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By any chance have you ever wished to be a pirate? Sailing across the open seas, fighting off opposition and the royal navy; collecting any plunder that comes your way? Well, with Blackwake, you’ve essentially got one of the more interesting and enjoyable “pirate simulators” on the market, developed Mastfire Studios. Released onto Steam Early Access back in February of 2017, Blackwake has seen a string of news and updates throughout the year and here is some of the latest for the game.

A change I feel needs to be addressed first is the optimisation that is going to be coming in a mega patch (how the developer describes it), known as 3.0. This new optimisation is set to optimise anything revolving around the destruction system in the game, as the developers themselves have stated that the original system was just too resource intensive on PC’s, but with a little bit of optimisation it’s going to make the game a much smoother experience, especially for those with lower-end PC’s. They’ve even gone on to say that there will be a new tactic for destruction – thanks to this change – but they have yet to reveal what that could even mean as of right now.

Previously revealed and teased was the new Blackwake update 3.0, but as of right now the developers have remained rather hush-hush about the whole thing; giving reason to believe they’ve got a lot of new and exciting inclusions that they want the players to find out for themselves. While they haven’t announced a date for this update yet, it’s already been stated that it’s going to be the biggest update the game has seen, which does give some reason to believe there’s either plenty of new content coming our way or the game is receiving a massive overhaul that fixes and improves on a lot of the already established systems.

Something that the community has been looking forward to for a while, though is the inclusion of some new ships that have been teased/mentioned. The reason I say mentioned is because there was a community request for some new ships to be included into the game. The community for the game got the chance to suggest real ships that the developers might have missed to be included into the game; while being as close to the scale of the original as possible.

These ships have yet to be fully implemented into the game, but with update 3.0 hopefully on the near horizon, fans of the game won’t have to be waiting for long to be in a 13-man crew with their best friends, exploring the high-seas in a ship they’ve always wanted to step foot on. Now, that right there is something that’s set to be a close realisation for the community and is bound to be a fun inclusion for everyone that plays Blackwake.

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