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    Valve are currently known for making some of the best games of our generation. Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead, Portal, Half-Life, and so many others, but you shouldn’t forget about Day of Defeat. In this WWII multiplayer classic, it’s some good old-fashioned FPS fan from a developer we all know and love. By any chance, if you love Counter Strike, Day of Defeat plays almost just like it, just in a different time period. You have access to some powerful weapons, great controls, and nice visuals to-boot.

    After playing your first game, you’re going to know exactly how to play the game. The controls don’t take a moment to figure out and the objectives you’re set to play for is nice and simple to understand. Something that’s not typically expected is historical accuracy with these types of games. Despite this, Valve have completely delivered in this area, which isn’t something many developers get right. Just because you aren’t going to be the best when you start the game, doesn’t mean you can’t get there in the end. After every victory and defeat, you are only going to get better. No amount of time in this game is ever considered a waste of time or effort!

    Why enjoy this classic FPS on your own, though? Take a friend with you and work towards the objective together. Have a friend cover your back whilst you sneak into their base, take their flag, or whatever else you intend to do. Let’s be honest, a good FPS like this would be amiss without some solid background support, now wouldn’t it?

    Game Modes

    There are 2 different game modes in Day of Defeat: Source and they are

    1. Territorial – where you fight on the map to control points and earn a higher score for dominating over more of them than your opposing team
    2. Detonation – is a mode very similar to Counter Strike whereby you must plant an explosive without it getting defused by the enemy

    Similar Games

    Battalion 1944

    If you like Day of Defeat: Source and are a fan of the teamwork driven aspect then check out Battalion 1944. This game is very focused on making sure that you co-operate with your small team of 5 in pursuing the enemy team. Ensuring that you keep communicating with your allies is key to victory in Battalion 1944. The game is set in World War 2 much like Day of Defeat: Source and showcases the weapons and scenery of the period very nicely.

    If you look at the reviews on Steam you will see that the game is attracting some critical feedback. A lot of people seem to be finding plenty wrong with the game and how the game matches up players on the servers.


    squad server hostingAnother hardcore FPS game with a strong emphasis on teamwork is Squad. In Squad you are tasked with joining your team in a huge 100 player onslaught in a modern day battlefield.

    Squad has earn’t itself a lot of positive feedback on Steam with people singing its praises. A lot of people are commenting that this game is as close to entering a real war as possible in a game right now. Some players have even called this the best game they have ever played, so this definitely sounds like a game people should be playing.


    counter strike global offense server hosting

    CS:GO is a another great example of a competitive FPS multiplayer that focuses on skill and tactics. The game has been around for several years now and continues to be a favourite within Egaming. The game focuses on two teams going head to head in a series of rounds. In which players have to compete in one of the many game modes. These modes include Deathmatch, Objective and a few others.

    Although Counter Strike: Global Offensive game play is pretty similar throughout. With players trying to score as many points as they can for their team to win. This game was also built on the source engine and is a product of Valve.

    Counter Strike Source

    counter strike source server hostingCounter Strike Source came out a year before Day of Defeat Source. With many of the games features being pulled straight from the source engine. The games share a lot of similarities including the physics and presets. The main difference in this game is that they opted for a modern combat setting. With the addition of new guns, Armour and themes. Even though many players have since moved on to CS:GO. There is a still a dedicated gaming community that plays source. With many of the players opting to run dedicated servers for their matches. So don’t dismiss Counter Strike Source for its age as their is still plenty of fun to be had in game.

    Day of Defeat: Source DLC & Mods

    Day of Defeat: Source DLC & Updates

    No updates or DLC have been written by us for Day of Defeat: Source.

    Day of Defeat: Source Mods

    No mods have been written by us for Day of Defeat: Source. Why not let us know if you have a mod you would like featured in this section.

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