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Arma 3 is part of a franchise that barely requires introduction at this point and that’s due to it being one of the very best hardcore military-simulators on the market, one of which that receives constant updates from the developers over at Bohemia Interactive. A lot has changed throughout the year for the game and only appears to continue going as we head off into 2018 with some of the latest news and updates for the game as a whole.

Bug Fixes

Let’s kick things off with some of the more uninteresting parts of game development in these updates and that’s some new bug fixes and whatnot that break through every now and again. Some of the bugs that have been fixed by the developers are failure to connect to multiplayer for dedicated servers and while it isn’t completely perfect, they are confident that the problem has been quelled and shouldn’t be happening again for both players and admins. With another small hotfix came some general crash fixes that were needed to be implemented into the game to keep it up and running properly for everyone.

Vehicle Interiors

Moving onto the much more interesting parts of these updates, Bohemia Interactive have made available to everyone the first three fully modelled vehicle interiors for some of the tanks in the game and oh, do they stand out! The art team certainly outdid themselves for Arma 3 and it appears they are only going to continue with this trend as we move towards the start of 2018 and its first quarter.

It seems Bohemia Interactive intend to tease their fanbase as best as possible with their final update/announcement for 2017, as they have in fact revealed what they intend to do with those first few months of 2018. First and foremost, the new Tanks DLC is set to be released for the first few months of 2018 and is planned to upgrade all armoured vehicles with fancy-new interior spaces and they will all become available for all players completely for free. This new DLC also intends to add 3 new armoured vehicles, new playable content, and more, but has yet to be revealed and probably won’t be until the game gets a little bit closer to the release date, which hasn’t actually been revealed yet.

Arma 4

In a recent interview with Norm’s Portal, Petr Kolář answered a question that gave a very interesting response for fans of the Arma series. First of all, he did state that while there would likely be an Arma 4 in the future, that it wouldn’t be for quite some time and in actual fact have something up their sleeves in development already. As revealed by Petr, the studio is working on a new engine, known as the Enfusion Engine and it should be able to support multiple platforms, including consoles. While he states it’s too early to say, this is currently the closest thing the Arma community has to seeing this game being brought to major consoles, such as the PS4 or the Xbox One.

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