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Arma 3 has been one of the most popular hardcore military shooters to ever be released and ever since its initial release the game has received numerous amounts of updated and DLC releases. Back on the 10th April 2014, the Zeus DLC for Arma 3 was released; marking one of the first DLC updates for the game to ever be launched, much to many people’s pleasure. While the DLC didn’t bring any new addition for the main game, it did bring a brand-new game mode to the game that I don’t believe anyone was truly expecting and that’s what makes it that much more interesting; that and the fact that it’s completely free for all players.

Zeus is a DLC that pretty much says what it is on the tin from the very get go, since you take the role of Zeus in this new game mode that’s unlocked with the DLC. As Zeus, you float up in the sky as an invisible god with the power to do pretty much anything they choose, such as conjure lightning, create roadblocks, and other general additions and powers to make other players have a hard time when they’re playing against you.

How Arma 3 Zeus Works

The way this game mode works is there is a squad of players that are thrown onto a map, be it night or day and they have a set amount of objectives that need to be met, no matter what the cost or the objective. As Zeus, you spectate over the battlefield and can choose to affect the battlefield as you see fit, be it through help or hindrance, all depending on how you want things to play out. Very similar in vain to playing as the Dungeon Master in Dungeons & Dragons, Zeus has the power to shape how the campaign plays, creating an interesting and unique narrative for each new game you get yourself involved in. As the player you never quite know what you’re going to go up against next and that makes things both interesting and unique, and Zeus gets the chance to create the campaign they’ve always wanted, without having to delve into anything too complicated before reaching that point.

Now, in retrospect, this definitely doesn’t seem like a fair battle: a squad of a few players against a benevolent god, one that has the power to strike lightning anywhere on the map as they so choose. To balance things out, every action you make as the man in the sky it takes away some of your slowly regenerating resources to make things a little easier for the boots on the ground.

Unfortunately, nothing else was added to the game, but with the addition of this new game mode it gave the average player something to try out that wasn’t the most hardcore of experiences in Arma 3, something that isn’t easy to find considering the game. Although, to be fair, it’s quite difficult to complain about a piece of DLC that’s completely free for all to play and download whenever they please!

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