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The Ark: Scorched Earth expansion pack came out on September 1, 2016. This expansion pack was the first DLC released for the core Ark: Survival Evolved game and originally retailed at $19.99. It added 12 new creatures, over 50 new items, a new boss, and an entirely new map.

Ark Scorched Earth DLC

This map is completely desert which is a big change form the original island map surrounded by water. Water became a much more valued resource along with heat since both became much more difficult to regulate. Dehydration is a much larger obstacle than before, and so is heat stroke when scavenging for items under the hot sun. Heat stroke has a similar effect to being drunk and makes gameplay much harder.

Regions: A total of 8 regions are featured in the new map, and all of them are different and offer exciting opportunities for gameplay. My favorite region is the Canyons as they have the best land to craft shelter and hiding spots from enemy creatures and other players. Some very exciting gameplay is also offered because of the varying heights of the canyons. This makes the region perfect for sniping battles along with opportunities for stealthy assassinations.

New Creatures: A total of 12 new creatures have been added and all of them are very interesting and offer new and exciting gameplay. The most exciting new addition is the Deathworm. It is a very challenging creature to defeat, especially for low level players; however, it has a 100% to drop special loot. A downside to this creature is that it is not tameable, rideable, or breedable.
New Artifacts: 3 new artifacts have been added and once all are collected players are able to summon the Manticore which is one of the main bosses in the new expansion. Body and head of a lion with three rows of sharp teeth, with wings and a scorpions tail, this boss is intimidating upon sight. It is even more intimidating once in battle. A level one Manticore has 100000 health which makes taking this boss on a very daunting task.

Scorched Earth Summary

Overall the Ark: Scorched Earth expansion pack is much harder than the core game, but features many new and exciting obstacles that players must avoid and cope with.

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