughout the early stages of me trying to get things up and running. Javed Is really awesome and is always around to clear anything up. Great staff and great service.

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Awesome Service

Fix problems with servers quickly and easily

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The best Aussie Provider there is.

I've recently returned to these guys and I'm very glad I did. They're down to earth, simple and cheap. Cannot recommend another supplier over these guys.

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Lag free game hosting and VDS

I purchased a $30 with game panel licence ($30) And the things you can do are amazing, I would reccomend this to anyone! Servers are amazing!

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Very Good Service

I'm very happy with Wombat Servers customer support price is good to compared to a lot of other GSP over all very happy.

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Really Happy with their service.

Friendly, helpful and pretty darn quick for a couple of dollars. Was Set up for my son and his friends and they haven't had any trouble. Nice job

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We have multiple servers with Wombat, and they all run very well. The highlight of Wombat is the support, hands down the fastest and most professional. I wouldn't go elsewhere for Australian servers.

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They have been nothing short of great. I would highly recommend using them for both Minecraft and also TS3 hosting. Excellent Service.

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Quick, easy, helpful, cheap

Wombat servers provide excellent service with good performance and low cost. Any issues that you find are solved very quickly.

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Excellent Hosting and Support

I run an Unofficial Ark-Survival Evolved through Wombat Servers. Every time I have had a question no matter how mundane they have answered my ticket in record speed and given me the advice and assistance needed. 10/10 Service and highly recommended.

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Great host with great support

I've been running 3 servers + 1 teamspeak server and a website with Wombat for almost a year now. They have amazingly fast customer support who are really helpful. Highly Recommended.

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Best host I have been with.

Excellent pricing, great connection, fast and friendly support. Very flexible slot sizes, no bull crap.

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Good Servers and Awesome Customer Support

I have not yet actually run my server yet, but I'm sure it'll be good. What is really awesome is their customer support. They respond very quick and very thoroughly.

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Amazing Service

Despite my needs to setup a custom server on their service the customer service was incredible and everything works perfectly. Definitely a host service that I would recommend

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Excellent customer service

I had problems with the Minecraft server and installing mods within the first 24 hours, I requested that the support team update the mod pack version, and they did so in less then 8 hours. I can say that the customer service for this company is excellent, all responses were under 2 hours (except when I sent a ticket at 12AM). The issue wasn't resolved, but I am sure that the server technicians would have been able to sort it out had I not changed hosts. One other issue is that the client panel is rather clunky.

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good host

good performance and support on holidays as well as regular days

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Great Service

For the price they charge, they do a wonderful job, Over the years I've been with a few different Providers. And Wombat easily delivers Quality and Performance. There have been issues in the past. But I wouldn't move even for a cheaper then the cheap we get now!

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Would Recommend

Myself and a couple of friends had been thinking about server hosting for a while and finally bit the bullet after searching the internet. SO far wombat servers have provided very fast support. ticket times were in the region of 15 mins which is pretty speedy to my understanding. Would recommend.

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Quality Hosting

The service from Wombat Servers is amazing! I always receive a response in less then 24 hours and the staff are so polite. I was having some issues at first but they then fixed it and then gave me a free upgrade! Couldn't be more happy

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Awesome Service

Customer service was impeccable, got back to me in the blink of an eye. Will reccomend this to my mates.

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One of the best

Run an ARK: Survival server with wombat, only issue is ARK updates that come out are buggy. So nothing on Wombat side that they can't do!. 10/10 Support, Javed with you all the way through.

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Wombatservers.com review

I thought coming over would be the right thing to do, however i feel my previous server host offers a lot more features and value for money in fact 50% cheaper then my current host. the control panel is far to generic and not personalized for there purpose as much as they could be. finding open support tickets can be a nightmare which i think defeats the purpose of having 24/7 support if you cant find where it is. yes they do as they promise on there webpage i just feel there could be a lot more value. Considering they make the statement "the largest gaming network in Australia" its far from what i expected and the value just isnt there.

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10/10 Customer Service

10/10 on the customer service for wombat servers provider. I host a Garry's Mod server with them and they have helped me with all issues I've had within 5 minutes.

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Great Service

Had an issue with server rubber-banding for anyone online, once reported received a reply within minutes and after providing a little bit of information issue was resolved in less than 24 hours. Very happy with the service

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I can't complain at the service these guys provide. The servers are excellent and have a near 100% uptime (I haven't known mine to ever be down). You can make any and all changes to them that you want and should you ever run into any troubles - even if it's installing sourcemod or metamod or you can't connect to your server for an unknown reason, these guys have an impeccable customer service team who look at your support ticket and action it. I have never had to wait over 12 hours for a reply from their team. There is no better value for money - using a coupon advertised on their own website, I have lifetime 50% discount on the server cost. Include in a mumble server and the total cost comes out at $14.50 - For a 128 tick, 16 slot server plus 10 slot mumble server, you really can't complain. A++ Highly recommended. (PS: I have used another server company, which cost twice as much for the same service, had limitations on what could be done with the server & support frequently took 48 hours to get issues resolved. So glad I made the change to Wombat Servers.)

https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/steamcommunity/public/images/avatars/63/63692dfa443ae5e25ce08feea1fc8796fe04b008_full.jpgs Avatar

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All round good hosts

Hello this is my simple review on why Wombatservers are good, the host its self is awesome the support I've had no problems with and can normally be solved within a day

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Great service!

all around great products

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Fantastic Customer Service

I have been a customer of Wombat Servers for just over 18 months, and not once in that time have I been unsatisfied with their level of service. These guys are very easy to deal with, and the quality of service from their servers are great. All inquiries are answered with speed and understanding, and they maintain a standard which is consistent. I will note their prices for some of their services may be on the steep side in some cases in comparison to competitors, however as long as it remains in my budget I will stick around due to the great team they have. I have experienced cheaper options with the (underestimated) expense of lacking customer service, which for me at least proves you're getting what you're paying for in this case. Would highly recommend to anybody out there.

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10 Out Of 10

Absolutely amazing service. The servers work almost all the time, and they are cheap and affordable. Even the customer support, is absolutely superb. If your looking for a cheap, but awesome host, then Wombat Servers is it.

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Good, Quick support, Quick setup and all at a low price!

I send in a ticket extremely early in the morning because why not? Obviously you won't get a reply at this time! I go to bed, I wake up and there both of my tickets where answered :)

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My lack of knowledge when it comes to server hosting wasn't any trouble for the support team, they quickly replied to my emails, where helpful and friendly. I would recommend these guys to anyone if they wanted a reliable hosting company!

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Excellent servers, competitive pricing, and best support I've ever received.

We've had this server for a little over a month now and I dare say it's been the best hosting experience I've had thus far. Running a game server is not easy! However, hosting with WombatServers has been. Any and all problems I've had have been resolved quickly and with ease - these guys know their stuff. All of the problems (even ones I've created on my own by being impatient - seriously guys, don't interrupt an updating game server!) have been expertly addressed and dealt with. Their server infrastructure is stable - and server admin tools ample. All in all, having attempted to run 4 different Ark servers on different hosts over the past 8 months, these guys take the cake. ^.^

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Fast support, very competitive pricing

Their support team is amazing. Quick and useful responses. Pricing's pretty cheap and affordable, not to mention very flexible server slot sizes so you can get affordable servers that suit your needs.

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Excellent Host With Great Support

If you have a problem they'll reply to your questions within minutes during working hours with a solution. The server performance is great and I haven't had a problem with lag at all. 10/10 would use again.

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