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What is a Virtual Private Server or VPS?

In some cases buying server hosting from a 3rd party company isn’t always the cheapest option. An alternative would be to purchase a Virtual Private Server (VPS) in which you can do anything you want including hosting a dedicated server for a game. In fact with a VPS you can host multiple games at once, host your own voice server and even your own website all from the same package rather than buying a separate service for each. However this does come with a couple downfalls which is why a lot of people tend to avoid a VPS.

Game server Hosting (Shared Hosting)

The main reason someone might prefer a rented game server over a VPS is the fact that a game server from a 3rd party company comes with server support which is often 24/7, which means you don’t personally have to deal with any problems that may arise on your server, you can just create a ticket and someone will fix the issue. However some companies can take a while to get back to you which usually means you end up sorting the problem out yourself instead.

Though renting from a game server company seems like the easiest option you can always run in to several problems when hosting via a 3rd party. One of the main problems that you will find with 3rd party game server hosting (i.e Shared hosting) is the fact that you are on the same machine as a lot of other customers which means you are having to share one servers resources. Many companies are very good and avoid over filling the servers however you do get some hosts that will try and stick as many people on a server as they physically can in order to make more money per server! Cramming the servers means that your game will start to suffer, this is because they are working the server to hard and you will start to experience lag that you will sadly have no control over. This is the reason a lot of larger communities avoid 3rd parties because they are often restricted on their usage despite paying for it. If your looking for an automated server with little hassle than game server hosting is a great choice in most cases.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

On the other hand if you had a VPS you would have to sort the problem out yourself as the VPS host often won’t offer any support (unless rented from a game server host) on the content you add to the server including dedicated game files and updates. This will be up to you to look into and find the solutions, which can often take time and be very stressful! It’s also not advised if you have very little knowledge about setting a server up. This is why you can expect to pay more for server hosting as it includes the support costs of the game.

Though a VPS requires some server knowledge the benefits are much greater than Renting from a server host. You ultimately have complete control over what you want to add to the server. Add more ram, extra CPU power, Remote Desktop access and much more which will allow you to customize your server in so many ways. You will be able to add as many players slots as you want and create multiple game servers for different games with out the extra costs.


In conclusion if your looking for more value for money then a VPS is definitely the best option, but bare in mind that you will have to install your own dedicated game files and manage it yourself. On the other hand if you just want to play with minimal effort then choosing to rent from a server host is the smarter option as you won’t have to deal with any problems that can occur, leaving you to concentrate on playing your desired game.

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