Level Boosting Can Make a Game More Fun

Level boosting sometimes gets a bad rap for defeating the purpose of games and helping players achieve things they don’t really deserve. But is this a fair thing to say? After all, if games are a way how to enjoy a good fun, why should someone be prevented from maximizing the enjoyment he or she gets from the game? We believe that this is a question that deserves some attention though.

The core concept of level boosting relates mostly to how modern MMORPGs are setup. Most of them consist of two or three clearly defined stages. There’s usually the starting part of the game, when players are introduced to gameplay mechanics, lore, and are given the opportunity to learn how everything works without being subjected to too much danger or forced to make quick tactical decisions. It’s customary that this part of the game takes place in a separate location, which may or may not become completely inaccessible as the game progresses.

When the starting part is over, we enter the mid-game. This is where most of the leveling takes place. Characters are usually given the opportunity to specialize and get better equipment and skills by doings quests, killing random mobs, and participating in random events. The mid-game is what gives an MMORPG its own distinct character. Some MMORPGs, such as the original Lineage 2, are greatly focused on the mid-game and it can often take players months before they reach the maximum level. Other games, such as Guild Wars, open up only after the player reaches the maximum level.

At that point, we enter what is commonly referred to as the end-game. That’s when players have achieved the maximum level, have great equipment, and are fully ready to enjoy content that would be otherwise inaccessible to them. It’s this content that is often seen as the most interesting part of the game. It may include activities like large-scale castle sieges, clan versus clan PvP battles, or special dungeon instances with high-level bosses.

The problem is that not everyone has the time needed to get to the end-game. Players who can only dedicate an hour or two to the game every day could reach it in several years. That’s such a long time that the majority of the community would most likely already move on to some other game. That’s when level boosting comes in. Players can pay to have their character leveled up, so that they can enjoy the end-game content without the otherwise necessary time commitment. The only difference is that the leveling is not done by the person who will eventually play as the character, but by someone who was hired to do it.

Level boosting doesn’t in any way disrupt the balance of the game, and it just gives a chance to a certain category of players to have the maximum fun they can. Finding boosts has been made easy by our sister comparison site CompareGameBoosting.com which catalogues and ranks boosts for all the popular games MMORPGs. The boosting industry is full of suppliers offering all sorts of services from selling in-game items outside of the game for real money all the way through to higher level players assisting newer players rank faster.

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