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Natural Selection 2 is a game that combines first person shooting and real time strategy. This is a very rare combination that has not appeared in many games to date. This makes the game very unique in game play and adds plenty of depth to the game. Much like the first Natural Selection the second is also set in a science fiction world. Where players will find themselves engrossed in maps filled with sci-fi backdrops, in which aliens and marines will fight head to head.

Much like the first game players will either choose to play as the Frontiersmen or an Alien. With the goal of destroying each others base to claim victory for their side. Both teams have the same end goal, but rely on different strategies. The Frontiersmen or Humans as they are also called, focus on using guns and lasers. This means that it is best to attack the aliens from range and in squads to be more effective. This is because the aliens, also known as the Kharaa have to rely on melee, but they also have special abilities. Abilities like flying, walking on walls and also super speed that is deadly against humans. But what makes the game interesting is the the addition of a credit system. Which allows players to buy in game items for human or upgrade their aliens with extra powers. This makes the game super versatile and adds a lot of more in game depths.

You can find yourself battling against all sorts of aliens such as:

  • Skulk
  • Gorge
  • Lerk
  • Fade
  • Onos

Game Engine

As mentioned before the game has a real time strategy element to it, in which one player can play as the commander. The commander plays top down and is able to place bases and other buildings for their comrades. This adds another dimension to the game that is unique to the shooting genre. A special game engine was even built to be able to handle these new features. The engine, named “Spark” handled the dynamic changes to allow easy in game expansion. Which is how the game managed to add the top down strategic aspect.


Though the game is not as popular as it was when it was first released in 2012. It still has an average player count of 250 a day according to SteamCharts. Which may not seem like a lot but it still suggests that there is a small community of players that are still online. If you would rather start your own server instead of playing with others, take a look at the hosts above that still offer Natural Selection 2 server hosting. We have a list of all the cheapest hosts on CompareGameHosting and keep the prices updated regularly.

If you are fan of this game, then take a look at the Steam page for more DLC and content that is available. Including 7 different add on content packs ranging from £1.49 – £3.99. Or download some free content from the Steam Community Workshop.

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Natural Selection 2 DLC & Mods

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