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Minecraft is one of those games that doesn’t exactly need an introduction. It’s one of those games that’s gone down in history as one of the most played and recognised. By all intense and purposes, it is the ultimate sandbox experience to play alone or with a friend. Despite the game’s large size and status, the developers don’t come out with too much content. On the odd occasion, though, they will surprise us all and hit the community with plenty to play with. As of the time of writing, that definitely seems to be the case this time around!

Aquatic Bedrock Update

Starting off with the Aquatic Bedrock update that’s now available in beta for PC, Android, and Xbox one players. What they’ve added is a fair amount to the game to make the water sections of the game a little more interesting, rather than a pain. One of the first things they have changed is the swimming animations. No longer will you be bobbing your head up and down in the water until you finally reach land. There’s even a new weapon called the trident, along with some new enchantments that have yet to be properly explained. Alongside stripped wood, there is now a new mob added to the game and they are not nice! The new Drowned mob can be met at the bottom of the ocean floor. From the sounds of things, they look and act almost exactly the same as zombies, just underwater.


Alongside the Aquatic Bedrock update, there is a new Minecraft snapshot: 18W11A. In this latest snapshot, they’ve added shipwrecks and coral fans. Coral fans, however do not spawn naturally just yet, but they can be placed on the side of coral. The shipwrecks, however, will spawn in random locations on the ocean floor. These sunken vessels might house some nice goodies in the form of resources. They could also house some of the new nasties, the Drowned, so be wary when you’re exploring down there in the depths.


Last but not least, anyone subscribed to their Realms subscription will gain access to 4 new maps. The first of the 4 is one called Barnyard Brawl, which is effectively Smash Bros. but in Minecraft. You take control of a character and they have their own unique attacks to knock the other players off the stage. Next up, we have the Sea of Cinders. You’re required to collect a number of different items spread throughout the map, all the while traversing a sea of literal lava. Thirdly, there is the Palette Pellets game. With fancy colours, you pretty much are given the chance to play the ancient Chinese game of GO in Minecraft. Something that could be fun if you’ve ever fancied that. To finish off, we’ve got a game called Party Parade. This map is 12+ different mini-games for you to play with your friends. Each mini-game is different from the last and won’t take more than a few minutes.

As of right now, that’s all the news and updates for Minecraft kept up-to date!

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