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Stationeers is one of those resource management games that’s less about killing, for a change. Instead, it’s your job to venture out into space to collect the resources you need. What might those resources be for you might ask? Well, they are used to create your very own space station – alone or with some friends. Aiming to focus on realistic physics and systems that wouldn’t be out of place in the real world, Stationeers is a fun take on the survival genre. Since the game is in Steam’s Early Access, there’s a lot to see and do, and that only increases with each week. Thanks to multiple pieces of news and updates, Stationeers only manages to improve and here’s some of the latest improvements seen to the game.

One of the biggest updates in some time is patch V0.1.1176.5874. While not exactly the most interestingly named, it houses a great many additions to the game. Some of these new additions have even been warranted ones for a while and they’re finally here.


First off, we’ve got the new planetary atmospheres that have been brought to the game’s planets. Already reported as not having much effect on the game right now, it’s set to have a major effect late on in development. Through the use of the new scenarios system, there’ll be all the more demand for this new system. To increase the survival nature of the game, hunger has finally been brought in. This means that you’re going to have to start preparing and growing your own source of food. Due to this new addition, the devs have put in new recipes, new plants, and even a new hydroponics tray. It’s even been announced in the next few weeks more will come in the form of hydroponics.

Gas Generators

Gas generators/large tanks have also been implemented into the game, allowing you to generate power from gas that you combust. Considered to still be a work in progress at the moment, the gas generator still has some general kinks to iron out. More importantly, however, the game has finally received its ore scanner, an item that players have been hoping to get for a while now. This ground penetrating radar device is used to scan the immediate area, searching for ore deposits. Once a deposit has been found, it will show up on the screen of the device. The ore scanner is designed to be easy to read and easy to use, to make your life in Stationeers an easier one.

As to be expected with a large content update such as this one, a number of bugs snuck in as well. Not even a day after, however, many of the bugs were fixed, bringing more stability to the game. Up until the next update at the very least.

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