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Rust is one of those savage survival games that doesn’t pull any punches. Honestly, that’s the reason so many people downright love that game. Despite this, what good would a game be if it wasn’t constantly being updated with new content? Well, in regard to Rust we don’t exactly need to worry as the game receives regular bouts of content. Some of the latest news and updates from the Rust team can be found by continuing to read on from here!

Devblog 198

Quite uninterestingly, this latest update goes by Devblog 198 and was patched into the game on 1st March 2018. With Devblog 198, the whole player-base has some new toys and tools to play with, along with some visual changes here and there as well in some areas. Before going any further, it’s worth mentioning that this patch has wiped the maps. Blueprints will carry over from when you next log-in, but the maps themselves have essentially been reset.

A new addition to the game is the re-done version of the Chainsaw. This is considered both a weapon and a tool, as it is quite effective at knocking down both trees and people. As of right now they don’t wish for it to be used as a raiding tool, but that might change in the future. The redo for the Chainsaw comes with revamped artwork, and a new mechanic – revving. To turn on the Chainsaw, you must right-click until it turns on, at which point you can use it. With only a 40% chance of success rate, you might need to spam right-click until it works.

The next addition is the SPAS-12, a new shotgun that’s quite damaging against the right opponent. Currently uncraftable, it can be found in airdrops and Bradley/heli crates. In comparison to the Pump Shotgun, it has an increase of 50% DPS. By any chance you’re looking for the next best shotgun, the SPAS-12 is it!

A few minor changes that have come about is the new foliage, which looks considerably more up-to date. Both lighting and reflections have been tweaked, and there are even some minor balance changes. Then, of course, we have a number of different optimisations and bug fixes to come along as well. In that regard there isn’t anything too notable for the most part.

There are a lot of tiny, behind the scene changes made to the game, but a lot of them aren’t that noticeable. If it was mentioned, then that means it’s a key change to the game that the average player should keep an eye out for. That is even more so the case in regard to the new weapons, a part of the game that really ends up affecting gameplay. For now, that’s the latest update for the game; when something new crops up, it’ll be available here!

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